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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poor Us!

Oh, we hardly can't move normally anymore!
But we just keep on playing and dancing at La Karina like nothing has happened.
It would just make people worried if they knew how we look under the clothes and because of that we keep it a secret.
Except on our blogs and on the Facebook, of course, where we tell the most of everything.

Now it for sure will take a long time before I go to the beach again.
The stupid thing, like it seams, is that this happens to me every summer!
But next summer I will remember it! *sigh!*

Remember to use at least number 30 of sun protection when you come to Tenerife in the summer time.
And don't stay on the beach for longer than two hours at the time, or hide under a parasol!
It's really like being in an oven!!
The lovely calm breeze from the Atlantic ocean fools you to think it's alright and suddenly you look like a grilled pork without knowing anything.

Sorry! These pictures don't look nice, but I decided to show you anyhow.
Maybe it can be a warning to somebody who is on the way to Tenerife or any other similar place in the world?

Poor Clas! He has now only got one pair of pants that are big enough so that he can wear them on the stage. It would look terrible if he had to wear shorts on the stage. Wouldn't it?

The outside of my thigh. I can't hardly wear any skirts and it's now a problem every night to find an outfit that I can wear. But I know it will become better after three days. That's how it has been during the past years.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Our day off

I will show you what we have been doing on our day off,
which now is on Thursdays until the 10th of July.

When we woke up in the morning we decided to spend the day down at the beach.
It's very sunny here on Tenerife now and today we had + 26 degrees.
It's very seldom I spend a whole day on the beach,
because I know my skin gets burned every time.

We had Subways for lunch and later in the afternoon we shared a bottle of champagne.
The Russian people next to us peeked when we had champagne and the stupid thing was that we only had two cups and could not share it with them.
Next time we bring champagne to the beach we will for sure bring more cups so that we can share with our neighbors.

To be honest with you I burned my skin again today.
I used a high protection number on the suncream but it did not help.
Actually we are both very burned now and Clas can't wear tight pants.
He has burned his legs terribly.
I have burned the hips, the legs and the left cheek + the shoulders and the arms.
We'll probably have to lay under the ceiling fan when we go to bed.

In the night we went for dinner to Greek Corner in Las Americas.
Like always we had the Mesa Greek Corner menu which is our favorite.

Clas at Greek Corner.

After the dinner we went over to La Karina to watch the Flamenco Show.

Me at La Karina.

Clas took a video clip from the flamenco show.
Please, click on the arrow to watch it.

La Karina 24.06.2009

This is a video clip of some of the line dancers at La Karina last night.
I have also published a video from the night before on our fan club on Facebook.
If you like to watch it click here.
Please, click on the arrow to watch the film.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Midsummer

I wish you all a happy Midsummer

The Midnight sun in Lapland.
When it gets to this position it starts rising again.

The Midsummer is a time of celebration in Finland,
where we come from.
Some families spend the midsummer weekend out in the archipelago,
where they have built summer cottage on the islands.
In Midsummer night the sauna is typically heated and family and
friends are invited to bathe and to grill.

Bonfires are common, specially in the Finish talking part of the country, and they are burnt at lake sides and by the sea.

Midsummerday (Sunday) is also the day of the Finnish flag.
Then the flag is hoisted at 6 pm on Midsummer eve (Saturday)
and flown all night till 9 pm the following evening.

The Midsummer in Lapland, Finland is bright.
It's the time of the nightless nights.
Night and day the midnight sun stays above the horizon.
For instance, going as far north as to Utsjoki,
the sun stays above the horizon from mid-May to mid-July.
Altogether two months!

During the mid-winter months (November - January) it's the opposite.
Then the sun does not rise at all, for about 50 days, in Lapland.
The bright stars and sometimes moon combined with totally white and pure snow anyway give light enough in clear nights to see very well.
In this time of the year you often can see the Northern lights
(Aurora borealis).

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New agenda at La Karina

Me at Alcampo today.

We have been to Sta Cruz shopping today.
I bought a dress, 2 skirts and a vest + some jeweleries and Clas bought 4 shirts to use on stage.

When we got home in the night we had a grill party out on the balcony.

