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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

25 Random Things

I was tagged by a friend on Facebook and was supposed to write 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about myself.
Some of you are not members on Facebook and then you can't see what we are up to in that community. Because of that I decided to publish the note here.

This is what I wrote:

1. Nationality; I was born in Finland but have also been living in Sweden, Florida US and Tenerife Spain.
I now live on Tenerife since October 2004.

2. Children; Mattias (borned 1983) and Daniel (borned 1985).

3. Husband; Married to Clas January 23, 1993.

4. Work; Entertain the tourists on Tenerife with country music for three hours, six nights a week.

5. My hobbies; Fashion, beauty and home furnishing.Shopping.

6. I watch Grand Prix. Favorite driver; Kimi Räikkönen from Finland.

7. I am a newborn christian.

8. I like to travel. Have so far been in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece, Israel, Holland, France, Spain, USA .

9. I eat too much sweets and candies.

10. I like to loose weight and have tried many different diets.

11. I very seldom watch TV or movies but like to read books.

12.I am sensitive to tomatoes and allergic of citric fruits.

13.I prefer high heels before low heels. Short skirts before long skirts, long sleeves before short sleeves.

14.I like to solve Sudoku puzzles and crosswords.

15.I like antique looking things.

16. I believe that you reap what you sow and try to sow good things.

17. I think and read a lot about politic and like to sit and discuss it for hours.

18. I love debates and have strong opinions when it comes to topics that I am interested in.

19. I am a friend of Israel and the Jewish people and think many hate them without a real reason.

20. I like line dance and know about 50 different dances.

21. I always ask God what he thinks when important things or decisions have to be made.

22. I seldom get early to bed and I sleep late in the mornings. But that is because of the job we have right now.

23. I am scared of bears, wolfs and elks and because of that I don't stroll in the forest in Finland.

24. I like sushi but prefer to dip them in Teriyaki sauce instead of in Soya sauce.

25.I think forgiveness is important and I don't have anything against any person I know.
I don't agree with everybody but think there is a reason why a person act in a certain way.

Country Grill Karina

The new sign at La Karina Country had arrived last night and the name of the restaurant is now "Country Grill Karina".
Many tourists visited us and about 95% were Scandinavians.
Really many people were from the west coast of Finland and they were dancing the whole night through.
We even tried to speak some Swedish from the stage but it's really difficult to do it when we normally speak English.
It sounds so funny in our ears and we have difficult to find the right words and it turns out to be a mix of Swedish, English and Norwegian in the end, even when Swedish is our mothers language.
The truth is that we only put ourselves on shame when we try to speak Swedish and we have decided we better only speak English in the future.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My outfit last night

I would like to document my outfits but the problem is that I forget to take photos all the time.
I think it maybe will be interesting for me, later when I become retired, to just look at the different clothes I had on the stage and in that way remember the old good times.

I try to have new outfits every night and my goal is that the tourists never would see me twice on the stage in the exactly same outfit while they are here.

Some people think it's a waste of resources to change clothes all the time, but I see it more like a hobby that I have. And when I have used a piece a few times I give it away to charity.
I only throw away boots and shoes when they get old or broken, and clothes that somehow have become miss colored.
I like fashion and to plan outfits + the shopping, and this way of living fits me perfectly.

There's a lot of outfits and combination that have passed through the last years, when we mostly have played six nights a week, and I regret that I haven't got photos of them all.
It would have been such a nice collection to look at.

The outfit on the photo above is from last night.
On the feet I had the new brown fringe boots.

The witch drink again

Surprise! Surprise!
I think the drink helps. I haven't had a soar throat since I had the first one on our night off!
Last night before we went to work I had an other one and in the middle of the night the bartender made one more for me at La Karina.

I was hoarse last night again but I could sing the whole night through.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My New Header

As you see, I have got a new header for my blog.
Now I'll go to bed.
Good Night!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A witch drink?

It's Monday and our day off.
Yesterday when we played at La Karina I lost the voice after the first hour and started sounding like a crow.
Clas had to sing the most of the songs alone and I was line dancing with the line dancers instead.

