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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dia De Canarias 1

When we saw this beach two weeks ago we decided to go here one day for a picnic.

Oh, what a nice day off I had yesterday.
It was 'Dia De Canarias' and we went to El Medano for a picnic.
We went to the nice beach that we saw from the top of a
mountain a couple of weeks ago.

The beach is behind this mountain, Montana Roja, and
we had to walk for a while to get there.


There are a few nice beaches like this...

...but also nudists.

We finally found a beach where we could be for ourselves.

Brito and me.

The view from our camp.

We had a nice meal. More about it in the video clip below.

Brito had a swim. More about it in a video clip later on...

Two crabs on a date.
It's a male and a female.

The beach looks like this.

There's a lot of small water pools and we found some animals in some of them.
More about this in a video clip tomorrow...

There was some beautiful alga in some of the pools.

This animal is called 'erizo' and you will meat it in the video tomorrow...

Please, click on the small arrow if you like to see Brito preparing the meal.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Playa Santiago

Red flag which means "don't go into the ocean'', but many people were swimming.
Playa Santiago has got a very nice beach but last Saturday afternoon, when we payed a visit,
it was very windy.

The beach has got the most of everything, like a swim-wheelchair for invalids,
shower and dress rooms, toilets and there's a complaint point were you can talk
to a person if there are things you don't like or things you think are dangerous etc.

There's a landing platform for helicopter in case of an accident.

Playa Santiago is the last place you pass before you get up to Los Gigantes.
You can see the Los Gigantes cliffs in the background.

We decided to have a tapas at this restaurants at the beach front.

It was very posh and everything tasted just perfect.
The beach has got the blue and white European flag too, which
means it's a very nice beach.

First we had 'Gambas al ajillo'.

Then we had 'Almejas a la marinero'. Lovely!!!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Playa De San Juan

Oh what a day we had yesterday.
First we went by car up to Playa San Juan and had a stroll along
the beach front among cliffs and volcano rockets.
It was just amazing and I took so many photos that I had to make a
slid show to show you them.
Later on we went up to the nice beach in Playa Santiago for a tapas.
I will tell you more about this place in next post.

Please, click on the little arrow to watch the photos.
After stating the show you can click on the small icon, with 4 arrows on, down to
the right. Then the photos go into full screen.


Lewinskis 26.05.2011

Please, click on the little arrow if you like to watch the video clip.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today I have been taking photos of one more apartment in Achacay.

Let's say you are four people... you find return tickets with a low budget company for about 200 Euros per person. You stay on Tenerife for 1 month and rent a 2 bedroom apartment for about 800 Euros during the time you stay here...That means you get a one month vacation on Tenerife for about 400 Euros per person!
I've got about 40 apartments for rental at the moment and I would like to help you find the accommodation.

For more information you can visit my apartment site by clicking here,
or you can contact me on my E-mail address, in the sidebar of this page, or on my Facebook.


The Painting Project

We started using the table a couple of days ago and
decided to celebrated it with a fruit and cheese tableau.

Our painting project has expanded a little bit now.
I have been painting 2 old chairs and
Brito started painting all the wooden flower pots +
the rolling boards they are standing on.
We never waxed the table, only went over it with very fine steal wool
and the surface became perfect.




Friday, May 20, 2011

My Day Off

It's my day off today and in the afternoon we had a small
snack on the balcony when Brito got home from work.
Earlier in the day I've been ironing clothes while I was listening to
the new songs that I'm going to take into the repertoire.

The songs are two new line dances that are very popular in England right now.
They are called "Disappearing Bubbles" and " Knee Deep" and the line dancers
here on the island have already learned how to dance them.

We had Camarones (small prawns), which is one of our favorites right now + some fruits.
There's a nice fruit shop in the Lewinski complex. The owners always pick the best fruits for us and I'm learning now what signs to look for when I buy different fruits. No more hard or bad fruits in my home! I will only buy the ones that are extra delicious.

