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Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's the matter with me?

Many times I find it hard to resist being too eager when I start doing something. I like to get results out of my efforts and always think I have to do a little bit more or there will not be any difference.
Like when I go to the beach I take too much sun in one day and become burned and loose the skin in the end. And when I start doing rehearsal of new songs I sing until I become hoarse.
And when I start shopping I shop until I almost drop.
Sometimes when I start laughing at something I just can't stop and I laugh until my muscles of the stomach really hurts, but maybe that has only to do with my personality?
I haven't been thinking much about it before, but now when I am blogging I start knowing myself better and start thinking being like me can't be normal.

I will tell you a secret! I wouldn't get out from the bed in the mornings anymore if I would resist to use the gel that's on the photo! My muscles are really hurting after all training and I think I have been too eager again! *sigh!* Do you think I have got a lack of moderation?
This is something I have to start working on now. I need to become more moderate and get myself into a better discipline. I really think I act like a child who hasn't got much experience of life! I don't like being like this!

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Anonymous said...

It is your lovely husband here darling. You have always been an on or off figure, Don't change your personality ... In fact nobody can't. There are reasons why I fell for you.
One is: The all for it attitude ...
Wink wink-- know what I mean ..