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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy day

Reba together with Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn

I have been busy all day.
First I started rehearsing a line dance called Oklahoma Wind. The song is really beautiful and I just have to learn the dance because of that. It's a song with Reba McEntire and Ronnie Dunn.
Then I started cleaning the house and the balcony and doing the laundry.

After one hour I have to start doing the makeup for tonight.
The weather is not the best and we got a sprinkle of rain a while ago.
If it starts raining heavily we are not going to play at all tonight. It's not possible to play out on the terrace when it's raining cats and dogs and nobody like to be there.

The weather forecast says rain tomorrow but we are not going to tell the audience about it when the forecasts here on Tenerife seldom are right. Many times when they expect rain it's only raining up in the mountains and we who live here on the southern tip have nice weather.

Grand Prix, Singapore

We watched the Grand Prix, of course, last weekend.
Oh, what a race! *sob*
My guy, Kimi Raikkonen, crushed out in the end of the race and didn't get any points.
He can't win the championship anymore this year when Hamilton has 27 points more than him and it's only three more races left this season.

The points right now:

Hamilton 84
Massa 77
Kubica 64
Räikkönen 57

The winner will be Massa or Hamilton and it's not so interesting to watch the races anymore.
I haven't decided yet if I'm going to watch the next race when it's broadcasted about 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning. Maybe I'm gonna sleep instead.

Internet problems again

Oh what a muddle! We haven't had any internet again.
We have both been down to the company complaining when it didn't work.
First I went there and then they promised to fix it and it worked Friday night to Saturday when I made the last posts.
Then Saturday night it didn't work again and we didn't have any internet the whole weekend when the company was closed.

When Clas now went there again they said they have changed to a new code and that's why it doesn't work.
How can they do like that without telling us? It's so typical Spain!
They don't know anything about customers service. They just changed the code and think that the customers will show up when the internet doesn't work and then they can tell them the new number.
And why do they change the code the last thing they do before they close the company in the Saturday afternoon? Wouldn't it be better to change it when they are open?
Now all their customers didn't have any internet over the weekend even when they have payed for it! Oh, mi madre!

Bad eggs like this causes the spreading of bad rumours about the Spanish people and their culture and more and more start thinking they are stupid in reality.
The people here on the island have a lack of education so maybe the people on the main land do know better. Maybe the service is on a higher level there? But you never know when the manana, manana culture is common all over the country.

Clas is very busy now in the daytime, helping the Swedish newspaper here on the island to make their 4-color advertisements, but as soon as he gets time he will start looking for a new company.
If an other company will serve better we don't know, but we will try when our internet right now isn't working properly. It's many times every month that it doesn't work at all.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our day off

It was our day off yesterday and we went out with our friends Mick and Frances for dinner.
They arrived a couple of days ago and will stay for two weeks this time.
We went to restaurant Vilaflor on the beach front in Las Americas. It was lovely to sit there and eat and look out over the Atlantic ocean in the same time.

Here's some photos from our night out.

Frances and Mick at restaurant Vilaflor.

My first plate: Mussels in a garlic tasting sauce.

My second plate: Sole fillet Valewska.

After the dinner we went to restaurant Los Angeles.
Mick and Frances bought the same camera as we have today.
Clas and Frances on the photo.

Later we went by taxi to the Soul bar to listen to the Drifters.
The soul bar was before called Jazzissimo.

A short update

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a long time.
Our internet has been out of order again and I am so frustrated when I can't write the posts when I like. But this is Spain and you have to be patient.
We will now start looking for a new provider when this connection doesn't work properly.

Not much has happened these last days. I have been out shopping a lot of stuff and decided to show a couple of jeweleries that I bought from Stradivarius.
I have bought many new shirts, some belts and jeweleries, make-up, a lot of silk stockings, new socks etc.

It's so popular now to wear tin and brass. The fashion shops are filled with Indian looking clothes that have a lot of fringes and brass rivets and it's popular to wear belts down on the hip and shawls or scarfs around the neck.
I have been looking for fringed boots but haven't found any yet that I would like to have when the most of them have got low heals and they have in my opinion got too much of an everyday look.
I prefer boots with high heals even when I get a lot of warnings, from the people in the audience all the time, when they think it looks dangerous when I do the line dancing on high heals.
I know I'm little bit odd or extreme sometimes but that's just how I am. Or is it the most of the time? I don't know really what's normal in the eyes of different people and cultures.