Today I have been hoarse again and tried to not talk much during the day.

The waiters at the restaurant told me to try a drink that is very good when you have got a soar throat. They think it always helps.
I made the drink a while ago and hope to be fit for singing tomorrow.
The taste is quite nice and it's not difficult at all to get it down.
I will tell you tomorrow if it did help or not.

This is the receipt:

One glas of hot milk
Honey and Oregano.

Salmon a la plancha

We went to a restaurant called Abora tonight.
Our friends Willie and Kirsten recommended us to go there for a meal.
The restaurant is at the beach front in Los Cristianos.

Salmon a la plancha con papas arrugadas y salsa de mojo.
Vino blanco; San Valentin

Dessert: I had cafe con leche-leche y helado de chocolate.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Carnival 2009

The carnival parade in Los Cristianos will this year be held on Sunday, March 15th.
Don't miss it out if you are on Tenerife!
It's quite a big parade and it takes about 2-3 hours to watch.
The carnival starts already on March 6th.
Do you like to look at the program, click here.

This is Tenerife

I will show you some nice pictures from our paradise island.
Some people only stay at the hotel and in the towns during their visits and
they don't discover the island at all.
I would like to recommend you all to do something special next time you arrive.
Here is a big range of activities to do.

Rent a car and drive around the island.
Border the Columbus ship and go and see the dolphins.
Let the submarine take you 20 m down under the water.
Visit the Loro park, the Jungle park or the Monkey park.
Go to Siam Park and swim in the tsunami waves.
Join a hike tour in the mountains.
Visit the Mercedes mountains or the Masca valley.
Fly in a small plane around the island.
Go out fishing with the big fishing boats.
Stay over night in the hotel on Teide and look at the stars.
Join a jeep safari tour and get to places you never seen before.
Go by taxi up to the mountains and eat the Spanish cuisine.
Do whatever..there are so many things to do that I can't tell them all!

Tenerife is a volcano island.
Mount Teide 3918 m.

Nice nature with steeping cliffs.
The beach of Los Gigantes.

Nice beaches.
The Teresitas beach in Sta Cruz.

Nice pools.
The pool of hotel Abama.

Nice spas.
Gran Melia Palacio spa of Isora.

Nice Hotels.
Grand Hotel in Bahia Del Duque.

Nice restaurants.

Night life.
Las Americas by night.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beautiful Beds

I would like to make our bed looking something like this.

Or like this.

This is how our bed looks now.
Very simple!

The cold

My voice is getting back now, but I have still got a soar throat, fever and a terrible muscular pain and I have to blow the nose all the time and I'm coughing like crazy.
But our plan is to start tomorrow if I just can make it.

Clas is better now but he is still coughing and it's whining from his chest when he is breathing.
He called Scandishop earlier today and ordered a prawn sandwich, to be sure he will get one, and now he is there eating it. The Scandishop has very delicious sandwiches and to go there for breakfast or lunch is a good idea.

He promised to go to Hooters later and buy chicken wings, take away, and we will have them with celery and blue cheese dip. Yum-yum!
The Hooters chicken wings are the best ones on the island! They taste exactly like in America!

My New White Boots

I forgot to show you my new white boots.
To talk about them and now show them is like to reveal A but not B, like we say in Swedish.

German Coarse Rye Bread

My breakfast today.

I heard a Swedish man talking with a couple about the German breads one day in the shop and he said there is one that tastes very well. When they walked away I went over to the shelf and took the one he recommended.
Oh, it's really lovely! I am so happy now! Now we can have coarse rye bread all the time and don't have to order it from Finland.
I have tried some of the other German breads on the shelf before but they haven't been what I am looking for.

A hint to you who live on Tenerife or is on the way to Tenerife:

Buy this German bread, called Mix from the Carolina shop in Los Cristianos.
On the counter further in the corner they have got American Coleslaw salad which you can put on the bread. Then you don't need any butter.
Then you buy Havarti cheese at the cheese counter, that one is better than the one in the packages, and you put on one slice to cover the sandwich.
In the end you put fresh cucumber on the top.
I promise, it's really lovely! My favorite sandwich right now!

