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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bodegon Damary

Like you already know I've got a new hobby with Brito. About three times a week, or more, we go out and try new Bodegas and Guachinches here on Tenerife.

Today it looked like it was raining cats and dogs up in the mountains and because of that we decided to have a lunch in Adeje, which is on a lower altitude.
Some English friends of us said they visited this restaurant about a week ago and I liked to try it.
Brito has been dining many times here before, his son has been living in the neighborhood of this bodega, but for me it was the first time.
The meal was delicious and we will for sure be back.

We had the Adeje chicken a la Bodegon Damary and it was a little different from the other Adeje chickens which have got a strong taste of garlic.
The chicken pieces have got the same crust but I guess the taste is based on red vine vinegar when they have got a red shade. Maybe they prepare them in a red vinegar marinade before they cook them? It's only a guesstimate I've got!

First we had salad, bread and mojo sauces.
It's a must for me to try the mojo sauces in every Bodega or Guachinche we visit.
It's like the wine. The taste is different in every place.
The red one was very hot in this restaurant.
In my point of view it has a taste of roses and tobacco.

Then we had 'Adeje Chicken picante con papas fritas y mojo'.

After the meal we went to an other restaurant in Adeje where they make their own 'Orujo'.
Sorry I don't know the name of the restaurant...
It was anyhow delicious but maybe less strong than the one you can buy in the shops.
Orujo is a liqueur that the Canarians drink after a big meal.
It's like a 'Jagermeister' a la Canarias' and it speeds up the metabolism and is made of herbs.
It's good for your stomach and at the moment I like to have it after our big meals.
I like the taste, but in the beginning I thought it tastes like the 'moonlight spirits' of Finlandia.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's Snow on Teide

The first stop was in Vilaflor where the big Pine tree is.
It's about 46 m high.

Teide got snow some days ago and yesterday when it was my day off Brito also
arranged a day off and we went up to there to watch it all.
We both thought it would be more snow than it was, but we got a walk in the snow on the north side of the mountain and that was nice.
I haven't seen snow for three years! It don't stay for a long time and because of this I've missed it out the last years.

Me at the tree.

Brito at the tree.

Some beautiful rocks on the way up to Teide.


The Parque national hotel.
We have plans to go here and sleep some night and watch the stars.
They say it's a nice experience.

Parque national.

Brito made a snowball as a souvenir from the day and put it in the pocket.

Me posing at a rocket with a peek hole.

Brito in the same hole.

Me posing at an other rocket.

Teide again.

We stopped at a bar to have a snack.
It was snow on the terrace and on the tables.

I had coffee and a specific Canarian bun that is called 'Torrija'.

Brito made a snowman.

Here is the result.
I think he looks fun when he's got a thorn crown on the head.
It reminds me of Jesus Christ.
In Finland we put a hat or a cap on the snowmen.

On the way down to La Orotava.

Eating at a Guachinche.

The view outside the Guachinche.

Somebody is living here on the edge of the ravine.
I think the building is leaning. Don't you think so?
The steep is at least 100 feet!!! I would be scared to just go inside the house!


An other Guachinche at the coast of Sta Ursula.
Next time we go to the north we will go here for a meal.


Lewinski 27.01.2011

This video clip is from last Thursday.
Please click on the little arrow if you like to watch it.
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'arrows in all corners'.
If you like to get back to the normal size, please, click on it one more time.


Monday, January 24, 2011

El Guachinche De Leti

This little poster, out at the road that leads you up to the place, is the only sign that
tell you there is a Guachinche. You can't see the restaurant from the road.
They also sell wine from their own 'Cosecha'.

Eating at Guachinches and Bodegas have turned out to be like a hobby for us.
Yesterday we tried out a new one and the food was very good.
This Guachinche is more or less impossible to find if you don't know where to look for it.
It looks like a barn or a stable from the outside and one of the walls inside the restaurant is the same as the wall of a big water reservoir, which is next to the house in the backyard.
The restaurant is quite popular and it was packed with Canarians yesterday.

The restaurant from the outside.

Very crowded.

As a starter we had 'Garbanzas'. Oh, it was so lovely!

Bread and Mojo sauces.
The green one is my favorite.