We were so happy when the tourism came up about a month ago, but last week it went down again when three air companies that bring tourists to the islands went bankruptcy.
We now get over thirty planes less arriving to the island per week and it's not as many tourists as last year right now.
Many people lost their tickets but we hope they will be able to get new ones and arrive later.
Some have arrived already only a few days delayed.
We also met a person who had to stay on the island for one extra week to avoid having to pay 700 pounds for a return ticket to England.

It has been very warm here the last days. Last night it was about 30 degrees in the middle of the night and that can't mean anything else than that a calima is on it's way in from the Sahara desert. After a couple of days we will have a really dusty balcony and I will have to clean everything again. *sigh*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

School massacre in Kauhajoki, Finland

A terrible massacre has again been taking place in our country.
Nine students are reported to have died after a 22- year-old student fired numerous shots in a vocational high school today. One more person is seriously injured and two persons have got minor injuries.
The gunman, who police have named as Matti Juhani Saari also shot himself in the head and is now in the hospital of Tampere.
It's less than one year since the last school massacre happened in Finland.

The police took the gunman in for questioning yesterday after finding videos of massacre warnings published on the internet, but decided to let him go.
He got his first weapon licence about a month ago.
There are still a couple of videos published by the man on youtube.com.
Aftonbladet.se ( Swedish newspaper) has also published the last video that was uploaded by the man this morning before he went to action.

I feel very sad for what has happened and think of all the people that has lost their loved ones and friends.
The school where the massacre took place is only about 50 kilometers from our home town Vasa.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The most expensive cream in the world?

Kanebo Sensai Premier The cream

Culmination of decades of research, The Cream is the most lavish and potent anti-aging product.
The formulation contains unique ingredients and technologies to optimize energy metabolism, improve micro-circulation and support DNA repair functions. Unprecedented in appearance, texture and performance The Cream takes your skin closer to a universal ideal of beauty.
How to use: Apply after Lotion in the mornings and evenings.

Price: $650.00 for 1.36 oz. ( 40ml)
There is also an eye cream available. Price:

According to advertisements, the topical solution may reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. It may also play a role in moisturizing and firming the skin, according to the company.

Sounds lovely! Doesn't it?
But there was also some kind of warning of the same product on an other site on the internet:

"Products that are priced too low may be suspect, because a low price may be reflective of low quality. However, skincare products priced too high may raise some questions as well, especially when the company does not disclose a list of ingredients".

What cream do you use? I would like to find a really good one that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines before I start getting them.
Maybe it sounds worldly but I don't like to get a raisin looking face when I get older.
Or let's say I will try to do my best now while it's still time to do something about it.
Then later when I start getting wrinkles I know that I have tried my best and I can receive them with peace.

By the way, have you heard about the new "botox cream"?
The poison in it is taken from the temple snake in Thailand.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sex and The City

The movie got a lot of positive comments on some of the Swedish blogs about a couple of months ago and I thought I just have to watch it as soon as possible.

First we asked if they have got it at the Big Orange store close to where we live. That's a chain from where you can rent DVD-movies. But no, they haven't got it yet.

Then I sent an e- mail to my son when he was on the way to come and see us and asked him to get a copy for us if possible. But no, he couldn't find it in Finland either.

Finally last Sunday when we were watching the Grand Prix out in town with Paul and Patricia a "looki-looki man" suddenly showed up with a lot of DVD:s that he liked to sell.
We asked him if he has got "Sex and the city". And surprise, surprise! He had it!
We bought it for five Euros and I was so lucky! Couldn't almost wait the night through at Lewinski so that we could go home and watch it.

We know that you shouldn't buy DVD:s from these dealers when it's not right, but this time we made a compromise when we can't get it anywhere else.

When we finally got home after the work Clas started preparing for a "cinema night" but after a while he said he has decided to not watch it. Why? I asked flabbergasted.

He,He! The movie had been recorded somewhere at a cinema with a video camera and the picture was quite dirty grey. But the worse thing was the sound!
You couldn't hardly hear what the actors said and there was a lot of sound from the people who were sitting in the cinema.
They were messing around with their bags of candies and they were eating chips and popcorns and slurping their drinks so loudly that you could hear it.
Somebody was even burping terribly! Maybe it was the man with the camera when it was delivered on a really high volume? And the people were coughing and blowing their noses all the time. It was so distracting.
But I don't give up quickly and decided I will watch the whole movie.

