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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On Vacation

It's our first day of the vacation and it's just lovely.
I have been cleaning the whole apartment and Clas has been out shopping a lot of stuff.
Our "guests" are in Madrid right now and after three hours they land here on Tenerife. I had contact with them a while ago.

Ray and Debbie are stand ins for us while we are off. We didn't know that when we have been told all the time that Freddie, who is playing Fridays when we are off, is going to stand in for us.
It was a surprise to hear that Ray and Debbie are going to start at Lewinski tonight, but a nice surprise! We will go there and see them of course.

Instead of starting the 21th of August we will start the 23rd of August which means they can have the job for two more days if they like.

I don't now how much I will blog the coming ten days but I promise to put up some photos every now and then.
Have a nice week! Now I need to have a shower. It's very hot + 29 degrees and sun from a clear sky!


Mollys said...

Lyckans er som har sol och ledigt här har det inte varit så fint i sommar,, vi åker nog på någon sista minuten igen tror jag,, jag hade bara en vecka semester i sommar så i höst blir det nog 2 veckor kanske till thailand eller nåt annat..Kram

Susanne said...

Kom hit vettja!