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Thursday, September 23, 2010

10 Relationship Questions

1. What do you think is most important when it comes to have a relationship with somebody?
It's for sure the trust. If we can trust each other it will give us both a lot of freedom and respect. Trust is like a foundation for a relationship!

2. Is it okay if your boyfriend has a hobby that keeps him occupied let's say 3 nights a week?
At the moment it would be good if he has a hobby that takes 5-6 nights a week. I work so much right now and it's just nice if he somehow can keep himself busy.
If I wasn't working in the nights it still would be okay for him to be busy doing other things than just sit and look at me.
I also like to have my own time when I can be on the internet, play Farmville, go out with friends etc.

3. What if your boyfriend hasn't got a work or income?
It could become very frustrating in the end, if he don't know how to keep himself busy.
I'm quite busy and I would not like to receive his bad habits if he is just wasting away his life not doing anything at all. A man without any visions is a looser!
If he has dreams or goals about things he would like to do I would support him all I can to give him a better life.

4. Do you expect the boyfriend to pay the bill when you go out for dinner?
He,he! You who know me know that I many times is the one who pay everything. Even for my friends...
I had a small argue with the guy I'm dating the other night. He's a Canarian and there is some kind of pride among these men and they never let a lady pay the bill. He thinks it´s a disaster if I pay, and said that his Mum even would become angry at it when she has taught him to be a gentleman and pay. *giggle* The Mums have a big saying among the Canarians!
When I first met him some weeks ago I accepted that he was paying, but now I start feeling guilty, like I'm living on his money, and the other night I took the bill and payed it even when I knew it would cause some kind of culture collision...but we are still friends! *smile*

5. How do you look at pornography?
A little bit of it could be good. I mean in an educational point of view.
But a man who watch a lot of porn can become possessed by it and in the end only start thinking about sex. He can also get ideals that are not working well in the real life when the porn stars many times use medicals (like anaesthetics and viagra) to be able to do some of the stuff.

6. Is it okay for your boyfriend to go out with his boyfriends every now and then?
Yes, it is! I also like to go out with my friends and if there is trust this would never be any problem.

7. What if your boyfriend have girl mates and like to go out with them?
If I know that I can trust him it's okay. If he, let's say, don't stand up for our relation among these girls I will loose the trust in him. I would not like if we both have a night off and he choose to spend the night with these girls instead of being with me or asking me to join them.
Then something for sure is wrong! If you are in love you like to spend time together.
Specially if you haven't got many opportunities to do it!

8. Let's say your boyfriend moves into your house; Would you expect him to take part in house cleaning, making food, dish washing?
Yes, I would like that. I have been in a marriage where I was responsible for all this, but since I became single I've learned to enjoy the freedom to not be the servant all the time...but I still like to potter about in the house if I've just got time to do it...Right now I eat out all the time.

9.What in a relationship makes you turn off?
I don't like broken promises, excuses that are plain lies, a bad hygiene, too much drinking, see him flirting with other girls..etc.
Everything that causes me to loose the trust in him makes me turn off!
If something happens that makes me totally loose the trust in a guy it's hard to get it back again. I will probably skip him for ever! I don't like to waste my time on a relationship that has no foundation to build on. It would anyhow never work!

10. Would you accept your boyfriend to spend the Christmas, New year and Easter with friends being away from you?
It depends on what I'm up to myself of course...But without a reason; NO!
Today I prefer to have an open relationship but the big holidays must be booked for us if we both are free from work.
If your boyfriend leave you alone during holidays simply to be alone with his friends something is seriously wrong! He's not the right guy for me!

Oh, this was for sure the most personal questions I have answered!
I hope I don't scream away every potential boyfriend by telling this...*laugh*


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Off Tonight

Because of the heavy rains and the thunderstorms I'm off tonight.
See you tomorrow night!
Have a nice evening all!


