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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas On The Balcony

We had a real Scandinavian Christmas dinner with
´lutfisk, sillsallad, gravad lax, julskinka, vitsas´etc.
Very similar to the dinner we had in my home when I was young.

The Carolina shop here in Los Cristianos had a few packages of Scandinavian  lutfish for sale. 
Thanx to the Norwegian man who told about it on Facebook.
I hurried over to the shop and got the last package.
Praise The Lord!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Lewinski 16.12.2012

Okay, I´m learning more and more and the second sequence on this clip is probably the best quality I can get on the blog. I stayed HD from the beginning til the end and the blog finally came out with this quality which is not the best, but you can probably figure out who the dancers are if you know them.
My internet was before too slow to publish files in this quality but now when I´ve got the cable it works.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lewinskis 13.12.2012

While I take the videos, I now put on a strong light that Nino (the chef) has
put up on the roof above the stage.
The darkness is no problem anymore but the blog is!
As soon as I upload a video on my blog it looses in quality.
Before the upload it looks like television quality in my computer.
That will be the next thing to solve out.

He,he! You will get so tired of my technical problems! I tell you!!!
I decided to show you that I work on it just to make you all more patient.
I´ve got so many complaints about the missing video clips.

Sunday I will make HD Video clips and try to get them uploaded i.e.
I remember to bring the real camera...
In this post all the clips are taken with my Iphone.

This was the first video clip I made last night.
After a while I gave up. The dancers never seemed to face my wall...!
Who like to watch a video clip with a lot of backs?

In this next clip you get to see a little bit of their faces...

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Schedule

This is my agenda during Christmas - New Year

Satin Sheets

The Christmas bed is prepared!

Friday, December 07, 2012

Our Advent Calendars

At the moment we are opening one ´door´ every day and
 it´s a chocolate candy inside.
A new experience for Brito. He has never had a calendar before.  


I have started preparing our home for Christmas. I tell you! It´s a lot of job.
The other day I went through all my jewelries.
I´ve got 4 baskets full and I must throw some away to get space for new ones...
Easy job when I decided to only save the new ones and the ones that I haven´t used much.
After this I will probably have to go out and buy some more...

Mexican Coffee

This happened a couple of weeks ago on our balcony.
My son Daniel had never had Mexican coffee so I prepared one for him.

Daniel had it for the first time in life.
He thought it was too strong and I agree. I´m not a good bartender!
But if you can prepare it right it´s nice...
I probably put too much coffee liqueur in it...or was it too much tequila?

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lewinski 25.11.2012.

This one was taken yesterday with my new mobile phone.
The quality is very nice in the phone, but when I upload it on my
 blog it turns grey.*sigh*
It´s the same with the camera. All video clips turn grey and
dark when I upload them.


Lewinski 22.11.2012

I think this video clip is a little bit better..?
But if you watch it in big screen it´s not good...*sigh*
It´s was taken with the camera I bought a couple of months ago...
Oh, I´ve still got much to learn!


Lewinskis 18.11.2012

Yes, I know this video clip is very dark.Sorry!
Please, try to click on the full screen connection that´s
down in the corner to the right of the video.

Now I´ve got cable internet in my apartment. It works very well.
Next step will be to learn how to use my new cameras.
 Saturday I bought a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy SIII mini, and it has got a camera too so I must make some tests to see which one works better. It seams anyhow like it´s no difference how big the photo files are now. With this cable connection everything can be quickly uploaded.
Oh, i´m so happy my internet problem now have got a solution.
I can tell you one thing after all the experiences I´ve went through;
The modem sticks don´t work well here on Tenerife!
At least not where I live!
 Buy a cable connection if you live here permanently!
Oh, what a relief this is!!! Wohooo!


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Songs

I'm off today and I'm doing rehearsal of some new songs.
A while ago Brito came home and prepared this 'aperitif' for me.
Oh, he's such a nice guy!
It's "Datiles con Queso Canario"  + a bottle of Champagne. Very nice!
Yes I know that I'm too spoiled!
I decided to blog about it while I eat. I can't anyhow sing with food in my mouth.

The songs I rehears today are:

Rock Paper Scissors
Moonlight Kiss
Imeldas Way
Alabama Slammin'
Tenessee Waltz Surprise in German
Black Heart
No Smoke
This Ole Boy

At the moment I have to use my days off to do rehearsal when I , the other days, have
to save my voice for the nights.
It's tough for the voice to sing (some songs on the top of the voice or with a horse sound) 2,5 hours per night 5 nights a week, but I like my work very much.
I'm learning to sing about 20 new songs this autumn.
It comes so many new popular line dances now  that we don't get time to play them all in the breaks and I decided to take in some of them into my repertoire to be able to take  them in while I sing.