Clas tried to make the best sound for me which means I had to use the headphones to hear what the actors were saying. Every now and then I just lost the concentration because of the cinema visitors and their show but I somehow got the story together in the end.
In the middle of the movie the camera suddenly bowed down and you could only see a small part of the screen. It lasted for about ten minutes before the cameraman discovered what had happened! *sigh!*

I think it is a good movie and I would like to watch it again as soon as I can buy or rent a real copy of it.

What have we learned from this?
"The sin brings it's own punishment!"
It's a criminal act to buy DVD:s from these dealers and I don't recommend you to do it.
It will probably be like "buying the pig in the sack", like we say in Swedish.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shopping make-up

I have been out shopping some make up today.
I bought Lancome L'Extreme mascara and a liner for the eyes from Clinique and got testers of BI-Facil eye cleaner and an eye cream from Lancome as extra gifts.
I maybe will buy the both of them later if they are good products.
The Eye cream is called Re´nergie Morpholift eye cream and it lifts, firms and have an anti-wrinkle effect in the same time. I like that!
I am quite old now and I maybe will start getting a lot of wrinkles if I don't do anything about it.
I have used anti wrinkle creams for about fifteen years already, but I think I need a stronger one soon if there is any good ones that really works properly.
I will avoid to start using botox products when they contain poison and some ladies start looking terrible in my opinion. But of course if you just can find a good clinic the results also can be really nice. We'll see in the future...
I need a short nap before I start redoing the make-up for tonight. Good night! (or afternoon?)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our day off

Today I have been working with the planning of new outfits for seven hours!
Yes! It took me the whole afternoon to plan the outfits for the coming weeks.
I have also weeded out some of the clothes that I'm not going to wear anymore to get more space for new outfits in the wardrobes and thrown away a couple of boots.
I always give away the clothes that look nice to charity, but the boots I throw in the trash bin.

Clas started making a barbecue in the evening and I had to stop in the middle of the project to go out and have the dinner together with him.
The bedroom is still a mess and there are hangers and clothes everywhere and I have to continue after a while when we need a free bed to sleep in for the night.

It's difficult to find pieces that fit together and I have to try them on and off all the time to see what matches. I wish I would have a dummy to try the clothes on when that would make everything much easier.
I have seen a dummy for sale somewhere (don't no where) and it was just made of iron wires and didn't have any arms or head, but the size was looking to be the same size as mine. I hope I see it again because I really need it. It's so tough to have to put everything on and off all the time.
I really long for the day when we will get a walk in closet... Hopefully it's not too far away!

It has been cloudy today and in the afternoon we got a shower.
It's a long time since it last was raining. We have had some sprinkles the last nights but it's seldom it's raining in the south of Tenerife in this time of the year.

I will finish for now. James, our hairdresser, gave us a bag filled with old Swedish gossip magazines the other night and I will start reading them after I have been taking care of the clothes.
Have a nice weekend!

Change over day

It's Friday and a big change over day for the tourists here on Tenerife.
Some of our guests are returning home today and it feels so sad every Thursday night when we have to take farewell of many people.
The planes bring in the same amount of tourists that they take away, of course, and we always become happy again when we see the new guests entering Lewinskis' the next night.
But somehow it always feels little bit sad every time somebody has to leave.

Clas many times larks about and says it would be a good idea for us to play our music out at the airport on Fridays and Tuesdays when the terminal is packed with people.
How you would arrange it practically I don't know. I think the tourists are already almost at home in their minds when they get back to the airport.
Maybe they are little bit fed up with our music too, when many do visit us every night even when they are on the island for a forth night or for three weeks.

We try to mix up the repertoire from night to night but there are many songs that we play every night. Specially the popular line dance songs.
And the songs Clas sings are the same almost every night when he avoids to take new songs.
He remembers all the chords in the songs without any problems, but thinks it's really difficult to learn lyrics. He like me to sing all the time, but I try to get him to sing as much as possible.
And really! He has got a few new songs now!

At least fifty percents of our audience come back to the island every year.
Some of the guests come many times every year and we are continuously working on new songs to put into the repertoire to try to sound more fresh when they come to see us.
Without new songs we would soon grow weary.
You become so tired of some of the songs when you play them six nights a week.

I like to learn new songs and right now when I have got about 25 new songs it really feels like being into some kind of revival.
It's so fun to go to the work every night and I just love to sing the new songs.
The only problem right now is that I can't sing them all every night when they are so many. Some nights I don't even get time to sing the ones that really are my favorites.

