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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

Photo; Our kitchen this afternoon.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Lewinski 29.12.2011

Please, click on the small arrow if you like to watch this video clip.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nice Work Partners

It has surprised me lately how well the Canarians work with us.
As you know there's a saying that they normally are moving on very slowly
just thinking 'mañana, mañana...'.

My experience is the opposite!

The ones we work with are always on time, -so far. Even the shops that have delivered mattresses, laundry machines etc. It's only a couple of apartment owners who have messed around with us, but they will not get much help finding tenants next year.
Normally when Brito call somebody about something they start working on the problem directly.
They quickly make decisions and full fill them.
My experience is they are faster than many other nationalities here on Tenerife.
But, it may be said that Brito also have told them 'the rules' directly in the beginning.
They all know they have to be on time. If they, without reason, are more than 10 minutes late they fall out and have to wait til an other day to get a new appointment.

I've lately tried to get in contact about some business with a couple of people from
XXXXXXX (i will not tell you the nationality).
They haven't been answering me even when they know I like to buy something they have for sell.
They haven't answered the calls, not responded to my sms message. Nothing!
People who act like this will never get a big business. A person who can't take responsibility for small things in the beginning will for sure never be able to take care of bigger things later on.

Let's say they have changed their mind or sold the stuff to an other person..?
No problem! But if they are people or a business worth of respect
they would anyhow tell me as it is.
Just disappearing is very childish and I wonder; - isn't it many times
uneducated people who act like this?
I will anyhow not spend any more time on them!
They are not professional enough to be in my interest of doing any business with them.

Brito thinks the same. We decided today to skip them. We must move on to get things done and if we let people like this be like anchors that hold us back we better cut the line.
If you like to co-work with us, and get a piece of the cake, you must get on a higher level!

There was a man some time ago who made an appointment with us 12 o'clock in the noon.
He liked us to help him finding tenants for his apartment.
We went over there on time.
10 minutes after 12 he called, without telling us any excuse or reason, and said he will be late
and promised to be there within 5 minutes.
We waited for 10 more minutes and then we decided to leave to not cause
other people having to wait for us.
The man called us after additional 10 minutes (i.e. all together 30 minutes too late!).
Brito told him we couldn't wait for him any longer.

We decided to move this man down to the last number on our "priority list". He's still there!
We haven't yet been visiting his apartment when we think he probably will mess up our schedules by not being on time if we start co-working with him.
Imagine if he would refuse to bring us the keys the day before and we get them in the last minute...and when we open the door we discover no cleaning has been done...and the guest is on the way in from the airport...Oh Dear what a mess that would be!!!

The people we like to work with must be, in case of possibility, available for us.
They must be willing to work with quality, keep their promises etc.
If they don't they will soon fall out.

Maybe I sound like I think I'm very important?
No, I don't think I'm more important than anybody else. Neither Brito!
The problem is only we can't spend our days waiting for people who never show up.
It would drive us crazy! That's why we have decided to work like this.
And believe me or not; IT WORKS!



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Food

Oh, we have been eating and eating.
To be honest with you I became ill and got fever on Christmas day and then I didn't eat much, but before that I had a lot of everything, every day . .. Just too much!
Sorry if I make you loose your apatite in this post.
I'm just blogging about it to convince myself about how sick this is.

I have plans to get into a diet about the 10th of January. We'll see later if it works or not...
I would like to try out the diet that the English princess went into before she married the prince last summer.
I read somewhere that the diet specialists say it's more or less the answer for
the overweight problems of this earth.

I must loose at least 2 stones to be able to sing and dance in the same time,
i.e. without loosing the breath.
They say some people loose half a stone the first week which sounds very interesting for me.
I would like to see a quick result of my suffering and if I just get into it and start seeing the difference I will for sure make it. That's my thought at the moment...
I've made it before!!!

Oh, I just wish these weekends will get to an end so that I can start.
I'm not a fan of gaining more only because it's the New Year! But I also know the freezer must be emptied of cakes and pastries to make it easier.
This means I must continue eating for a while.

Poor Brito, after the 10th of January there will probably not be much delicacies in the freezer any more, neither in the refrigerator...but he can always sneak into a restaurant and have something yummy if he like...We'll see!

A Christmas plate.

Typical Finnish "sill sallad" with sour cream sauce.

Eggs filled with caviar and big Prawns.