Then we had 'Cherne Guisado con Papas Guisadas'.
It's fish and Brito taught me how you should prepare it before you it.
First you sprinkle vinegar over the fish. Then you sprinkle Olive oil over it. Then you mash the small green pepper and move it around in the vinegar-oil sauce that now has run down on the plate. The more you move it around the more hot the sauce will be.
When you finally eat the fish and the potatoes you dip them in the sauce. Very delicious!
We started by making the sauce mild in the beginning and increased the taste of
it in the end. I recommend you to do so (if you're gonna try it) when it could be
too much if it's really hot in the beginning.

'Cafe Cortada Condensada'.
He,he! This was the first restaurant were we have been served cafe from a small cafetera.
The restaurants here normally have coffee machines, but here they make it in
the good old style and I like that.

The view outside the Guachinche.
It was raining while we were there but we could see the neighbor island La Gomera.
It's a bad sign when you can see the La Gomera island clearly from the shore of Tenerife.
The locals say it's like a forewarning that the weather on Tenerife will go cloudy with
a possibility of rains.

There's a big water reservoir in the backyard of the restaurant.

The cactus bushes have now got figs.
These fruits are very delicious when they are served cold.
They have got a lot of splinters and because of that you peel them in a special way.
First you cut of both ends. Then you grab the fruit with the thumb and the pointing finger at the ends and make strips along the sides and peel off or cut of a stripe at time.

Me dressed in jeans, like always when we go to Guachinches.
He,he! I don't think I anyhow fit in with the guests there.
They for sure think I'm a tourist when I take photos of everything I eat and
walk around like a paparazzi in the restaurant.
I'm like a specialist in making a fool of myself (read us). Poor Brito!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mesón Era Las Mozas

Jesus, Bodil, Anders, Lisa, Robert, Brito and me.

Yesterday we, Brito and me, were invited for a lunch to a Canarian restaurant in Valle San Lorenzo with our friends Lisa, Jesus and Robert + Lisas sister and husband who at the moment are here on a week long visit.
It was my day off and I spend the whole afternoon and evening with Brito.

After the lunch we went to my home for a while and later in the night we had a dinner at Kiki Riki in Los Cristianos.
I more or less spent the whole day and night eating and eating...When will I get time to get back to my diet again? I start thinking it's impossible!

Inside the restaurant Mesón Eras Las Mozas.

First we had 'Garbanza' a typical Canarian dish.

Then 'Chistorra'.


'Papas Arrugadas'.

'Costillar y Pollo a leña' (a la brasa).

Jesus cutting the meat.

Robert and Lisa having a smoke.

At the table.

The waiter and me.


Lewinski 20.01.2011

This video clip is from Thursday night.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lewinski 19.01.2011

Wednesday nights have at the moment turned out to become like
oldie goldie country and oldie goldie line dance nights.

If you remember how to dance the old line dances you will probably like the Wednesdays.

I made a short video clip last night when a few of the dancers were dancing 'Stayin' alive' which is
the line dance that John Travolta did in the movie 'Saturday night fever'.
In this video clip we dance it to 'Island in the sun' , a song by Harry Belafonte.

The most of the line dances I sing on Wednesdays are 5 years old or older and I mix it up with some good old country songs to which you can do smoochy and jive.

On the other line dance nights I alternate between the old line dances and the new ones that are on the top list in England (including pop songs). I try to keep it 50-50%.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Lewinski 16.01.2011

The Lewinski terrace was full of guests last night when it was a line dance night.
Here a short video clip from the end of the night when the dancers were dancing the 'Barn dance'.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Spring Is Here

The first almond trees are now starting blooming.

It was my day off yesterday.
About 1.30 pm Brito picked me up with his car and we went up for a meal in the mountains.
Later in the afternoon, when we got back to Los Cristianos I went out for some shopping.
I found quite a lot again and today I have been planning outfits the whole afternoon.
It's a tough work to try out all the pieces and my back is really aching at the moment.
When I finished the shopping last night I went for a champagne to the Scandibar.
After a while Brito joined me + some Scandinavian friends and we had a lovely evening.

A hedge with flowers.

The same kind of flowers had claimed all over the roof of this little house.

An orange tree. Here on Tenerife we get oranges during the
period of November - April.

Like many times before we had a stop at the bar in Los Menores.
I just had to have a short nap in the sun.