We have learned that a big part of the audience like the old country hits most which means we also need to continue playing them. We can't play only new country or famous line dance songs a whole night through but have to mix the repertoire with a little bit of everything.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why a lot of "Must Do;s" all the time?

I will soon start doing the ironing. Didn't get time to do it the other day. And I have to plan our outfits for tonight too.

I don't understand why my life is so stressing all the time. I have a lot of "must do;s" every day and I never get time enough to get everything done. When am I going to just get a day of rest without a long list with different projects?

I have cut down on my blogging and make only one blog a day now, but I don't feel I have got more time. No, instead I plan even more "must do:s" than before when I think I have got a plenty of time.

There's a long list with line dances I would like to learn too. Wonder when I will get time for that? And some new songs to learn that will end upon our next CD which will be released before Christmas.
I also need to spend a couple of days on shopping soon again to keep the outfits rolling...
I have lost quite a lot of weight and get compliments from the audience every night which is very fun. But loosing weight also brings me a lot of work when I need a lot of new outfits and they are not easy to find.

In December we will have two weeks off and then I will just rest! We will probably go somewhere to get the peace we need.
El Hierro is the best place for us but we will go somewhere else this time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My first video

I have been sitting on the school bench the whole afternoon learning how to edit video clips and how to make a short movie out of them. It has been very fun!
Clas has been the teacher and he explained everything so easily that I understood directly how it works.
He instructed me about one and half an hour and then I started doing experiments on my own which ended with the video below.

I have been producing and been the host of many TV-programs before back in Finland (KRTV-PTV and Malax TV) which also made everything easier. But at that time I always had technicians around me who made the cuts following my instructions. I never had to learn the editing programs myself and now I'm so proud when I can do everything from zero to the end myself.

I had to use the few video clips we already had from last weekend to make this first video but I hope to have more material next time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just a normal day

I am very busy today.
Have to do the laundry, clean the house, do the dishes, ironing and I also start doing the training again today. If I get some extra time I will practise some new songs that will end up on the next CD that will be released in October-November or as soon as it gets ready.

Clas is at James saloon to get the hair cut.
He asked the ladies in the audience the other night to vote if he would keep his hair long or if he would cut it short and the most of them thought it would be better to keep it long. Thank God!
I really wonder if he would have cut it short if they had prefer that. I like him to have long hair in the neck.

Tomorrow Clas is going to teach me how to edit video clips. I will every now and then publish short videos here on the blog.
I made one yesterday but it was too big in size to publish when I haven't learned how to get it smaller yet.

It was a lovely night at Lewinski last night. Very crowded. But maybe that's stupid to say now when all the nights are crowded and none of them are poor.

We have been playing line dances from the speakers until twelve thirty the last weeks.
That's because we have had so many dancers and when we finish at twelve o' clock many people do stay for at least half an hour more on the terrace, which is nice.
During this time the dancers can make requests for different dances and we play them in the winamp if we have got them. We have got a folder with about 400 line dances in the laptop and I think we have got all the new ones there.
If there's a song that we don't have we try to bring it the next night when we have got more songs in my computer at home.
Don't hesitate to ask for your favorite dance when you visit us.
Have a nice evening!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Slow internet again

There's not so much to say about the Grand Prix today.
Vettel won for the first time in history which was nice.
Congratulations to him!
I made a short video clip where I spoke to you when I don't have much time to blog before we have to go to Lewinski but our internet is very slow now again and I can't get it uploaded.
I will try again later when we get back home.
Have a nice evening.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Grand Prix Italy

It's the race in Monza, Italy this weekend.
Today when they were practicing Kimi got the best time and Kubica was number two and Heidfield number three.
Lewis Hamilton was number four this time which sounds promising.
I hope Kimi will win this race. He needs the points to not be left too far behind.
Please, keep Kimi in your mind this weekend! *smile*

Our friends Paul and Patricia have returned from England now and they will try to find a restaurant were the race is broad casted in English so that we all can meet there Sunday and watch it together. That's nice.

Clas has been training on the Monza race track (in the simulator) and passed eight cars in 30 seconds and is very proud of it now. He was number nine and after the lucky race he ended up number one!
You can watch the video clip of it on his blog if you like.

Our night out

This is what we have been doing tonight.

First we went to the "Toro Tapas and Grill restaurant".
The restaurant is in Los Cristianos and is always crowded
when they have so delicious meals.

Clas ordered Mussels in garlic sauce as a starter.

I had grilled Camembert cheese with forest berry sauce.

