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Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Night Off

Oh what a night! It's 3.30 am, and I am very tired, but I decided to blog before I go to bed when I have a lot to do tomorrow and I will probably not get time to be on the internet.

I met a Spanish friend, Jimmy, out on town tonight.
He asked me to join for a beer and after that we spent the whole night together.
It was a nice night and I even remembered to take photos which I normally forget.
Around 2 o'clock in the night we met the chef of Lewinski and his friends
Guillermo and Lis.
He invited us to come and have a chat at the restaurant where they sat.
I have got to speak Spanish again and I really like it!!!

Jimmy thinks that I have beautiful eyes but I think
his are more beautiful than mine.

We visited among other places The Irish Jangles Bar.
Mikey Mike was singing there like he always do on Fridays.
He is very good!

Nino (the chef of Lewinski where I work), Me, Jimmy, Guillermo and Lis.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Lewinski 27.05.2010

It's a night off again and as soon as I have
finished this post I will go out for dinner.

The video below includes three short clips from
the first break last night at Lewinski.
Please, click on the arrow to watch them.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lunch with Antonio

Restaurant Galeon is at the beachfront in Los cristianos, with a
view over the harbor, and you can watch the ferries coming and going.

I have spent the whole afternoon out on town with Antonio, a Spanish guy who is a friend of mine. He is actually a real Canarian, born and grown up here on the island.

He invited me to come out for lunch with him today and we went to one of his favorite restaurants down at the seafront here in Los Cristianos, called El Bar Galeon.
The meal was really lovely and I will for sure be back.

I have been speaking Spanish the whole afternoon and I must tell you I am very surprised about how much Spanish I have learned since I moved down to the island. We were chatting about everything between heaven and earth and I understood everything that he said and he understood everything that I said!
I am so happy now! I understand much more Spanish than I ever thought even when I don't speak it correctly!
His brother Manolo also showed up after a while and I could even understand what they were saying to each other even when they use the difficult Canarian accent when they talk.

Antonio invited me today to come with him to the neighbor island La Palma for a few days.
He has been there many times and would like to show me the whole island.
We would rent a car when we get there and travel around and look at everything that's of interest.
To be honest with you it's quite interesting when I haven't seen La Palma yet, but we'll see!

La Palma is called "La isla bonita" among the Canarians, which in English means "The beautiful island", so it's for sure a beautiful island.
I have, anyhow, not promised to go there yet when I don't really know how my future is gonna be. I must think about it for a while before I decide.
Maybe I also will work so much now that I don't get the possibility to go there...?! We'll see!

Notice the hand of Antonio!
He has a lot of tattoos every where and I think his hand looks so cool.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not much Swedish now

I have spent the whole afternoon with my friend Cattis from Sweden.
She lives here on Tenerife.
We always have a lot to chat about when we meet and I like to spend time with her.

First we went down to the San Telmo beach for sunbathing, and later we moved up to The Target Bar and sat there chatting for a couple of more hours.
Her mom also joined us at the bar which was nice.

It's very seldom I meet Scandinavians here in the summertime and it struck me today that it's a long time since I last talked Swedish, my mothers language, for a whole afternoon.
As a matter of fact a few Scandinavians have visited Lewinski lately, but I don't get much time to sit down and talk during the nights when I work.
Right now days pass without any Swedish speech at all...
I mostly talk English and some Spanish.

Now I will have a shower and then go out for dinner.

Have a nice evening,

Friday, May 21, 2010


Oh, I have been so shocked the whole night but still singing at Lewinski trying to keep a 'poker face' like nothing has happened.

I read a massage written in English about an hour before I went to work last night and became so shocked that I didn't know how I even would be able to sing.
But you know...when you are working on a stage the show must go on...

Anyhow, when I got back home I got to know that everything was a mistake.
I had totally miss-understood the message and now I'm slowly getting back to a normal breathing. Praise God!

Good Night!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lewinski, Wednesday 19.05.2010

Please click on the little arrow if you like to
watch the video clip from last night.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Off Tonight

I sing 4 nights per week at the moment and I'm off tonight again when it's Tuesday.
About 60 guests visited the restaurant last night and it was a lovely night.
I'm just surprised we have got so many dancers on the island right now.
It hasn't been so many during the month of May the years before.

Today I will defrost the refrigerator and do some ironing.
It's very nice weather and I will probably spend some time out on the balcony too.
I haven't decided what to do tonight and will just wait and see what the night has got in store.
Maybe I'll go out somewhere?

Have a nice day,

I always take help from the hair dryer to get a quicker defrost.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Claddagh Last Night

It's Monday and I will sing at Lewinski's tonight.
I really look forward to it.

I visited Claddagh with 'Mr X' last night.
Please, click on the little arrow if you like to watch a
short gleam from the night.
The entertainer on the video is called Gerry.
He is also the owner of the bar.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Single Again

I will blog a post while my nail polish is drying...

I'm off for three days now and last night I was out to the
Claddagh Irish bar seeing my boyfriend.
We have fallen out a little bit now and like it seams we both
need time to sort out our lives.
I like him very much but also understand that this will probably not work.
A radical change could maybe put us back on track but we'll see.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Lewinski 13.05.2010

Last night was a lovely night again.
It was as many people as the night before and about 7 'new' line dancers showed up which was a real nice surprise.
I've met some of them before when I sang with Clas at Lewinski's.

I thought there are not many dancers on the island right now but already after two nights on the stage I've met about 17 different dancers!
Some of them + some of the audience last night will be back on Monday night when I'm back on stage. I really look forward to it!