The Monkey Park

This morning I went to The Monkey Park with Bob and June, two English friends.
We had a good luck when the rain didn't fall at all while we were there.
A heavy downpour stated soon after we got out.
The moneys were anyhow a little bit slow today.
Maybe they had a bad night sleep when it was raining and thunder storming last night?

I maybe shouldn't tell this,... but I caused a minor catastrophe at the park today!
I forgot to close my bag when I took out the camera and
a small Pippi Longstocking monkey stole a package of chewing gum out from the bag
and run up in a tree and started opening the package.
First we thought it took my mobile phone but when I looked more
carefully I saw it was the chewing gum.
It didn't take long before it got the package opened and two other
monkeys took the opportunity to also have a taste.

Oh, this is exactly what is not allowed to happen when you go into the cages and
I became quite shocked and run to the information desk to tell what had happened.
A farm worker came to the cage and when he clapped his hands together the
monkeys become so scared that they lost all they had at hands.
I still get goose pimples when I think about it!

I've made a short video clip of a few Ringtail Limas (lemurs) and a couple of Pippi monkeys.
Please, click on the little arrow to watch it.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful Bracelet

I got this beautiful bracelet as a gift from an English couple last night.
Oh!!! I like it so much!
To Mavis and Reg; Thank you so much!

I will have it on when I go to work tonight.
Have a nice evening all and Thanx for reading my blog!

Me Enamore De Ti

I decided to keep this a secret, but some of you have guessed it already and
some have been asking me straight of.
Yes, I'm dating Antonio, the dark-haired Canarian guy who comes,
every now and then, to see me at Lewinskis.
But our relation is absolutely in the beginning and nobody of us know yet how it's gonna be!
Please, don't take this too serious now! We are not planning to marry or anything!!!
We are only in a friendship statement so far and try to get to know each other better...!

Anyhow, this is our song at the moment. :-)
It's called 'Mi enamore de Ti' which means 'I'm in love with you'.

Monday Night

Last night when it was my night off I went out for dinner to
The Players Lounge with some English friends.
I had ribs and they were lovely like they always are in this restaurant.

Here's a photo of the beautiful sunset.
The weather was just perfect. No wind and about +24 degrees.


My New CD is Ready!

My new CD is ready now!
It includes 12 Country songs.

This is for sure the most 'happy' CD I have released so far.
Many songs are in a catchy uptempo beat.

The CD is for sale at Lewinskis the nights I work there.

If you like to order it from abroad, please, contact me on my
mail address or on Facebook.

Price: 15 Euros on Tenerife.
20 Euros from abroad.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Cowgirl and A Guitar

I have started doing rehearsal on the guitar that I got from a friend some months ago.
Oh, my finger tips are really hurting, but I know it will become better later.
I haven't been playing guitar for many years but there's a chance you'll get to see me singing + playing guitar on the stage later this winter. It's so fun to play!

I took lessons back in Finland when I was about 10 years old but haven't played much since that. Anyhow, I still remember how to put the fingers and now I really would like to start playing the guitar in some of the country songs that I sing.

I just have to do some more rehearsal and then I will buy a guitar strap, a guitar bag and a guitar microphone and then bring it all to Lewinskis.
The only problem is that I will have to carry the guitar home every night after work.
I would not like anybody to steel it from me.


The Cowgirl Last Night

My outfit last night.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Am So Hungry!!!

Oh, I'm just dreaming about food now!
The most of the time it's easy to starve, but every now and then I loose my mind
and then I can't do anything else than think about all the nice dinners I have had before.
I am so hungry right now that even a pizza would do!! Or a hamburger!!!
I wonder if my starve diet gonna drive me crazy?

Something like this would be perfect!
I don't like to eat too much now when I finally have started loosing weight.
But this is a low-carbohydrate meal.