Then we both had fillet steaks with a sauce made of sherry and truffle.
The beefs were just perfect! We like to have them medium and not well done.

With mashed gratinated potatoes.
And we had red wine from Tenerife, of course.

After the dinner we decided to go by taxi to Las Americas and listen to Steven Towers.
He is back on the island now and started playing three days ago.

We were sitting next to our line dancing friends from England and Holland.

We line danced to some of the songs that Steven played.

This is Dave, a guest artist that night.

One more photo of the dancers.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our day off

This day has been so lovely!
Clas didn't wake me up before one thirty in the afternoon.
I went to bed around four o'clock last night and I was so happy when he let me sleep because now I feel so rested. I have slept for almost nine hours!
It's nice to have a long sleep night every now and then.

He woke me up and invited me for a lunch out on the town and we decided to go to Fados as many times before when that is our favorite lunch restaurant.

After the meal Clas went to meet people from the tourism information of the government here on Tenerife.
They like to give information about our venues to the tourists which is really nice.
They are going to hand out leaflets about the Lewinski bar and us to the tourists who ask where to go in the nights.

I decided to have an afternoon walk to the Sara fashion shop which is absolutely my favorite shopping place here in the south of Tenerife.
I buy about 40-50% of my outfits there and the most of the pants that Clas use.
I bought a pair of black pants for him there today but he hasn't tried them on yet.
I hope they will fit.

I came back home half an hour ago but we are soon going out again.
We will have the dinner at Restaurant El Toro in Los Cristianos tonight.
They have really lovely fillet steaks and everything they serve you is of the highest quality.
If you like to feel little bit luxury I recommend you to go there for dinner.

I will put up some photos from our meal later tonight.

My Cowboy at Fados.

This prawn salad with avocado is really lovely and we order it every time we go there.

The Indian style is on fashion right now and I bought this nice dress.

This leather belt fitted very nice to the dress so I bought that as well.

When I tried this vest on the top of the dress
it made the outfit look more complete so I had to buy that too.
I like it very much because when you turn it in and out it becomes a beautiful fur vest.

I also bought this blue Indian vest when I thought it looks so cute.

I was about one and a half hour at Sara today and tried on a lot of the new clothes.
They have got a lot of new pieces there since my last visit about a week ago.
Don't miss out to visit Sara when you come to Tenerife!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Foot Massage

I told you before that Clas is a little bit of a thing brownie. He buy all kind of technical stuff all the time and sometimes I don't even understand what it is or how you use it.
He likes different kind of enjoyments too and now he did buy this foot massage instrument a couple of days ago.
I heard how he was tittering out on the balcony the other day and thought something fun was going on. But no! It was only the machine that tickled his feet.
Every night when we get home from work we now sit out on the balcony to get our foot massages while we discuss the night, and update each other about what different people have told us during the night.
It's really nice to be able to use our tittle-tattle time to do something healthy for the body.
You need to be effective these days and arrange it so that you can get out the maximum of every minute. Don't you?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Some people think I shop too much, but it's not my problem! Or our problem!
Clas thinks shopping and outfits are as important as having proper tools in any job.

Shopping is nice but it's a hard job to find new stuff all the time.
I always have a list of missing pieces of clothes in my brain (for both Clas and me) and when I go out shopping I look for them in the first place.
Sometimes I find a piece that I like very much and buy it, but then I maybe need an other piece or jewelery to match with it to get the outfit complete. This means I can't start using the outfit before I have found all the pieces which is quite frustrating.

Clas has got about the same amount of clothes that I have. The only difference is that he many times buy 10-20 pieces in one day and I buy a little at time.

Loosing weight

Maybe you wonder how my loosing weight project is going?
I haven't been able to do any training the last weeks because of the weakness that came with my illness. But I have lost about half a kilogram every week without any exercising which is not bad.
I continue eating the diet and try to avoid as many carbohydrates and calories as possible.
I really look forward to continue the training again and will do it as soon as possible.

A short update

Our internet has been very slow the last week. Since a couple of days ago it hasn't been possible to upload any new posts or photos and that's why I haven't been able to blog. Sorry for that!
They fixed it today and now it works normally again.
We have been busy with a lot of stuff the last days and I have cleaned the whole house and been doing the laundry and the ironing etc.
The nights at Lewinski has been nice and the terrace has been packed with people.
We have had many line dancers and the dance floor has been crowded as well.
We can say the season is under way and more and more people, that we know since the years before, are flying back into the island. It's so lovely!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lewinski last night

Here's a video clip from last night.
Sorry the sound is not the best when one of the speakers was too close to the camera.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Shopping day

My computer has been occupied by Clas and the director of the Scandinavian Media group, Anders, the whole day.
Clas has been teaching him how to use the program for their website.
I decided to go out shopping and had my breakfast/lunch out in the town.
I went to Fados at the beach front when that's one of our favorite restaurants here in Los Cristianos.