Friday, February 20, 2009


When I woke up today I couldn't talk.
I have lost my voice.
We thought we would make it to start playing again, but after a couple of songs yesterday Clas said he can't sing and I had to sing the most of the songs alone even when I had a very soar throat.

Like it seems we will be off for a couple of days again.
I hope I get my voice back so that we can play Sunday night at La Karina.
This is really frustrating! We don't have time to be ill right now! *sighing*


I don't know if I am "Americanised" or not, but I like the beautiful houses they have over there.
I Like houses like the one above.
If anybody try to tell me it's an ugly house I think they are under an influence of the "jante law".
Yes! That's what I think!
If you don't know what the "Jante law" is all about, click here.

I like the most of the stuff they have in America and I don't feel ashamed because of that.
It's not wrong to like beautiful or luxury things as long as they don't become your God!
That's how I see it.

I like the American mentality, the American music, the American cars, the American people, the American language, the American country, the American beds, the American shops...everything!

If I meet people who don't agree I just think they don't know what they talk about.
They probably are having a preconceived notion after being under some kind of propaganda.
They don't know many Americans by heart.
They have probably never been living in the states.

I don't say that everything is perfect in America or that everyone can afford to live in luxury over there, but the Americans have big hearts! Bigger hearts than any other people I know!
There can be "bad eggs" in America too, but you can find "bad eggs" in every place on the earth.
I don't talk about the bad people now, I talk about American people in general.

Why keep everything reduced when you can keep it larger?
Why choose ugly things when there are beautiful things?
Why think enough is as good as a feast when that's not real?
Why aim for sadness when you can have happiness?
It's just a stupid way of thinking and it makes you limited and bounded!
Have big dreams and you will see big dreams come true, or don't dream anything and you will for sure stay where you are!

Back at La Karina Country

Who do you think forgot the camera last night? Me, of course! I had it in the bag!
I try to remember it tonight.

We were crowded at La Karina Country yesterday.
A surprise was that over 20 tourists from Finland visited us. We seldom see people from our country.
Many times the tourists who come from our area in Finland stand outside listening but they don't come in. Some even prefer to be anonymous when the culture tells you to be timid and reserved.
They are exactly acting in the opposite way of the Americans, who directly step forward and say hello and who are very open minded.
Clas and I are more like the Americans since we lived there but that's a parenthesis.
Some people think we became "Americanised" in the states.

About 90 % of the guests yesterday were from Scandinavia and we played the danceable music they like, the whole night through, and people were dancing.
I sang almost all the songs we had and my throat is still hurting terribly. Hopefully I'm not hoarse tomorrow.
Clas had problem with his voice and could only sing a few songs.
His cold is getting better now but I have still a soar throat and fever.

The police also visited us last night and said we have to take down the volume even when it was not loud at all. Seems like the persecution will continue.
But they didn't say anything about the signs this time which is good.
We moved our light sign to this restaurant after we were told that we are not allowed to have it on display at the other one.

Thanks to the bush telegraph! Without our signs in the daytime nobody can see that we play at La Karina in the night, but so many people still seem to know about it.
Many tourists who visited us before in Los Cristianos have now found us in the new places.

Our friends from Denmark had checked out the neighborhood yesterday and told us that the other restaurants that have entertainment didn't have any guests. Only one of them had a few tables in.
We really wish there would be enough of guests to everybody. We are so tired of the jellousy and the visits of the police and we hope we'll not get the same problem as at Lewinski before when the neighbors started calling the police and complaining about our sound when we were crowded.

The tourists like country music and that's why we get many people in + the food is also nice at La Karina.
If a restaurant choose a music style that is not popular they will stay empty.
It's that simple!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nice Limousine

Micheal Jackson is going to sell his limousine.
I wish we could have it and it could bring us to the work every night.
Now we some nights arrive in old clanking taxi cabs.

New template

I am trying to change to an other template for my blog ...
Hope I don't mess everything up now! :-)

13.000 Visitors

Thank You Pictures, Images and Photos
for visiting my blog.