We had avocado, Pineapple, papaya and kiwi + a glass of champagne.

Please click on the small arrow if you like to watch us eating.


My Balcony Furnitures

Oh, we have had a little special project going on here the last week.
I got a water blister on the thumb after the hard sand work but
the result looks great. We'll still have to paint the table with some wax to
give it a better surface, that is easier to keep clean, but now we wait for a
couple of days to be sure the oil totally has been impregnated.

I've been thinking about this project for months without taking any action but then Brito suddenly went and bought all the oils and stuff that was needed to get it done and now it's soon ready.
I think he's much more active than me. He always get a lot done while I mostly sit and dream about stuff. I have definitely got much more manana mentality than him.

Please click on the small arrow if you like to watch our hard work.

This is the oil that we have used.
You need about two cans for a table and 4 chairs.


Queso Blanco Fresco

We have now got more cheese from our friend Pedro, who
is one of the goat farmers here on Tenerife, and who
knows how to make the traditional Canarian cheese.
This time we got 'Quest Blanco Fresco'.
You eat it together with jam and it's very delicious.
Brito also put it into the toasted sandwiches before
he put them into the the grill and that's also nice.
I just love this cheese!

I guess the cheese is about 2 kilograms and we have already had about the half of it!


Monday, May 16, 2011

El Medano

We had a lovely day yesterday, but both got burned skin.
We spent the whole day at the beach in El Medano.
The weather was sunny with a soft breeze from the ocean, about +26 degrees.


After a while we decided to have a walk along the shore...
It turned out to be about 4-5 kilometers (about 3 miles).

There's a lot of small beaches along the shore.

At the end of the bay we went up on 'Montana Bocinegro', the small
mountain that is behind 'Montana Roja'. (The red mountain)

The nature was red when you got up there.

The view from the top was amazing.

There's a nice beach when you look down on the other side of the mountain.

A 'drink stop'.

When we got down from the mountain we walked into the town to
have a lovely fish meal in one of the restaurants at the beach front.
I'm sorry I haven't got any photos from the meal...It was very good.
We had camarones and then sardines with papas arrugadas and mojos.


Beautiful Flowers

Brito brought me these flowers yesterday.
Anybody knows what they are called?


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Abades, (The Ghost Town)

It's many years since I first heard the myth about the area in Abades.
The construction of the buildings started, during the time of Franco, in 1942. It was meant to be a sanatorium area for people who suffered from leprosy but it never got ready.
The area included among other buildings a lot of apartments, a hospital, a crematorium and a church.
My experience is like it could have been a concentration camp, like the ones where the Jews were killed. But that's only my thought! There's no information saying it would have been made to become a concentration camp!

The story is that there was a house of an old woman, in the area, where supernatural things were taking place. The things in her house were moving around like there was a tornado inside the house and some representatives from the catholic church were contacted to bring back the peace into her house.
It's said they went there with a big cross telling the spirits or demons to leave, but when it didn't help the area was evacuated and set under control of the military and nobody could go there for years.
The area is now open for everybody after the government has sold it to an Italian (2002), but they don't give him the permissions he needs to restart the construction work.

It was difficult to get there. The roads are still closed.
There are piles of sand and stones in the middle of the road.
Brito had to ask some locals how we could get close to the church by car.

We had to walk in the end, to get there.
It was very windy and I had trouble keeping my skirt in place when it
tended to go into a parasol all the time.

There are many buildings.

The church.

The view from the inside of the church.

An American film team is now working in the area.
They are making a movie called 'Clash of the Titans 2'.

The area is down at the ocean of these wind power mills, which you can see
when you drive along the motorway.


I'm just publishing it to give my blogg readers an experience.
Sorry!!! If I made you loose your breath. :-)

To be honest with you we both felt it quite nastily inside the church.
It was like a presence of something and I many times got goosebumps.
I will not go there again!