My breakfast/lunch.
I left the white bread untouched like always.

There was some looki-looki men selling stuff to the tourists
and they all came to my table and tried to sell something to me.

I bought these two bracelets.
The price was from beginning 35Euro each but I was haggling
and in the end I got them for 5Euro each!
But then I felt guilty when I know these people don't earn much money
and I gave some tip instead.

The beach of Los Cristianos today.

I was strolling around in the town looking at everything in the shops
but didn't find anything else to buy than this belt and the watch.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while.
We have been very busy the last week and Thursday night we run out of CD:s .
I had to fold all the papers for the CD-boxes yesterday and it took the whole afternoon.

The terrace was really packed last night and we had about twenty line dancers.
It started raining a couple of drops in the middle of the night, but thanks to God, it didn't start raining cats and dogs.
It was a lovely night and the dancers said they will be back tonight.

Clas continue to buy roses for the weekends and these are the last acquisitions. Aren't they beautiful?

Grand Prix, Belgium

What a race! I am still chocked... Don't know what to say.
Poor Kimi!!!
Next race is in Italy after one week.
I hope Kimi gets his revenge then.

Congratulation to England!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Grand Prix Belgium

Don't miss out the Grand Prix this weekend!
Qualification Saturday and race Sunday.

The drivers have been practicing today and, surprise surprise, Alonso got the best time in the second of the practicing races. Number two was Massa and number three Kovalainen.
Number four Hamilton and number five Kimi.

In the first practice Massa was number one, Kimi number two and Hamilton number three.
And that sounds to be more up to the reality.We'll see!

There has been an ongoing problem for Kimi the last races when there has been a generating sufficient heat in the Bridgestone tyres which has destroyed the possibility to get the best out of them during qualifying laps.

This is what he said today:

“Definitely the season hasn’t been what we wanted, there has been a problem. It is not the first time, and it is not the end of the life, so we try to fix it. Hopefully we have found something and we get back where we should be. But sometimes things go wrong, Hopefully we can have a stronger race.”
We have tried many things, and I was pretty happy with the car, but you never know.
We have had a good test before and then different conditions at the next race can’t get back to where it was. But we had a good feeling from the Monza test, and we will see now."

Oh, good folks, keep your thumbs up for Kimi!
If you like you can visit his website on this address:


Clas is a regular customer at the Subway restaurant here in Los Cristianos.
Every now and then he go there and buy sandwiches to have for breakfast and every time we go to the beach we buy subways for our pick nick.
They are really lovely and I can recommend everybody to go there and have one for breakfast or lunch.
We always buy chicken subways with texmex sauce made in Oregano bread when that's our favorite sub.
Last week when he went there we got these T-shirts for free.

Stripping politicians in Finland

When I was a little girl I many times in the summertime slept over in my grandma' and grandpa's house. Early in the mornings, about eight a clock, they used to turn on the radio and when my grandpa' didn't hear well he always tweaked up the volume.
It was like screaming in the whole house and woke up everybody.

The last years when we have been staying in my parents house when we have visited Finland the experience has been the same. My dad put on the radio about eight or nine in the morning and we all wake up to the sound of Radio Vega which is the national radio of Finland.

Now Clas has started streaming the radio over the internet and he has put up speakers both in the studio and out on the balcony which means you can hear the radio everywhere in our home. He put it on almost every day and the volume is quite loudly.
(Clas was as a matter of fact working as a news reporter for this radio before.)

Today the radio editors have been debating, the whole afternoon, about a wall calendar that has been published by one of the parties for the approaching Parliamentary elections.
The thing is that the candidates pose half naked on the photos to try to sell themselves in.

36 % of the Finish people think it's a good marketing and means that the parties need to follow the trends in the society which is a little bit chocking.

Okay! They didn't say how much they have stripped off but the picture I got is that they probably pose in bikinis and shorts. I have tried to find photos of the wall calendar on the internet without any result.

My opinion is that the politicians have to be serious and show an image of responsibility to be trusted by the people for what they do and not devote themselves to lusts in public.
Maybe I'm out but that's what I think.