A Paparazzi Photo

Something is really going on in the neighbor house!
A young lady moved in before Christmas and she has new men visiting her all the time.
She kisses and cuddles with them out on the balcony, so that everybody can see it, and in the end they just disappear down behind the fence.
Ones she had two black men there in the same time and all of them suddenly disappeared behind the fence of the balcony.

Today I just had to take a paparazzi photo! But now I'm not sure if you are going to call me a bad neighbor or a gossiper?
Is it right to take a paparazzi photo of the neighbor?
I decided anyhow to not show their faces...!

No Country show tonight

Clas is still having high fever and we can't play tonight.
To be honest I also suffer a mild attack of influenza now.
My nose is running, I am cold and have got headache and a soar throat.
We plan to play tomorrow and I really hope it don't get worse.

It's very frustrating when we can't play and there are so many people here on Tenerife now who like to come and visit our venue. It would be so fun to play and we just don't have time to be ill now.

We try to do everything we can do to be in a better health tomorrow.
We eat Antidol (an influenza medicine), Strepsils, Cough medicine, vitamins and drink warm drinks and rest. What else can we do?

Talking Spanish

Some people think it's very important that you know the Spanish language when you live in Spain.
Specially when you have lived here for almost five years like we have.

To be honest we don't speak Spanish properly yet even when we use the language almost every day. The most of our friends are from Scandinavia or England and we speak much more Swedish and English than Spanish.
We know many Spanish talking people, but we also speak English with them when they know the language well.

Many times when I have started a conversation in Spanish in a shop they have changed to English and because of that I have learned that the most of the people you meet in the town can speak English and they like to do it.
It's almost only the old Canarian tribe who still think that everybody must talk Spanish.

One of the men who is working behind the meat counter in a shop here in Los Cristianos has, like it seems, decided he will teach me how to speak Spanish properly. I think he is from the old tribe.
Every time I say something wrong he directly corrects me with an authoritarian voice.
This is an example of how he serves me:

I say; -Un pollo pechuga, por favor.
He corrects me with a harsh voice; -Un pechuga de pollo!
and looks like he thinks "Madre Mia! She hasn't learned yet how to speak correct".
I say;-Si, un pechuga de pollo, por favor, with a smile on my face, looking satisfied when I have learned something new.
When he is ready he asks;- Algo mas?
I say; -No, algo mas.
He directly correct me and says; - Nada mas! And now he sounds like he's ready to give up.
I say; - Vale! Nada mas! Looking like I don't know anything , but laughing on the inside.

Last Christmas there was a new man working behind the same counter and when he heard how this man spoke to me, a customer, he started giggling hysterically trying to not show how radical he thought it was.
I just kept a poker face and looked like I didn't know anything and like it has never happened before but I laughed like crazy on the inside when I saw his reaction and I'm sure so did the man.
You know, this is Spain and the show must go on! *smiling*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Clas is having a cold

We are not going to play tonight.
Clas has still got a terrible cough and high fever.
It's really a shame when it has been such a nice weather today and it will be very crowded at La Karina + fun to play. But you can't help it when you get ill and we hope for a better health tomorrow.
I wish I could play alone but the problem is that I don't know how to use the sound system and Clas says that every song has to get it's own mix to sound good which means I can't play without him.

I have been out shopping today again. It's better to be out on town when Clas is ill because he's grumbling and whining all the time and his cough is so loudly that I almost get headache.
You know, men are very pitiful when they get ill and he is acting like he's dieing.
He is in a very bad condition and one cannot help feeling sorry for him, but I don't think he is going to die anyhow.
Before I went out on town he told me that his lips are falling off and when I looked at them the problem was that they have become dry and he just needs to put some lip balm on them. Poor Clas!

Today I bought a pair of white boots, a gray skirt, white shorts and a turquoise shirt for Clas.
He, he! Clas shirt had been 73,50 Euros and I only payed 19 Euros for it! Really a bargain!

