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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Special Plants and a Pot

Brito has an experiment going on. He is going to make my Mint plant looking like a big mushroom.
He twins the shafts around a stick and bind them with a band and the idea is that they finally will stay together like that so that the leaves start looking like the hat of the mushroom.

The little lava stone in front of the plant is also little bit special.
Britos Mam has planted a small cactus in it. The cactus plants can survive being planted on lava stones even when there´s no soil...You just make the stone wet every now and then...

Yesterday he painted this big flower pot in an antique looking style and the plan is that we are gonna plant a real wine in it. The symbol on the front is a typical Canarian  Guanche symbol.
I will let you follow the wine project in this blog so that you can see if we get any grapes.
They should be ready in the autumn.
Oh, imagine us sitting on the balcony eating grapes directly from the wine tree! Amazing! I wish it was ready NOW.

Dunkan Lunch

My lunch. Delicious! P&V -day.


These photos are from the north of the island a couple of days ago. (On Saturday).

I´ve never seen so many goats!
There were goats everywhere on the road in Sta Ursula.

They are on the way to the ´Romeria de San Antonio de Abad´ a Canarian fiesta.
The farmers bring their animals out walking the street and some farmers bring
some of the harvest; fruits and vegetables, to hand out to people.

A Monkey?

What do you think?
I think Brito is acting like a monkey. 
Only the banana is missing...!
But it don´t make me believe we were monkeys before! 
That´s a big crazy joke!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Protein Soup

When I woke up today Brito had made a seafood protein, but low fat and
low carbohydrate, soup for me for lunch.
Oh it was lovely! Yes I know that I´m spoiled!

On the protein days (P-days) I also can have fish, prawns and clams without limit.
Tonight when I get home from work I will have the rest of it before I go to bed.

Protein Vegetable Day

Yesterday I had protein - vegetable day (PV-day) and here comes a photo of what I had for dinner.
I show you all this to make you understand how easy this diet is to follow.
I never have to suffer!
I can eat my stomach full every day and still loose weight.
 And I loose weight quickly!
And the best of all: I have lost my sugar/chocolate desire that before
 made me fat! I´m so lucky!

I also start getting so much extra energy now that I start longing for exercise.
Tomorrow when it´s my day off I will go out with Brito buying some gym stuff.
I must get a small gym in my home so that I can exercise when I get time for it.
I will buy a run machine + a couple of other smaller tools if I can find good ones that will fit me.

This is fillet steak with a lot of ground pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, salad and on the top of it I sprinkled natural yogurt 0% fat. Very nice!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dukan, Protein Meal

On my protein days a meal can look like this.
I made all this but it was too much when my appetite is lower than normal.

 Pieces of chicken, fillet steak, a slice of low fat cheese, 
1 egg and cotton cheese flavored with curry.
If you like to have a nice sauce to your meet you can mix natural yogurt less than 5% fat with curry or low fat chimichurri, pressed garlic, or put in some herbs or ground pepper...You are allowed to eat spices!

Desert: Dukan galett tasted with cinnamon and diet sugar.
You can put creamy low fat cheese or kwark on it, tasted with vanilla or rum arom + diet sugar.
This small grill oven is a blessing when you are on this diet.
I make my morning bread or galetts in it. It would take too long to heat up the big oven only for a small one meal bread!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Thursday 17.01.2013

My Breakfast

Somebody might think that I have to suffer when I´m on a diet, but NO!
The first photo is of my breakfast today and the second show what I had yesterday.

I´m having a protein day today and I had a Galett bread with creamy low fat cheese,
Salmon, Cotton cheese and a sliced egg + coffee.
Such a big meal that I couldn´t have it all!

This I had yesterday when it was a protein-vegetable day;
 Galett bread with creamy  low fat cheese,
prawns, 1 egg and a few slices of cucumber on the top.

He,he! Brito think my diet is so luxury that he like to have the same, but 
he is too tiny to loose more weight. He ought to gain 5 kg more instead.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Dukan Diet

This is how I´m gonna change these coming weeks! Watch out!

