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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Songs

I'm off today and I'm doing rehearsal of some new songs.
A while ago Brito came home and prepared this 'aperitif' for me.
Oh, he's such a nice guy!
It's "Datiles con Queso Canario"  + a bottle of Champagne. Very nice!
Yes I know that I'm too spoiled!
I decided to blog about it while I eat. I can't anyhow sing with food in my mouth.

The songs I rehears today are:

Rock Paper Scissors
Moonlight Kiss
Imeldas Way
Alabama Slammin'
Tenessee Waltz Surprise in German
Black Heart
No Smoke
This Ole Boy

At the moment I have to use my days off to do rehearsal when I , the other days, have
to save my voice for the nights.
It's tough for the voice to sing (some songs on the top of the voice or with a horse sound) 2,5 hours per night 5 nights a week, but I like my work very much.
I'm learning to sing about 20 new songs this autumn.
It comes so many new popular line dances now  that we don't get time to play them all in the breaks and I decided to take in some of them into my repertoire to be able to take  them in while I sing.

Sometimes it's difficult to get good backing tracks and because of this I can't start singing them all.
I have lately found a music company in England that now make some of my backing tracks and they make them well with backing vocals and everything. Oh God bless them!
I think I'll soon have the nights under control so that you get to dance the most of the dances that are up.

Oh, so many dancers are on the way in this week! It will be so  lovely to sing.
God bless you all! I look forward seeing you! Love Xo


In the North Of The Island

 The Teresitas beach.

 Brito on some high cliffs.

We had 'Pescados de la playa'.
A favorite of mine at the moment...

The desert.


High Heels

What do you think? 
Should I buy them or not?
For sure I can't do linedancing when I wear them.
The sole is about 3" under the foot ball.
I also become tall as a flag pole....