The shops bring in a lot of pastel color looking clothes now and you can feel the spring is on it's way. White, light blue, light gray, beige and pink will be popular colors this spring.

I saw a shirt in pink that I maybe will buy. It was quite long and that's why I have to think about it. I don't really know how to wear it and I probably will need a new white skirt to it, and maybe pink boots or shoes and maybe a pink scarf. We'll see! Scarfs are on fashion now and specially Stradivarius have many nice ones.

My New Fringe Boots

Monday, February 16, 2009

Indian cuisine

When I got back home from Santa Cruz I was so tired that I went straight to bed and slept for a couple of hours. Then we dressed up and went out for dinner to an Indian restaurant here in Los Cristianos.
Yes! I know I show too much food now! :-)

Papadrums as a starter.

Clas had a dish with a flavour of curry and I had one with coconut taste.

To Santa cruz

It's our day off today but Clas is having a cold and has been laying in the bed the whole day.
I went up 8.30 in the morning and went for shopping to Santa Cruz.
Oh, it has been such a lovely day. I bought some stuff but not so much when I had to carry everything myself.

The best bargain of the day is a pair of suede boots with a lot of fringes, that I bought at Stradivarius. I will take a photo tomorrow and show them to you.
I am so lucky, because I saw them at Stradivarius here in the south of the island before but my size was sold out... and now I got a pair in any case.

I had lunch at the Comelo'n buffet, at the Mediterranean shopping center, for the first time today.
This buffet is quite popular among the Canaries.
The price is only 10 Euros per person and there are so many dishes that you can't have it all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to La Karina

I'm so sorry now and have to apologize.
We have played two nights at La Karina Country and I have forgot to take any photos.
It hasn't been as many guests as at the other place but people have been dancing and the nights have passed quickly.

Tonight we are back at the "main" La Karina close to the hotel Tenerife Sol.
I look forward to play there tonight and we have been there in the afternoon
doing a sound check.
It's amazing how quick you get used to a place. It almost felt like coming
home when we got there today.

We have now got two different sound systems and it's good we don't have to move all the equipment from one restaurant to an other when we change place in the middle of the week. We only move a few things.

The only problem now is that I don't have a wireless microphone at La Karina yet, but we will order one from Germany.
I can't do as much line dancing as I usually do before I get it and it will probably be more line dancing at La Karina Country.

By the way, the neighbor restaurants have now moved their signs from the street!
Now it looks deserted in every place, but I can't still understand why the police forbid the restaurants to serve the tourists by having the menu and the information about the entertainment out at the street.
For sure many people will go out in the daytime now, and look for us, without finding the place.
It's really like working against the tourism when many of the tourists like to listen to their favorite music in the nights and like in our case do line dancing.
Customer service has never been an important thing here, like it seems, and that is something you will discover while you spend your vacation here on the island.

How are you going to find the right place where to eat now when you can't look at the menu out at the street?
There are a few pearls of restaurants with good service and food and you will easily find them when they always are very crowded in the nights.

Valentine outfit

My outfit last night.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

To all my blog readers

Friday, February 13, 2009

More shopping

I can't show you everything I was shopping but I will show you a couple of more things that I have photographed.
The shops are now bringing in the spring collections and it's like a shopping paradise here again. For a long time there haven't been much to buy when they have tried to sell out the winter collection and the Christmas outfits.

I have also bought a lot of clothes to Clas and I think he will look so handsome.
All I bought fit him perfectly, except a pair of black pants that were too small.
I will have to put a lot of time on shopping these coming weeks to be sure to find the pieces I like to buy in the right sizes.

This little cute baby doll nightgown.

A belt in silver.

New shopping shoes in black.

Our night off

We had a night off yesterday and this is what we did during the night.

First we went to Toro Tapas and Grill in Los Cristianos.
Clas had, as a starter, Mussels with garlic, parsley and white wine.
I had Fillet steak carpaccio with Manchego cheese and olives.

Then we both had Pork fillet "Sangre de Toro", which is my favorite now.

After the dinner we went over to Charly bar.

There we met these English friends and Sonya and Jan from Holland.