Salted salmon with Swedish mustard sauce from Ikea +
Swedish herrings.


Apple pie that we had with vanilla sauce or ice cream.
I've made two pies so far during Christmas.

A "Kladd kaka" for 8 people.
This is a typical Swedish brownie that we have with whipped cream or ice cream.
It's dark brown and sticky inside.

A nice cake for "fika".
It has got a layer of crispy caramel mass in under the chocolate.
Very delicious!!!!
We have made 2 cakes so far within two weeks, Brito has helped me out.
One cake has got 20 pieces.
Isn't this sick, please tell me!

This world is anyhow not fare. Brito can eat as much as he likes without gaining weight.
His body is always perfect. I grove bigger with every piece I eat! :-(


Friday, December 23, 2011

I wish You all a Merry Christmas,


The White Carpet

He avoids stepping on the carpet...

He,he! Poor Brito!
For Christmas I have bought some new stuff for the bathroom.
Brito thinks the white carpet on the floor wasn't such a good idea.
He says it will very soon get dirty and yesterday, when I passed the bathroom door,
I saw him standing like this while he was brushing the teeth.

I know he's right, but I have plans to just throw it into the laundry machine, when it gets dirty + out on the line for a while.... and then it will look clean again.
For me it's more important how the bathroom looks.
I thought a white carpet would make it look nicer than a colored one...and
the price was anyhow only 10 Euros.
I will throw it away when it gets too dirty.
But then I probably will buy a bigger one, also white, because
this one is too small in my point of view.
But, there's one question...; -How will he stand if I buy a bigger one?


Saturday, December 17, 2011


Oh, I'm s-o-o-o.... tired of jealous people at the moment. They just make me tired!
There are people on this island who can sit all day, drinking beer and making fun of Brito and me and our business. I can't understand it!
We have both been working hard the whole autumn and there's no excuse to be jealous.
Nothing comes to you for free! It's sweat and hard work every day!

I believe many people get opportunities during the lifetime and they could make a great success and become very successful themselves, but when many see the work that it demands to get there they regret.
They are in fact too lazy to make it and they don't like to solve all the problems that probably will take place during the path. When they get the opportunity they sit and dream about it, without doing anything, til it has passed and the door is closed.
Because nothing happened the opportunity was passed to somebody else.

Some might think the right way of living on this island is sitting in the sun with a beer wasting the time away talking sh*t, but I don't like to use my time in this earth that way, neither Brito.
We both like business and enjoy working hard and nobody can steel that from us.
At the moment we, every day, face a lot of problems that need to be solved.
We take them one by one til they are solved and there's no word in this world to explain the feeling we have in the night when the day is over and everything is under control. It's just a lovely feeling and we thank God for every new day we can live this exciting life.
Last night we just stated;
"Tougher days bring greater victories in the end. Quiet days don't take us anywhere".

To everybody who is working hard; Good Luck!


A nice snack

We are both working like crazy at the moment and tapas like this is what we
eat in the afternoons when we meet up on the balcony to update each other.
Quick and easy to prepare and so delicious!

Brito is just too sweet! Look what I found in my desert...


Lewinski 15.12.2011

Here a video clip from last Thursday at Lewinski terrace.
Really many line dancers showed up and it was so fun to sing.
Please, click on the small arrow if you like to watch it.


Friday, December 09, 2011

New Agenda for December

During December I will also have Friday nights off .
My new agenda is:

OFF: Monday, Friday, Saturday
WORK: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday

In January I will go back to the normal schedule and sing Fridays.


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Gingerbread Biscuits

Brito is making a heart for me.

I have started baking for Christmas.
Yesterday I made gingerbread biscuits and the day before I made
cinnamon buns and cream buns.

Brito likes my cream buns and he eats at the moment 3-4 per day.
The gingerbread biscuits also turned out to be very delicious.
The receipt was quite big and we will have to bake for some more
hours before they all are ready.
I guess we will get about 100 biscuits from it.
I eat them with a piece of blue cheese + Swedish glögg and it's very delicious.
Brito is not a fan of glögg and prefer to eat them as a snack.

Before the baking.



Monday, December 05, 2011

Sardinas Frescas

Yes, I know I'm too spoiled! He made fresh sardines with
papas arrugadas and batas + mojo verde.


Friday, December 02, 2011

Lewinski 01.12.2011

Here's a video clip from last night.
During the clips where you can see me singing, Eric Hill was behind the camera.