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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Apartments For Rent

This fresh apartment is in Achacay.
Den här fräscha lägenheten är i Achacay.

Brito knows a lot of Canarians who have got apartments for rent here in Los Cristianos, and now they want me to help them finding tenants.

I will publish more apartments on my apartment rental site the coming weeks, as soon as I've been visiting them and got photos.

A new thing is that you now can rent some of the apartment for a short time, i.e only for 1-2 weeks, if you want.
The low budget airlines are expanding their amount of flights to Tenerife and with good luck you can find a return ticket for less than 100£ or 100€.
If you do you probably have to arrange your accommodation yourself and I would like to help you with this.

If you like to rent an apartment here for a short or a longer period, please, contact me on my Facebook or the E-mail address in the sidebar to the right, or call me on
+ 34 672 947 181.

Click here if you like to visit the site where I publish the photos of the apartments.

Brito känner en del Canarier som har lägenheter till uthyrning här i Los Cristianos och nu vill de att jag skall hjälpa dem finna hyresgäster.

Jag kommer publisera fler lägenheter på min lägenhets web under de kommande veckorna efter att jag besökt lägenheterna och tagit fotografier.

En nyhet är nu att du kan hyra en del av lägenheterna även under kortare tid, t.ex under endast 1-2 veckor.

Lågbudget flygbolagen ordnar nu fler flighter till Teneriffa och med god tur kan du hitta en tur-retur flight för under 100€.
Men du måste ordna ditt boende själv och vid behov vill jag gärna hjälpa dej med detta.

Om du vill hyra en lägenhet här för kort eller längre tid kan du kontakta mej på Facebook eller på min mejladress som finns i spalten till höger, eller ringa mej på + 34 672 947 181.

Klicka här om du vill besöka sidan där jag publiserar foton av lägenheterna.


This And That

My life here is just normal. I'm eating, sleeping and working.
Nothing special is happening and because of that I don't have much to tell you.

Yes, one thing is new, and that is that I'm now getting more apartments for rental.
I will tell you more in the next post...
Here some unpublished photos I found in the camera.

One morning around 8 o'clock, I went with Brito for a biking tour to Las Americas.
I was quite sleepy and when we got back I had to return to the bed for some more sleep.
I hardly can't believe I did it!!!

A dance group in the church here in Los cristianos.
The photo is from the Easter Sunday.

My breakfast a couple of days ago.

I had 4 small open sandwiches.
Two of them with 'gravlax' (salmon) which made it more luxury.

Our friend Pedro did bless us with one more home made cheese a la Canarias.
Oh, it's really delicious!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Procesión de Jesús

Me in Adeje before the procession started.

Yesterday I went with Brito and his son Jesus up to Adeje to
watch the yearly procession of the crucifixion of Jesus.
Here some photos from the venue...


Lewinski 21.04.2011

Please click on the little arrow if you like to watch the video clip.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter

Girly Comments & Graphics

It's about 20 years since I turned to God, Jesus Christ, and
became a newborn Christian.

I've never regret it. My decision to follow Jesus is the
best decision I've ever made.

I didn't even know there is a salvation to receive, and thought the Christians are a little bit naive when they believe in the word of the bible and think Jesus is alive.
I remember I ones saw a big stone, close to the road where I was driving in Finland, on which somebody had painted the message 'Jesus lever' (Jesus lives) and I became a
little bit angry and thought;
' Where is he then? If he lives, let him show up so that I can see him with my own eyes! '
He,he! He showed up later on!

I had at a moment a lot of problem in my life. Enough of problems to be willing to seek him.
I turned to him and he solved my problems, lifted me up, and gave me a new steady ground to stand on; The word of the bible.

He didn't show up in real person, but I got contact with him spiritually and
during these 20 years I have believed in him I've learned some truths:

* He really died for us (he payed the price for our sins when he died on the cross) and
because of this I know that my soul and spirit will go to heaven the day I die.
I have no fear of the death. Oh, what a wonderful day that will be!!!

* He fulfills the promises when we act according to his word in the bible.
The bible is like a book of instruction for our lives.
It many times says;
'act like this and it will be like this', or 'if you do like this you will receive this'.

* He cares for us and is always there when we need him.
He has actually promised to be with us every day and he is never far away.

* He still do miracles and there is no problem that is too big for him.
To be honest with you, the last week Brito and I have seen a miracle taking place, after we agreed about a situation in the name of Jesus. It works!

Oh, there is much more to say, but I will end with these words of Jesus:

"Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in me; the works that I do
he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because
I go to my Father.
And whatever you ask in my name, that I will do,
that the father may be glorified in the son.
" John.14:12-13

Jesus still do miracles, but today he operates through us believers.
Please remember to pray in the name of Jesus.
This is an instruction how we should pray. If we do, he has promised us he will do it!

Good Luck, and Happy Easter!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Heavy Rains

I'm sorry I could not sing last night.
The roof at the restaurant is leaky and my sound system was watered during
the heavy rains in the afternoon.

The table cloth that is protecting the mixer from dust was all wet and only one
speaker is working.
I will go over there as soon as I've finished this post and see if I can get it working again.
I've got a spray that consume humidity so I will use that + my hair dryer.
I think there can be a lot of water inside the mixing console and
I have, of course, to get that out first.

Oh, I really hope for the best. It's the third time I get water into the system when it's raining.
I thought this time the equipment was in a safe area, but no.
I'm off tonight but I will tell you as soon as I know if I can sing tomorrow night.
Right now it's sunny but also a few clouds.

Have a nice evening.

All the speakers are now working except the bass speaker.
I think it also will start working as soon as it has dried up.
It's probably some humidity inside the amplifier?
I will sing tonight.(Tuesday)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Una Ruta De Bicicleta

Me relaxing in a bar during the bike tour.

