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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

La Gomera 23.02.2013

Last Saturday we; Brito, Daniel and me, took a trip to the neighbor island La Gomera.
We went on the ferry early in the morning and returned in the evening.

Oh, how curvy the roads are on this island! We were all very dizzy when we finally came down to Valle Gran Rey, but it was worth it when the nature was just amazing. The season is springtime now and many flowers have started blooming, and after the big fires last summer the trees were burned black, which gave it all a dramatic look. I have visited La Gomera a few times before but this time it´s image was the best I´ve ever seen.So beautiful!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

La Caleta

Again it´s my day off. I´m off Saturdays and Mondays.
Today we had a looovely meal in La Caleta. But like many times before I forgot the camera. ....Sorry!
I only remembered it when we got the two first plates.
I tell you! The meal was so nice that we laughed when we first tried the different plates!
Just amazing!!! We will soon be back!

This fisher man in La Caleta had caught a Squid that was 7 meters long (about 8 yards). It should have been longer but a bigger fish, probably a shark, had had a taste of it´s arms.I´m lucky I long time ago stopped swimming in the ocean.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Trip To The North

Yesterday, we spent shopping and eating in the north of the island.
My son Daniel is at the moment visiting us.

Me and Daniel outside the wine house in Sausal.
Here you can try different Tenerife wines and they sell our favorite white wine
which is called; Las CaƱas.

 After shopping in Sta Cruz in the morning, and
 wine tasting in Sausal in  the noon, we went up to restaurant
"La Cuevita" (The little cave) in Sta Ursula, to have a meal.

 Daniel, Brito and me in the cave.
Brito having a "garrafon" (a wine barrel 16 liters) on his shoulder.

Next what we had to eat:

Tuna fish salad in Canarian style. We were amazed about how tasty the 
vegetables are up in north of the island. So fresh and good tasting!

Garbanza. Typical Canarian cuisine. Lovely!

 Arroz amarillo: Yellow rice with chicken. Lovely Canarian cuisine.

 Papas arrugadas con Gofio and mojo sauces + bread.

 Oh this "Rejos de pulpo" (octopus) was so delicious! 
A favorite at the moment! We will be back having one more asap.
We will probably repeat the whole meal next time when it was so good...

You cut it up yourself after they have placed it on the table.
Daniel did the job.

Then Brito taught us how to mix the vinegar + olive oil + the pepper, 
in which you dip it. So lovely taste!!!!

 "Bacalao en cebollado"= Bacalao fish with onion.
Traditional Canarian cuisine. 
We all like the Canarian cuisine most of all the food here on Tenerife.
But you must know where to go to get the best stuff...

 After the desert; Cortada condensada (Canarian coffee) we
continued the trip and went over to Icod de los vinos.

 Daniel and Brito had a "smoke stop" and there they found this well.

 Daniel tasting the water. Thought it´s good.

Garacicco and it´s new harbor, seen from above.
After this we had a cheese-wine stop, but I forgot the camera.
The cheese was anyhow very delicious, and the wine good tasting too!
 We got one more favorite; Queso ahumado a la plancha del Tanque.
What a shame I so many times forget the camera!

 Vineyards up in the mountains.
The nature is very green in the north while the south is brown and dry.

The last "smoke stop".
 Daniel and Brito had a beer to chill out after the long journey.