Oh, Chocolate! A desert like this would be
the dot over the i, but I know it's not for me...*sigh!*

To have the dinner in a place like this, with the right one, would make it even more delicate!
¸.•* ¸.♥´´♥.¸*• *• ♫ ♪ ¸.•* ¸.♥´´♥.¸*• *• ♫ ♪
You never know! It can become reality sooner than you think!
Miracles are still happening!!!!
Have faith in your dreams and they will come true!!!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lewinski 15.09.2010

It was a lovely night again. About 80 people on the terrace, during the night.
Please, click on the little arrow to watch this video clip that
was made in the first break.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm Reaching My First Goal!!!

I am so happy!!! I stepped on the scales a while ago and discovered I am only 300 grams from reaching my first goal. I have now lost 4,7 kilograms!
It's very easy to loose weight! You just eat less and when you eat you eat more
healthy and it manages itself.

Now I will go for next goal which is loosing 5 more kilos.
I will also start exercising 3-4 days a week to build up a better condition.
It will take a lot of energy to sing 6 nights a week and I must become more fit to make it.
I have been too lazy the last months, not dancing much in the nights, but now the nights soon will become more chilly and then there's no excuse to not dance.

Hopefully I get a real firm behind and stomach in the end?
I know it deserves a lot of time in the gym too, and that will probably be
my third goal after I have lost the next 5 kilos. We'll see...!

A behind like this would be okay, don't you think so?
(Sorry if I shock somebody with this photo.
Please, remember it's only a creation of God!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Agenda!

From this week I will start singing at Lewinski 6 nights a week.
I sing every night except Mondays.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lewinski 09.09.2010

Last night was again a real lovely night. About 25 line dancers showed up and they were dancing the whole night through. The Lewinski terrace was crowded.

In the first break Phil Partridge, a line dance teacher from England, taught us how to dance a new dance called 'Blue Night Cha'.
It's a very new 32-steps beginners dance, by Kim Ray, and it's right now climbing it's way up to the top-list of the line dancers magazine in England (nr 18 at the moment).

Please, click on the little arrow if you like to watch the video clip.



I had these crayfishes as a night snack when I got home from work tonight.

The Benidorm Series 3

My English friends, Frances and Mick, brought a DVD with the
3rd series of Benidorm when they arrived a couple of days ago.
I'm so happy!
I have already seen the two first series and the actors just feel like
good friends to me. It will be so lovely to meet them again and fun to watch the DVD.


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's A Tough Life To Be Off!

Last night I had roasted lamb again at
the Little Italy restaurant on Carl XXIII street.

I will very soon start preparing myself for the singing tonight but decided to write a post before I do.
I have been off two nights but think it's for sure more relaxing to work.
Then it's not much alcohol and party life. Sometimes I go out with friends after work, but then I only drink a beer or a small glass of wine...or a cup of tea...

I didn't get to bed before 5.30 this morning (started harvesting the crops in the Farmville game when I got home) but have slept the 7 hours I need and I really look forward to this evening.
More dancers have arrived to the island now and it's gonna be fun to meet them tonight.

Every year September is a line dance month when dancers specially from Holland and England come here to dance, but some years we have had dancers all the way from Australia too.
There are at least 20-25 dancers on the island at the moment, maybe more...?
I hope the dance floor is big enough tonight. It's not fun when people have to sit down only because there's no space on the floor.

Do you like to hear how my 'starving' is going?
I have lost 2,3 Kg so far, but the two last days the weight has been the same all the time.
I hope it will continue going down now when I go back to the normal life again.

I've tried to not eat so much, but there is a lot of calories in the beer and in the wine and I only have myself to blame the last two days.
But, I will not give up! Today is a new day and I will starve as much as I can this week.
2 more weeks and I hope I have lost 5 Kilos which is my first goal. Then I can start facing next goal. Oh, that will be so lovely! I feel so happy when I'm loosing weight!!!