Here is a short gleam from the night.
Sorry I forget the camera and I didn't get all the dancers immortalized.
To watch the video clip , please, click on the little arrow.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back at restaurant Lewinski

My first night back at Lewinski was a nice surprise.
I thought maybe it will not be any guests, when the town is so quiet,
but we had about 45 people in.
About 10 line dancers showed up and I sang
line dance songs the whole night through.

This is now my agenda at Lewinski's :

During the month of May:
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
8.30 - 11.30

During the month of June:
Every night except Fridays and Saturdays.
8.30 - 11.30

Restaurant Lewinski is located at the corner next to
the bus stop in Los Cristianos.
It's between the bus stop and hotel Princesa Dacil.

I made a short video clip in the beginning of the night.
Please, click on the little arrow to watch it.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Claddagh 09.05.2010

Last night we had dinner at Players Lounge.
Guess what I had...? Ribs, of course!
They were so delicious!!!

After the meal we went up to Claddagh Irish Bar for a while.
It was quite early in the night but Graham Gold was entertaining
there and it was a good atmosphere and some of the guests were dancing.

Please, click on the little arrow if you like to watch the video.


A Busy Day

I have got a lot to do today.
First of all I will blog which I'm doing now and then have a shower.
Then I will go to the poster company and order one more poster for Lewinski.
After that I will bring both posters and the stands to Lewinski.
Then I will go by taxi to Las Americas to get some stuff out of the sound system we have over there and bring it to Lewinski.
When all this is done I must go out and buy some groceries.
Finally I ought to do some rehearsal of the new songs I've got...but that's not really a must do so I'll see later...

Sunday, May 09, 2010


I will start singing on my own at Lewinski on Wednesday night.
I'll tell you more later...

Clas has made a new poster with only me on.


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tan From The Sun

I got a surprise when I looked in the mirror tonight and
thought I must take a photo and show you how I look.
I've got a lot of tan!

I was laying in the sun out on the balcony in the afternoon and
like it seams it was not in vain.
It's very seldom I look like this.

The question is despite everything, "How healthy is it"?

It will for sure not last for a long time and
probably cause me some wrinkles too, so
maybe I should not be too happy about it.
I also think it's a little bit out of fashion to fry yourself in the sun.
It's like being silly and conceited in the same time.
For me enough is as good as a feast!


Our night out

Last night we made a restaurant/bar stroll.
First we went to restaurant Sunshine Feast in Fañabe.
This restaurant has got real nice food and we had the dinner there.

As a starter I had garlic mushrooms and he had deep fried mushrooms.
I tasted a small piece of his mushrooms and they were as good as mine.

Like many times before I forgot the camera when we got the main course in.
It was anyhow very delicious as you can see when the plates are empty.
He had steak and I had chicken.
We were so stuffed that we couldn't fit any deserts in.

After the meal we went to one of the neighbor restaurants called First and Last.
My boyfriend knows the compare who is working there.
I even sang a song there; Any man of mine with Shania Twain.

After that we went over to The Moonlight bar to listen to the act of IS.

Later we went over to restaurant Soul Divide that is downstairs at La Karina to see the manager.

After that we went over to Los Cristianos and spent the rest of the night at The O'Jangles Irish bar.
I also sang a song there; Poker Face with Lady Gaga.

We visited five different places in the same night and got home about 2.30 in the morning.
What a pub crawl!!! A great night!!!

I have made a short video clip from the 'party' at O'Jangles bar.
It was such a good atmosphere and many were dancing.
The most of the people in the audience are living and working here on Tenerife.

The artist is called Mikey Mike. He is a real good singer and have even won awards here on Tenerife for his entertainment. He sometimes entertain together with IS and right now they are nominated for the best duo in the Tenerife entertainment awards.
If you like to listen or vote for them or any other artists on the island you can visit the website of Oasisfm.com

Please, click on the arrow if you like to watch the video.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sound Technician

Yesterday Clas taught me how to run one of our sound systems if I like to go out and sing alone.
It's very easy and it will not be any problem for me to take care of the sound myself.
Today I will do some rehearsal here in the apartment. I use headphones when i do it which means the neighbors are not gonna hear me.
I get echo and everything in the headphones and it sounds so good.
From now on I really would like to always use this system when I do rehearsal of new songs.

Yesterday I sang for about an hour in the afternoon and it was so fun.
I really start missing to be out singing now so if you have a restaurant in Los Cristianos or Las Americas and need a musician please, call me on 672 947 181.
I sing Country and some of the latest pop hits from the UK radio top list + some older hits from the 70's and up.

Have a nice day.


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Claddagh Bar, Los Cristianos

We are going out to the Irish bar Claddagh after the footboll match is finished tonight.
Yehaaa! That's my favorite bar right now! Guess if I'm lucky!
Have a nice evening,

Monday, May 03, 2010

Montaña de Guasa

Today I walked up to the top of the
Guasa mountain here in Los Cristianos.
There's like a donkey track leading up there
which makes it very easy.
When I came down from the mountain I visited, for
the first time in my life, the English Iceland shop where
you can buy English groceries.

Before the mountain climbing I sat a while down at
the beach watching some fishermen.
The sky was cloudy in the morning but in the afternoon
we got some sun.

There's a lot of crabs on the rocks at the beach of
the Guasa mountain.

These photos are from the top of the mountain
looking down over Los Cristianos.

Helen and Adrian, the staff at the Iceland shop.