Time for me to loose weight. I´m on the Dukan diet again
Started on Tuesday and lost 2 kg in the attack phase that I, this
 time, stayed in for 4 days.
Oh this diet is so goood!!! I have lost the sugar desire and I never
have to be hungry.

My goal is to loose about 10-12 kilograms (about 1.5-2 stones)...and I hope to be there in March-April.
People who have a big overweight can, in the beginning, loose weight very quickly with this diet. I read about a man who lost about 5 kg per week (little bit less than a stone a week).

What do I eat then?
In the attack phase I have been eating mostly proteins;
egg, chicken, prawns, ground beef, fish. All without limit! 
cotton cheese and milk products with less than 5% fat.
Spices + a little bit of salt
2 tbs/day of oat brains + about 1,5 liters of water (3 small bottles per day).

Now I am in the cruise phase and I eat every second day like I did in the attack phase and in between the same + vegetables. I will stay in this phase until I reach my goal weight.
Then there are 2 more phases too, to help you not gaining weight again.

I feel so well! My feeling is; Nobody have to be fat!
This diet is so easy and works so well that everybody can loose weight.

If you like to know more about this diet google on ´dukan diet´.
There´s a lot of information and recipes  in many different languages. 

There´s a key to success, if you like to try it out:
"Keep your refrigerator filled with the stuff they say you are allowed to eat"! 
If you do so you can go there as much as you want and grab something.You can eat without limit! But I tell you! You will eat less than before! That´s how it works for me.
If you start feeling hungry and have nothing that is "right" in your house you will probably start eating the wrong things.

Make meet balls to keep in the refrigerator, and
buy roasted chicken and free it from the fat skin, and
keep defrosted prawns there too,+ boiled eggs
and make a Galett bread (typical Duncan bread recipe that you make in 5 minutes) and spice it with cinnamon and the sugar that the diabetics use to have it with coffee...etc.

The attack phase is only a few days in the beginning of the diet (max. 10 days) and then after that you also can have different vegetables like salat, cucumber, tomato, onion etc. every second day.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Tuesday 08.01.2013

My Boots

Many times people ask me how many boots I have.
This is very private thing but today when I arranged them by colors 
I got the idea of taking a photo of every group. Why keep it a secret?
It´s normal that artists have a lot of outfits and boots. Don´t you think so?

Now somebody might think I don´t tell you the truth when so many are missing, but I have thrown away about 12 pair the last months when they took too much space.

A few persons have asked if they can get the ones I throw away but I tell the same to everybody.
I don´t like anybody to walk around in my boots! 
I put them in a sack and then Brito take it out late in the evening and put it in the trash bin to be sure nobody will find it before the trash company comes and get it.
Imagine if people would start showing up at Lewinskis telling they wear my old boots! I would die!

Yes, I know! The color system did not come out well when I found more boots after hand, in colors that I already had been taken photo of,...Anyhow...At the moment this is my "boot arsenal".

Like you see the most of them have got low heels.
I mostly buy with low heels nowadays when it´s too dangerous to dance in high heels in the nights.

 The white ones.

 The beige ones.

 The blue ones.

 The grey ones + more blue ones.

 My knee boots.

 The black ones + one grey.

 The black ones.

 Brown ones of which one is a knee boot.

 Brown ones.

 A mix.

Somebody might think that I only use boots, but that´s not the case!
Sometimes I also use normal shoes and I have lately bought these three pair.

Sunday 06.01.2013

Friday, January 04, 2013

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year´s Eve 2013

 Los Cristianos,New Year´s eve 2013.
People waiting for the fireworks.
These photos are taken from the top roof terrace at Brito´s Mams house.

Now it starts!

The New Year kiss.

I even made a short video clip. 
Please, click on the small arrow if you like to watch it.

Happy New Year!

Many years ago I resolved never to bother with New Year´s resolutions, and
I´ve stuck with it ever since. And today my thought is;
 " May all your troubles last as long as my earlier New Year´s resolutions"!

 Let´s bring a toast for the New Year 2013, that has begun!