Monday, September 06, 2010

Fiestas Patronales 2010

The Fishermen days here in Los Cristianos are now finished. I got home a while ago.
A real good band from La Gomera, 'Orquesta Wamampy', was playing on the big stage tonight and people were dancing salsa everywhere on the big parking lot.
I had no plans to go out after work, but two Canarian guys asked me to come out with them. However we missed each other out in the crowd and
I met two other guys that I know and had some beer with them.
Tomorrow the life here in Los Cristianos will go back to the normal again.

The fishermen annually treat the Virgen Del Carmen, to whom they feel indebted for their livelihoods, to a trip out on the oceno in order to ensure safe voyages and
full nets for the coming year.

It’s a tradition which takes place in many of the coastal resorts here on Tenerife.

I've made a short video clip from the Fiesta fairground.
Please, click on the little arrow to watch it.


Lewinskis 05.09.2010

Oh, it was such a lovely night again! Really many line dancers and now I can't hardly wait til Wednesday when I'm singing again.
I'm off Mondays and Tuesdays and tomorrow night I will go out for dinner with a man from England who is a friend of mine.
I haven't so far got any plans for Tuesday night.

Please, click on the small arrows to watch these video clips from the first break.

Line dances: 'Elvis Tonight' and 'Hot Tamalis'.

Line dance: Woman.


Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Fishermen Days, Los Cristianos 2010

I'm on the way to the work right now but decided to publish a few photos from The Fishermen days here in Los Cristianos.
Tonight they will bring a Madonna,from the Catholic church, out on the ocean by a boat.
This is something they do every year.
I'll tell you more about it later...haven't got time now...have to leave for Lewinskis...
It will be linedance the whole night through. If I just remember the camera you'll get to see a video clip later...
Have a nice evening!


Thursday, September 02, 2010

My Work

Mount Teide in snow.
Here on Tenerife we sometimes can enjoy all the seasons of the year in the same time!
(Teide hasn't got any snow at the moment, this is an old photo)

I didn't make it to go with the guys up to Teide and Masca yesterday.
I went to bed around 4 o' clock in the morning but couldn't fall to sleep before about 6 o'clock.
This is how it is when you live on Tenerife and have got the day turned into night and the night turned into day!
I would only have got about 3 hours sleep and that's not enough when I work in the night.
I give my work all priority and it's important that I get the sleep I need to have the energy it takes. I must sleep at least 6-7 hours between every venue!

Sometimes people become a little bit jealous when they get to know that I only work 3 hours per night 5 nights a week. Many here on Tenerife work for 8-10 hours per day, 5 or 6 days a week.
They think I'm living a vacation life here and don't understand how much energy it takes to be on the stage even when it's only 3 hours.
You are active all the time during these hours and give out a lot of energy while you sing and it makes you quite tired out.
Other artists on this planet maybe work for 1 hour 3-4 nights a week but here we only can dream about that kind of life.
He,he! This post maybe sounds like a long complain, but I like my work and I wouldn't like to change to a 8-4 job! Never!!!

Anyhow, it's also quite a lot of work to do, that nobody see, and if I include the time when I buy my outfits, plan them, wash them + do ironing, look for new songs, do rehearsal of new songs, learn new dances, dress myself and do makeup etc my work is maybe about 5-6 hours, 5 days a week.

I know you should not make a lot of plans for the future when you don't even know what you really want to do with your life...but my thought right now is that I would like to stay and sing on Tenerife this winter, at least...maybe even for a few more years..?
But, my Mam called me yesterday and now I miss my family so much and think I must go and visit Finland for some months next summer...? We'll see!


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Fishermens Day

There's gonna be 'The Fishermen days' here in Los Cristianos the coming weekend.
They are building up a fairground with carousels and stuff between the Trebol Mercadona and the Valde Center.
There will also be a lot of booths with all kind of stuff to buy + restaurant vehicles along the street and on the big parking lot.
Oh, this means a lot of sound til about 2 or 4 o'clock in the mornings!
But I am awake anyhow so I will make it!