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Friday, August 08, 2008

Our day off

It's Friday tomorrow and our day off.
I will be busy cleaning the home and I will have a training session as well.

Clas has already bought the meat that he is going to barbecue in the night.
We will have fillet steak of pork and it's now in a marinade of a smoke tasting sauce.
We will also have broccoli instead of potatoes. Very nice when that fits my diet perfectly.

I have seen a pair of shoes that are lilac in the town and now I think I maybe will need them later if I find clothes that will fit them.
I better hurry to buy them when I don't know if they will be the only lilac shoes I'll find this autumn. They look very cute!
If I get time tomorrow I will run over to the shop and buy them, if they are still there, and then I can start looking for lilac clothes that will fit them.
I would like to have something lilac this autumn.

To shop clothes is almost like laying a puzzle. You find one piece here and an other piece that fits there... It demands a lot of time to find all the clothes and pieces when you work on stage as much as we do. Many times I haven't got anything to put on and that's very stressful.

Sometimes I think it would be easy to have somebody who plans all the outfits like they do for the news readers on the TV. But you don't know, maybe they many times have to wear clothes they don't like?
I have my own style and nobody can tell me to go up on the stage in a long skirt or in jeans or in something that makes me look older than I am.
I would start striking directly!

But many times I think that sort of clothes look very beautiful on other people.
Maybe it has to do with the personality of the person? When the clothes fit or bring out the true personality of somebody the person looks gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

I have a dress planner - YOU

Susanne said...

Yes, I know! Lucky you!
Is it called dress planner in English? I Thought that sounds like the dress that the womans use and you haven't got dresses? Have you?
It's not easy to use a foreign language!