After the meal I watched the "Benidorm" Special video that we got as a gift from Mick and Frances a couple of days ago. Clas watched it directly after we received it in the mailbox.
It was as good as the other programs in the series and I recommend you to watch it.

We'll have a new schedule at La Karina from next week.
We are off on Monday like normal, but after that we'll play every night except Thursdays when it's flamenco show.
Cecil who is normally having his Jamaican show at La Karina three nights a week is going for vacation and we will cover his nights.
This means we will now play six nights a week at La Karina, the restaurant that is close to hotel Sol Tenerife in Las Americas.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

La Karina 16.06.2009

We made two different video clips when we played last night.
The other one is published on our fan club site at Facebook.

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Birthday Party

Our friend Catarina from Sweden had birthday yesterday and we were invited to her birthday party at Scandishop.
It was a lovely night and it was fun to meet some of the Scandinavians who stay on the island during the summer.

Catarina and her boyfriend.

The party guests.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot nights

Oh, the counter has passed 19.000 visitors!
Thanx a lot to you all!

The nights are much warmer now than in the wintertime.
When we get home from work we have to take of the clothes directly and go straight into the shower to cool down.
To be honest with you it's very "sweaty" to dance and entertain when it's so warm.
I have to wash all the clothes after every night!

After having the shower we sit out on the balcony evaluating the night having a night snack.
I can say our life is back to normal again.
It's good to be on vacation, but oh, how I like to be back on the stage again! It's so fun!

It's still very quiet on the island and we have only about 60-80 guests per night.
In the winter time we have about 200 guests per night.
But we should not complain when we probably have got most guests of all the restaurant here in the south. The tourists who are here now seam to like Country and western music.

The last nights we have played line dance songs the whole nights through.
Some of the line dancers come to Tenerife in June every year and it's so fun to play when they dance.
We have had dancers from England, Scotland, Holland and Germany this last week.

We both feel that the nights pass too quickly now and we could gladly play for at least one more hour per night.
I am also happy when I think I'll probably start loosing weight again when I dance so much.

The only bad thing is when we every night stop at the 24 hour market, on the way home, and buy chocolate bars that we throw in before we go to bed. *sigh!*

Monday, June 08, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Sorry I don't have much time to blog right now.
I am busy doing a lot of other things...
It's our day off today and we'll soon start preparing for a grill party out on the balcony.
We have been out on town earlier today and it's nice weather, +25 degrees.
I have plans to sun bath some day soon, but right now I'm too busy.
Have a nice evening!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Water Pipe

A couple of years ago I bought a beautiful water pipe here on Tenerife.
It was meant that it just would stand as a decoration in our home, but today Clas got the idea that he would like to try it.

First he went on the internet to learn how to use it.
Then he went out on town hunting the special tobacco that it deserves and found a shop where they sell it.
It's not a real tobacco when it hasn't got any nicotine or any kind of drugs in it.
I would say it's more like a tea tobacco or something...and he bought one with a taste of cherry.
Maybe the real tough guys use some stronger stuff in it?

After the dinner he finally put on the show and I decided to make a video clip to show you how the whole procedure went.

I also took a couple of drags from the pipe to get to know how it tastes and I would say it tasted like a cherry tea mixed with smoke.
A problem did however come up...
We forgot to close the balcony door during the experiment and now it smells cherry tea smoke everywhere in the apartment and I have got headache.
Hopefully we'll get rid of the smell before we go to bed.

If the headache don't stop I will paint my forehead with a stick that we have got from friends in England.
It's called "4Head" and when you paint the forehead, it becomes very cold and the ache leaves immediately. I recommend everybody who is going to visit England to buy it. It's very good!

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

Israel, Obama and Iran

The relations between USA and Israel don't look to be as good as before and to be honest with you I don't really like the political thoughts of Obama right now.
I am a big fan of America normally but now I can't agree with him when I feel he is putting Israel in a very bad position, just to get a flirt with the Arabs.

Obama seams to be an intelligent man but the question is also if he can get a good deal with the Islamic fundamentalists, who seldom think in a rational way, but prefer to act in conviction of their faith.
Would he at all be able to make a good agreement with Iran if Israel would agree about the two-state solution?

