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Monday, September 26, 2011

Lewinski 22.09.2011

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New Furnitures

The Lewinski terrace has got new chairs.


Me together with some of the line dancers who come to Tenerife every year in September.
They come from three different countries; England, Holland and Australia.
I think it's so lovely when people from different nations come together to dance here on Tenerife.
Other countries that were present at the moment were Scotland, Belgium and Germany.
Line dance connects people!

Thanks to Lyn and Alan who sent me the photo over the internet.
I hope seeing you all again in September 2012.
Love, Susanne

Saturday, September 17, 2011

1 Year Together

Oh, what a night we had yesterday!
It is one year since we started our relationship, Brito and me, and we had
a romantic dinner on the balcony.
He,he! It was probably like a show for the neighbors.
Some of them showed up on their balconies to look what was up,
while we made the table and lighted up a lot of candles all around the balcony + romantic smoke sticks, but after we sat down at the table they all went inside and left us alone which was very nice of them.

Langostinos Con Ajo

Yesterday. when it was my day off, Brito made this nice tapas for us.
It's shrimps with a taste of garlic.
He actually made two tapas but I forgot to take a photo of the other one which is
called Rabas De Calamar (squid rings).
Both were just delicious and we had them with a small glass of champagne.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lewinski 15.09.2011

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Friday, September 09, 2011

Lewinski 08.09.2011

Many dancers showed up on the Lewinski terrace last night.
Please, click on the small arrow if you like to watch them dancing.


When I work on the computer and Brito makes food for us I
many times receive small, what the Canarians call, 'pinchos'.
They are like small 'fore tastes' of the stuff he's preparing.

He serves them very cute on a small plate like this.

This is the meal he made yesterday.

Chicken wings soaked in a special Canarian mix of spices, for about two days,
before they are prepared. They are very delicious!

Fried Batatas with Mojo sauce,
This is also one of my favorites right now.
I've got so many favorites and I can't tell which one's the best.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Sign

It says; 'Remember to speak quiet'.

All the neighbors next to my apartment are speaking Spanish.
Before this was no problem when I was speaking Swedish in my home and
here is only one neighbor who knows that language.
Today I many times don't remember they all understand what I say and
when I talk Spanish with Brito I talk about, let's say, 'everything under
the sun...' and he almost die thinking they get information about our
privet life and business a.s.o.
Oh, poor guy! The other day he put up this sign to remind me.

Lewinski 06.09.2011

It's really fun to sing in the nights now.
September is a month when many line dancers come to the island to dance together.
Some of them have, for many years in a row, been here during this time.

Line dance connects people! Last night we had dancers from Britain, Holland, Australia, Germany, and Belgium. Some of them had never met before but they could dance together when the same dances have been taught in the different countries. It's just lovely!

This video clip is from last night.
Please, click on the small arrow to watch it.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Mojo Verde

Some of the ingredients.

Yehaa! Today I've learned how to make the famous Canarian sauce; Mojo verde.
Brito gave me an lesson. It's quite simple!
His receipt is a secret though, but I wish you all could try it.
It's just delicious!!!

I many times think I've got like a Guachinche in my home because
he knows how to make the typical Canarian dishes that we normally eat when
we go up in the mountains.
Oh, I just hope I will not gain more weight right now...
He likes to make food and I become so spoiled when
he prepare plates and different tapas for us almost every day.
I just love it!!!

This is how it looked when it was ready.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Red Toenails

Oh, why haven't I been thinking of this before???
It's a real good idea to get help with the painting of the toenails.

It's very difficult to see what you're doing and Brito took
the magnifier in use. It's like an art of precision.

Don't hesitate to ask you're men or boyfriends to paint your toenails.
The most of them are used to handle paint and brushes and
Brito said he will always help me if I like.

The final result.