Sometimes it's difficult to get good backing tracks and because of this I can't start singing them all.
I have lately found a music company in England that now make some of my backing tracks and they make them well with backing vocals and everything. Oh God bless them!
I think I'll soon have the nights under control so that you get to dance the most of the dances that are up.

Oh, so many dancers are on the way in this week! It will be so  lovely to sing.
God bless you all! I look forward seeing you! Love Xo


In the North Of The Island

 The Teresitas beach.

 Brito on some high cliffs.

We had 'Pescados de la playa'.
A favorite of mine at the moment...

The desert.


High Heels

What do you think? 
Should I buy them or not?
For sure I can't do linedancing when I wear them.
The sole is about 3" under the foot ball.
I also become tall as a flag pole....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunday 09.09.2012

Jihaah!!! After many upload errors I finally got it uploaded.

Slow Internet

My internet is at the moment very slow and because of that I can´t upload any video clips.
The dongle connections here on the island are not working good.

 I made a contract of paying 39 euros per month and now they take 43 euros from my bank account every month (the amount increases all the time) and I have got an internet that hardly works. *sigh*
 I decided to finish with it when I went to Finland and sent them a recommended letter telling I quit the first of July. Nothing has happened. They continued taking money from my account!
If I somehow can quit this connection I probably will get a cable connection instead. Somebody told me I have to go to the bank and tell them to close down the payments for Movistar, then it probably will be finished. We´ll see if that works..?

Sunday, September 09, 2012

A New Fruit

We have got a new fruit here on Tenerife. 
I don´t know what it´s called but we had one yesterday and it
 tasted a little bit like kiwis.
It´s color will make it useful for making nice desert decorations.


New Camera

Yesterday I bought a new camera in Las Chafiras. It´s a small one that don´t take too much space in my bag, when I always carry it with me, and it´s really easy to use and has got a good photo quality.
It has got 12.1 Mega Pixels, Full HD movie and 10X wide full HD zoom. My old camera had 8.1 Pixels. There were also  many cameras with 16.1 Pixels in the shop but I did not choose that format when I´m  anyhow not gonna need it.

Many times when I buy electronics I think more about how the product will work practically for me and I avoid to turn into a technical freak, searching for the best on the market that in the end could cause me a lot of extra work learning how to use it etc. I´m never interested in paying for functions that I´m never gonna use  and when it comes to buy a camera or a mobile phone I pick the ´easy to use´ ones.

My old one gave up after I brought it down to the beach.
I think I got a lot of sand in it when it at the moment was windy and calima.

This new one anyhow can take high quality photos (good enough for my private photos), but to work with photos in such a high quality for my blog would take too much time when it comes to the uploads. I must change the photos into a format with less pixels before I publish them...which is a little bit sad when I now finally have got a better quality.

The video function is also very good when it comes out in HD quality, but I don´t know how it works in dark rooms. It´s very dark on the Lewinski terrace in the nights and I think you all struggle with getting good quality for your photos and video clips?
I also have to change the videos into a lower quality to get them published on the blog but I hope they will become more clear than before...we´ll see...

I will test and take a couple of video clips when I sing tonight.
It will also be interesting to get to know what the sound quality will be.
Hopefully better than with  the old one. My video clips have so far had a real bad sound.
I know it also depends on how close I stand to the speakers when I film. I stand almost in front of them the most of the times and this is just too loud sound for a small microphone. But I hope anyhow that this new camera can handle high volume better. We´ll soon get the answer....!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012


It´s lovely to be back on the stage.
Some dancers are on the way in and some have already arrived.
In September we will be on full roll. 
I´m at the moment busy doing  rehearsal of some of the new songs/dances.


El Puertito By Night

In The North Of The Island

A steep down to the sea.
The altitude is much higher than it looks on the photo.
I felt a little bit dizzy when I looked down.


Brito with a steep of about 500 meters on both sides of the cliff.
Quite dangerous!


Me and Brito.
High mighty mountains.

This ghost tunnel is the most dangerous one here on the island.
It´s about 0,5 km long with no lights or protection on the walls and up in the ceiling. It´s also very narrow and low.
 I don´t recommend it if you suffer from claustrophobia. 

When you get out from the tunnel.

On the way down to the Masca valley.


Arlanda Chicken Wings

If you go to Arlanda (the airport of Stockholm) I recommend you to have chicken wings at restaurant O´Lerays in terminal 5. Oh they are just lovely! Wish I could go there more often!

Price for a plate and a small glass of red wine; 238 Sek ~ 26 €.



Some of the lovely tapas I have had lately.

 Ropa Vieja.

 Conejo al Salmorejo.

 Gofio amasado.

 Oueso ahumado con chorrizo perro.

 Gambas al Ajillo.

 Ensalada Aguacate.

 Papas especial horno.

Pollo especial al horno.

 Queso manchego con pan y mojo.

 Tortillitas de camarones.

Pincho de boqueron.