Bill Clinton caused a big problem at Camp David year 2000 when he put pressure on Arafat in an intellectual way, and had him to confess that there has been a temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which is a fact that is founded on archaeological excavations, but that made Arafat so angry that he left the place and later started up the al Aqsa intifada where about 1200 Jewish people were murdered.
It can be very dangerous to deal with fanatic people in an intellectual way.

Why I can't agree with Obama right now is because I think he puts pressure on Israel in a bad way when he mix the question of Iran with the question of the two-state solution.
It looks like the reason is, that he only likes to get favour among the Arabs from who he must get help to get a good deal with Iran.
These two questions are two different things and it's not fair to mix them together.
I wonder if Obama, in the end, is going to bite himself in the tail, like we say in Swedish.

If Israel doesn't agree in the two-state question, which they probably not will do, USA will instead probably have to take use of the millitary solution against Iran.
Then people can start blaming Israel for that, when they didn't agree about the two-state solution.

Like it looks the blame is already arranged so that it will hit Israel and Netanyahu and I think this way of dealing is cowardly and unfair.
I just become angry when I think about it. *sigh*
Israel has already got enough of persecution and it will be very hard for them if the US also turn their back on them.

However this can also only be a trick from Obama toward the Arabs and it's going to be interesting to see the end of it.
He will for sure get a lot more feathers in his hat after this visit in Cairo, when he acts like a real bridge constructor!

Would you like to read in Swedish about the visit of Obama in Cairo?
Please, click here.

Our breakfast

As many times before our refrigerator is empty and we had to
go out and have a breakfast at restaurant Fados down at the beach front.
After the meal I went out shopping.
It's very few tourists in Los Cristianos now, only a few people out on the streets, and many restaurants are closed.
It feels a little bit like a ghost town and we are so happy when we now play in Las Americas where it's a little bit more people, even when it's also very quiet over there.

La Karina last night

It's still quiet on the island.
I took these two pictures when we played last night.
We had only a total of about 60 people in during the night but some of
them were dancing and singing along and it was very fun to play.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The surgery is put on hold

I have been to the hospital today and met the surgeon who is going to do the operation of the hernia and esophagus sphincter in the future.
I have now been through all the tests and got all the answers and today he carefully explained everything for me and showed me how it looks on the x-ray pictures etc.

Good news is that the hernia is not as bad as they thought from the beginning when they did the gastroscopy examination. It's smaller.
There is a leakage of the acids into the esophagus and I will probably also need a strengthen of the lower esophageal sphincter (the muscle that prevents acid from backing up into the esophagus) in the future. But we will wait and see.

There are risks with the surgery and I will try to keep it on hold as long as possible.
Right now I feel like normal because of the medication and I hope I will make it only with one pill a day for
at least some years.
The surgeon will follow the process and do check ups and he will see me again in the beginning of August.

I am so happy now and tonight we start playing again and a group of line dancers from England called us today and are on the way to the island.
We both really look forward to start working tonight.

Me at restaurant Greek Corner in Las Americas last night.

Clas is waiting for the dinner.

Romantic view during the dinner.

Monday, June 01, 2009

The flight fears will increase again

An Air France plan has today disappeared on it's way from Brazil to Paris.
A reason for all the scared flight passengers to get more wind into their sails.

My thought goes to Clas' mom who was planning to come and visit us for her birthday this coming Autumn.
She has a terrible flight fear and now she has canceled the trip, not because of the fear though, but you never know if that was one of the reasons.

Wouldn't it be nice if they could put frightened passengers to sleep during the flight by giving them anaesthetic?
I mean, so many people miss out to discover and travel around in the world only because of this fear.

I like to fly and I have absolutely no fear.
Some years ago, when I went with KLM to Holland, the landing gears didn't come out when we were ready for landing and we had to fly around while the pilots worked on it.
The passengers were so afraid and some started crying, but I just thought all the time that we will make it and was not scared at all.

I really feel sorry for all the people who become scared.
I wish they could enjoy the travel like I do.

If you like to read about the accident in Swedish, please, click here.