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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Busy, Busy...

We are busy working in the studio the whole day.
I am down loading the lyrics for the new songs I have got and will start doing rehearsal of them now. Clas got the mastering job for Sheilas new CD ready a while ago.
Sheila is a country singer from England and Clas has recorded her first recording here in our studio in Los Cristianos.

I am going to release a new CD this autumn too. Clas says we are going to make a CD only with me again when I have got so many new nice songs.
It's going to be pure country and this time with a little bit more of the newer sound like the country artists in America sound today. It will be more speedy music and rock and roll tempo than the other six CD:s we have made so far.
I have already started singing some of the new songs in the nights and the audience seams to like them.

We have released two new CD:s per year since we started performing on Tenerife.
It's a lot of work! When we released the last one in February I thought we are going to have a break from recordings, but I was so wrong.
If we just can find songs we probably will continue releasing at least one CD per year in the future. We'll see.

We hope to get the CD ready before Christmas and that means we will be very busy this autumn when we only have got one day off per week.
We also have plans for a line dance DVD, but my illness have kept it on hold when I have been so weak. I hope I will be well soon. I haven't been dancing much the last six weeks which means I probably have lost some of the steps.
My voice is almost like normal already and I am so happy I can start doing rehearsal of new songs again.

We have got many E-mails from people who are on the way to Tenerife in September.
It's looks to become a busy month and many are line dancers which means the dance floor will be crowded. Oh, how I look forward seeing you all. Welcome to Tenerife!


Anonymous said...

Hello sunny Tenerife, from very wet Tamworth England. looking forward to seeing you wk after next.
Glad to hear you are feeling better Susanne.How are you doing with your diet?. I have lost 17lbs don't know what that is in kls.but still struggle to get into some of my clothes. With 2wks in Tenerife i expect i will gain weight again its a vicious circle.Are you running along the beach still and walking, some of the walks you have done look lovely we may try those ourselves
See you soon Sue

Anonymous said...

hi susanne we were in tenerife for my birthday from the 8th july to 22nd july. and we all loved it. we were all sad to be going home. we will all probably back to tenerife next summer again. bye for now. your friends from ireland.

Susanne said...

Dear Sue,
I haven't been able to exercise the last month when I have had fever many days and have been very week.
Tonight I was dancing a few line dances when I have got some of the power back and it was so fun.
But I am not really well yet. I walk for a few minutes and then I have to sit down...It's really frustrating when there is so much I would like to do.
As soon as I get well I will continue the exercising. I really look forward to it!
I continue the diet every day but now I have cut down on everything that have a high PH value too!
I still loose weight but it goes very slowly now.
See you soon!

Susanne said...

Dear friends,
We look forward seeing you on Tenerife next year again.
Thank you for visiting us while you were here.

Unknown said...

hi again susanne we really like listening to you singing you are very good. you do remember us don't you. bye for now sarah-jayne from ireland.

Susanne said...

Yes I remember you. You were sitting at the same table every night and on the left side of me.
Have a nice winter in Ireland.

Unknown said...

hi susanne the summer has been terrible over here in ireland. we all wish we were back in tenerife.