Oh, this day went really quick!
I woke up a quarter to nine and had a breakfast with Brito. Then I put on some make up and we went out to Movistar to get a new internet for me.
I will now get a line into my apartment and the connection will be very fast and without any limits.
I've until now been using Mr X's dongle connection but now I get my own connection.

After the contract was signed we went to a shoe shop to buy some new training shoes for my coming biking tours. After I've tried on many different I finally bought the ones that you can see on the photos below.

After that we went back home to change clothes and then we went out for a biking tour here in Los Cristianos.

At the fishing pier. We will go fishing here some day next week.

Brito at the same pier.

I think these photos of Brito look like the photos in a Swedish mail order catalog.
Don't you think so?

Los Cristianos in the background.

Me at the boat pier.

Me and Brito.

We had a lunch at the Creperia in Vista Sur.
My creps was filled with Bombay chicken and Brito had and Imperial creps.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

2 Nights Off

I'm off for 2 nights in a row now. Friday as normal but I'm also off Saturday!
It's only because it's an important football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid on the TV.
Many people watch it and it wouldn't anyhow be many guests on the Lewinski terrace.

An one time grill has been on my balcony for about 3-4 years and we, Brito and me, decided to make a grill party on Friday night, for the two of us, to get rid of it.
I prepared some fillet steak and put a pan filled with root vegetables in the oven and thought we quickly would get a nice meal without much work. He,he! It wasn't that easy at all!!!
The photos may tell you....

I cut a lot of different root vegetables into pieces and sprinkled some garlic flavored oil
+ salt and black pepper over. Then I put it into oven for 45 minutes in 210 degrees.
Very easy and very delicious!

We read the grill instructions and figured out the grill would be ready for use after
it had been on fire for 15 minutes.
The first problem occur when the paper on the top didn't burn correctly.
The idea is that the paper will put the carbons on fire but the paper was probably too dry after the grill has been for years on the balcony and it didn't burn as it should.
Then Brito got an idea. He put some of the liquid that we use for the fondue on the carbons and
we got a good fire all over it.
We waited for 15 minutes but it didn't seam ready so we waited for 10 minutes more...
Then I thought it looked nice and we put the meet on the grill.
After some minutes we figured out the temperature was not right and we decided to start up the frying pan on the stove instead, to be sure we will get a meal.

I made all the pieces, except one, in the frying pan.
One piece we decided to leave on the grill to see how the project would proceed.

We started eating the meal and I guarantee it was really nice.
After a while we checked out the piece that was on the grill. It looked to be well done.
We shared it and figured out the grill was now on the right temperature.
If we just would have waited a little bit more, the grill would have been perfect!
But, you learn well from making mistakes so next time we for sure will know it!
It was not a real big disaster anyhow when we both, in the end, were stuffed and satisfied.

We decided to end the meal with a Canarian coffee and an Orujo.
Very nice!

Brito brought a Mountain bike for me earlier in the week and during the coffee time
he started asking me when I last went on a bike.
Oh, that was a loooong time ago!!!!
I think it probably was about 7 years ago...!
He thought I could have difficulties to bike after such a long time and
after some talking I decided to give him a prove that I can bike.
It's a big arena inside the house where I live and we decided to sneak out there
with the bike and give it a try.

Brito told me to be very quiet when he thought it would be a big shame if
somebody saw me biking inside the house.
But how can you be quiet when you get an exciting experience like this?
I biked some laps laughing and giggling in excitement.
Then a dog started barking somewhere and a neighbor suddenly opened a door.
I quickly moved to the side where the neighbor couldn't see me and hurried toward my apartment.
I think Brito first acted like he don't know me, in case the neighbor had seen me, but then he quickly opened the door to my apartment and we sneaked in like nothing had happened.

Please, don't think we are crazy now, when I tell you this!
We don't act like this all the time!!!


Friday, April 15, 2011

My Parasol

Oh I'm so happy! My big Parasol is working again.
Brito has fixed it and now it's like brand new.

After some thinking we also figured out how to take off the material and it has now been washed in the washing machine. Oh, what a project this has been!!!

I thought I must through the parasol away when two different men before did look at it and told me it's not possible to get it fixed when the grip was broken apart.
Brito anyhow just opened up the whole thing and took the grip to Jesus Castro who welded a new one. Thanx to Jesus! Without his input it probably would have been impossible!
I took some photos while Brito was 'hoisted the sail'.

The handle was broken but Jesus welded a new one, using the little
knob from the old one. Very cleaver!


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Players Lounge

It's nice to dine here during hot summer nights.
The view of the ocean is just amazing and the beer is good and sparkling.

Please, remember Players Lounge while you are on Tenerife.
It's delicious English cuisine and the prices are not too bad.
A main course is about 10-12 Euro per person including the drinks, but
you can also have a 3 course meal with drinks for about the same price.
You find the restaurant at the seafront of the Vista Sur beach, where the big fountain is.
It's on the second floor.

I was here with Brito last Monday and had ribs like about 20 times before. They were so lovely!
If you are more into fish their Fish and chips is one of the best on the island too.
The English people just love it!

I'm sorry I forgot the camera and these photos are taken with my
mobile phone, which has got lower quality.

Darrel, the owner of the restaurant.


Monday, April 04, 2011

Lewinski 03.04.2011

The last night, the last song and the last chance to dance.


This is the vehicle my farm worker uses when he moves over to my new English farm.
Isn't it cool?
Please, click on the little arrow if you like to watch a clip from one of the trips.


Friday, April 01, 2011

Lewinski 31.03.2011

If you like to watch the video clip, please, click on the little arrow.