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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sad News...

Daniel, Brito and me.

Dear Blog readers,
Please, prepare yourself for a sad and 
shocking message.

Our son, Daniel Kim Christian, has suddenly left us, after being involved in a boat accident here in the archipelago outside of Vasa, on
Wednesday the 10th of July, 2013.
He should have been celebrating his 28th birthday in September this year. 
Born; 26th of Sept 1985

He had a happy positive personality, always laughing, and knew how to live the life without worrying about any unnecessary problems. He took the day as it was and was always willing to liberally share what he had with his friends. And there were friends in multitude! Many told us after the funeral that they have never seen such a crowded ceremony in this church before, nor as many flower bouquets and condolences. 

Daniel has been living down on Tenerife the last 2 years and we have had such a nice time together. 
He was working on one of the ice breaker boats of Sweden, Ale. 
. Every time he had to leave for work we started missing him so much and we started counting days till he would return. He was such a happy person and it felt like our home, including ourselves, came more alive as soon as he was present.

Now we only have got the nice memories left, but Gods word keep us going. We know we´ll meet Daniel again in heaven one day. Daniel believed in Jesus Christ as his saviour, and when you do so there will be a place waiting for you in heaven. That´s a promise from God!

To loose your son is for sure one of the most difficult experiences you can have.
 To make it we every now and then must remind ourselves that he in reality is up in heaven, probably having a lot of fun going on with the angles and the people who have left us before. He is having a great time! In heaven is no sorrow or problems or tears, like we have to face in this world, and it´s only us who are suffering here when we miss him so much. This is a truth that gives us comfort and every now and then we remind ourselves about it. I just like to tell you to give you comfort too.

The last weeks have been very tough. The shock we got when the message about his death reached us  made us paralysed and there are no words to explain how much we miss him. Our home and life on Tenerife will never again be the same without him, and we are having  a hard time going back home this coming week.

Please, remember us in your prayers,
Susanne and Brito.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Replot 030713

 Arrival to the bridge.

This big bridge is located in the archipelago outside Vasa.
You can read more about it here.

I went here with Mum and Brito.

 The following photos are from Replot, the 
first island you get to after the bridge.

This is "Arkens Toast", a nice meal at
 restaurant Arken which is owned by my cousin.

 The view from the bridge.

Friday, July 05, 2013

The Wild Cats

These three wild cats are living in the neighbourhood at my mamas house.
Mama and Brito are feeding them many times a day. 
They haven´t got any names so far, but I have heard Mam and Brito taking about
them saying "The ugly cat", "The grey cat" and "The loving cat".
I would really like to give them names but it´s not possible when I don´t know if they are females or males.

 Could be called Brownie?


and CariƱita?

On The Balcony

Me on the balcony at my Mums house.

Thursday, July 04, 2013


The second day on the island was cold and windy so we put some 
logs on fire before we went to bed.

Before we went to bed we had a last meal: A couple of 
sausages filled with pieces of cheese. They are very delicious!
Can you see them on the photo? We just put them on a fork stick and 
heat them up and we have them with sweet hot mustard from Aland.
The shops in Finland sell many different sausages and 
we have, during the last three weeks, tried 
sausages with;  Cheese,
 with Feta cheese and ground pepper
 with Chili and peperoni
Hot sausage
My dads favourite sausage
Grill sausage and
Barbecue sausage.

Unbelievable, but we like them all!
We normally have sausages only a couple of times a year even when
there are nice ones on Tenerife too. Now we have got like a hobby to test 
different sausages almost every night before we go to bed.
We also try different cheeses (there are many good ones in Finland) and different berries.
Brito likes the Farmer cheese with cloud berry jam.

Oh, I must tell you, my weight watcher has thrown the towel in! 
I´ll soon back to where I was before I went into the diet!

I think I have had about 1,5 kg chocolate since I came to Finland, or
 maybe it´s more?! The Finnish chocolate is one of the best in the word, 
in my point of view, and my favourite is called TUPLA.
Please, remember to buy Tupla (original) when you visit Finland.
There´s  also a Swedish chocolate that is very good. It´s called
Marabou Mint Krokant. Oh!!! Lovely!!!! I will  for sure bring it with me to Tenerife.
Why don´t Ikea sell it???

An other thing that is good in Finland is the bread. 
There are really many different  breads and Brito just love them all so 
I try to buy many different ones just so that he can try them out while he´s here.


These photos were taken during the Midsummer,  i.e. 22nd of June.
Our first day on the island. The weather was so nice and 
it felt like being in heaven.

Brito is in Finland.

Taking a stroll around my Mums island.


Dart a la Finlandia.

 A bird couple have made a nest on the top of a lamp.

 This bird is waiting for Brito and screams like crazy when he turns up.
It´s because he has fed it many times a day.

 The Midsummer moon.
It was daylight all night long!