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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

21.000 visitors

It has passed 21.000 visitors!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

I have tried to keep a break from the blog this summer and
have only been doing a couple of posts per week.
It takes a lot of time to blog as much as I did last winter.

When you blog every day you have to live a lifestyle with your camera available all the time.
You don't really think normally when you easily start value everything you see and do.
And you constantly look for something to blog about.
You carry the camera with you everywhere and the blog is constantly in your thoughts.
I haven't decided how much I will blog the coming winter season but I think it anyhow will be more than now. We'll see.

We are right now busy planning for the winter season and have been out looking at different restaurants. We have got a few invitations but haven't decided where to go yet.
We like La Karina 1 very much but the problem there is that we only get to play three nights a week and we like to find a place where we can play five or six nights a week.
It only causes confusion when we move back and forth between different restaurants and last year many guests couldn't hardly find us and they went to the wrong place and had to take a taxi to find us.
Our goal is to find a place in Las Americas where we can play five/six nights a week and have a big dance floor.

If you are a restaurant owner and have a big restaurant in a busy area, with room for at least 200 guests, and a big dance floor, please contact us on our mail.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fondue Party

We are off tonight.
It's Thursday and flamenco night at La Karina.
We decided to have a fondue party on the balcony and just enjoy the night.
We are going to play Friday and Saturday.

I will explain the sauces for you when they are the best ones we ever have had.

Starts from the right: The first sauce is made of white wine and garlic.
I dipped the chicken pieces in this sauce first and then into the next sauce that is pure Asian sweet and sour sauce. Delicious!
The third cup contains Palm honey from La Gomera mixed with white pepper.
In this sauce I first dipped the fillet steak pieces and then I dipped them into next cup that has got Teryaki sauce.
Oh, it was so lovely! Next time we have fondue I will do the same.
Thought I must blog about it so that I remember the receipt.

Clas sleeping

He, he! Clas don't know that I took this photo the other night when he was sleeping!
Sometimes he go to bed earlier than me and you see how it looks!
He takes all the space and there is no room for me...he,he!
No! As soon as I curl up next to him he moves to the side and put his arms around me.
I just took this photo to surprise him. :-)

Last Night

Last night we were off and we went for a nice dinner to restaurant Mamma Mia that is opposite the Mediterranea hotel in Las Americas.
The owner of the restaurant gave us a free dinner when Clas has helped her to translate the menu to Swedish for her new restaurant that soon will be opened.
We got a three course meal and it was very very nice.
Thanx a lot to Maria Isabel! We really enjoyed it!

Clas at Mamma Mia.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My son Mattias Söderholm and Pia Törnroos
were engaged last Saturday 18.07.2009

Sharing in the happiness of your engagement and
wishing you a wonderful life together.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our schedule

Our schedule has rapidly changed again , like you see.
This is Tenerife!
Instead of Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday we are going to play Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday the coming week.
I'm so sorry, and hope nobody will be fooled because of the wrong schedule that was put up earlier.

Cecil is going for vacation again, the coming week, and because of that we will, some nights, play on his nights instead on our own nights at La Karina 1 (Close to the Elit Sol Tenerife Hotel).
We'll start at La Karina 2 (between hotel Andorra and Hotel Vulcano) on Saturday next week (18.7).

I would be very happy if we could find a restaurant where we could play six nights a week, the year around, and where we could have a real big dance floor.
We every now and then get invitations to play at different restaurants here on Tenerife, but the problem has been that the restaurants are too small in size when it comes to the dance floor and the seats.
Please, keep visiting our website before you leave for Tenerife, to be updated where we are.

I know that it's not good for our image to play in two different places when it sometimes makes our guests confused. Some people even went to the wrong place last Winter and it caused them an extra fee when they had to take a taxi to find us...

It's not good either to be off many nights in the Summertime, when we should build up a Summer audience for the coming Summer seasons.
So far this summer we only have had a couple of bad nights. (only about 50 guests)
It has in our opinion been a quite good Summer when we never before, while we played in Los Cristianos, have had so many guests in the Summertime.

My dream is to one day get a place where we can have room for at least 300-500 people in the same time.
Where we play now it's only room for 200 people and the dance floor is many nights too small in the winter time.

The new restaurant has to have two dance floors; one for the line dancers and one for the couple dancers, or one where we can have all the line dancers in the middle and room for the couple dancers to dance around + has to be in a busy area.

Do we have to go to England to get this, or will it be possible on Tenerife?
We have already got invitations to come and play in England but have felt that we are not prepared to go yet.
But now, since our song repertoire has been updated with the last pop line dances, we are much more prepared.
We'll see! Maybe we one day will come to England and have a tour in the line dance clubs? I think it would be very fun!

Monday, July 13, 2009

New songs

It was the premiere for some of our new songs last night.
It's a lot of youths here on the island now, specially in the area where we work, and we have changed our repertoire a little bit and mix our country songs with popular pop songs that the young people are listening to right now.
It was very fun to sing tonight when many of the youths new the lyrics and could sing along.

I have been practising a lot of new songs the last weeks and last night I sang songs like Human, Poker face, My life would suck without you, Mi chico latino and The boy does nothing etc.

He, he! We maybe have to throw the hats away as long as we sing these songs when they probably are as far from the country that you can get...But I like them very much.

It has been quite difficult for me to learn to sing in the new way they sing today.
It's more like singing and rapping in the same time.

Some of the new songs we sing now are also popular line dances which means we will also continue to sing them in the winter time if they are requested by the dancers.

I am right now learning how to sing a song called Hush,Hush but it's so difficult and have so many words that I probably have to do rehearsal of it for one more week before I am brave enough to start singing it on the stage.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Our schedule

Clas, Yvonne, Me and John outside La Karina.
Yvonne and John are two very good line dancers from Holland who visit Tenerife a couple of times every year.
This photo was taken last week, the last night they spend with us before they returned back home.
Please, click on the photo to get it larger.

This is our work schedule at La Karina the coming week:
8.30 - 11.30 pm

Friday 10.7 Yes!
Saturday 11.7 No!
Sunday 12.7 Yes!
Monday 13.7 No!
Tuesday 14.7 Yes!
Wednesday 15.7 Yes!
Thursday 16.7 No!

We are off Saturday and Monday and then
Cecil will be on the stage instead with his Jamaican show.
Thursday it's Flamenco show 9 o'clock, like normal.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not much to say

Sorry I don't blog much now.
It's only because i don't have much to say.
My life is just going on like normal; I am sleeping, eating, shopping and working.

The last two days I have been planning outfits for the coming two months.
It's a tough job when the hangers are heavy and I have to try on every outfit and change the pieces until I become satisfied, but I am happy to get the wardrobe in order.

Clas has built small shelves down at the floor inside our big wardrobe and now we have got a better order for the shoes and the boots, which is nice.

We have nice weather here every day. It's +28 and no clouds.
My tan is again on the way to fade out and I will soon try to spend some time in the sun.
It's really strenuous but we must have some tan to make our guests not believe that we are sleeping all day long or that we are just sitting at the computers during our spare time.

20.000 Visitors

for visiting my blog

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

La Karina 29.06.2009

I have made two different video clips.
This one is from Monday night and on our tenecountry site
I have published one from last night (Tuesday).
We have many line dancers now and it's so fun to play every night.

To watch the video below, please, click on the arrow.

Click here if you like to see the video that is on the other site.