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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Single Life

I had pepper steak with green pepper sauce at Rimini + salad, vegetables and
a small bottle of wine. It was so nice! Really delicious!
The meal was anyhow so huge that I couldn't have it all!

I don't know if it's interesting to for all of you to read about what I'm up to now when I'm a single (maybe it's only interesting for the singles who are into the same life?), but I will anyhow tell you what I've been doing tonight.

Like it seams I get more and more friends among the real Canarians here on the island. I think it's because I've learned a little bit Spanish now and can have a conversation with them.

Tonight I went out for a meal to Rimini, which is an Italian restaurant here in Los Cristianos.
I choose the restaurants now where I can get the diet I'm on...
I don't like to have potatoes, rice, macaroni or white bread when they contain too much carbohydrates and I try to change to vegetables instead if it's possible.
Protein and fat + a lot of carbohydrates = Make the fat that looks like car tiers around your waist and will give you double chins!
Only protein + fat = Make you tiny!

While I was eating out on the terrace at Rimini a Canarian man stopped by and talked to me for a while. He was out walking his dog. He's a regular customer at Lewinskis where I'm working.
He asked me out for a coffee after the meal but I had to say no when I was on my way to the Heritage bar after the meal.

At the Heritage bar I met an other Canarian man Suzu, and his friend who was singing karaoke all the time. I had a couple of small beers with them and then I went home.
I feel very tired at the moment but I have still to harvest some crops in the Farmville game before I go to bed...

I'm invited for a car trip, with three Scandinavian guys, up to Teide and The Masca Valley tomorrow morning and I will go for it if I just get to bed early enough.
We will not get back before the evening. That means I will have to go straight to Lewinski and sing, which means I must get all the sleep I need before 9 o'clock in the morning when I have to get up...I hope I'll make it, because I really would like to spend the day with these three guys tomorrow and it's a long time since I last visited Teide and the Masca Valley!

Me and Susu, who is born and grown up in Candelaria, a town here on Tenerife.
He,he! Suzu looks a little bit drunk! Doesn't he?
I tell you! He was not drunk at all!
This is the kind of photo I don't like!
My face is sweaty because of the heat and I look so fat!!!
But a good thing is that I soon will get back to the normal weight and
hopefully loose some extra weight too...and the nights will soon be more chilly and my face will then not look so sweaty.

Me and Suzus hands. Suzu think we would fit very well together because
he is a Scorpion and I am an Aries. He,he! I don't believe in horoscopes at all!
Our hands look very similar though! I mean if you look at the lines!
But I don't even believe in hand readings!

He,he! Some of the Canarians are a little bit suspicious!
His friend who says he can read hands says I will fit very well with him!
I don't believe him and these both guys are only friends of mine! *laugh!*


The Man I Look For

Putin from Russia could maybe be okay, but like you know he's already married.
He is also only 165 cm tall. I am 164,5!
He,He! I know some of Putins friends are reading this!!! :-)

Three men have told me they prefer women with curves.
They like to have something to grab when they go to bed and think women with some kilograms extra are more sexy than the tiny ones.
He,he! This means there's hope for all of us!
To be honest with you I am a little bit the same when it comes to men.

I look for a man who is taller than me and who is standing with the both feet steady on the ground. I don't look for a real fat one but he must be strong and take the image of being the cliff in my life. Some kilos extra is okay.

An important thing is also that he can make decisions or come up with good ideas. I always turn to my boyfriend if I'm confused about something and I like him to be involved, at least a little, in what I'm up to.

If he is used to take responsibility it's an extra plus. I love men with leader potentiality!
I like to have things in order and if he don't care I will for sure be the one who sort everything out on my own and that will makes me feel like I have got a 'sofa potato', like we say in Swedish.
A 'sofa potato' is a person who sits in the sofa watching TV all the time without taking any part in the daily life of the family. My man must be willing to take charge of situations when it's needed or at least be willing to listen and talk.

Trust is one of the most important things! He must stand up for our relation and not flirt around with other girls out on town. When I'm in a relationship I don't even look at other men in that way. I only have my eyes for the one I'm with.
If I see a good looking man I see him, but I never start flirting with him or allow myself to start thinking about how it would be to have sex with him etc.

I also like men with manner. I like when they say 'thank you' or 'please'.
This is something I really like when it comes to the British men! My next man will probably be from England, Wales or maybe the US. Let's see..!
If he in addition is opening doors for me every now and then he's like a knight in shining armor! *giggle*

Anyhow I don't like to have a man who stands in the mirror for hours and put thousands of creams on! I like if he's charming but I don't like to be in a relationship with a gigolo!

There is so much to say about the man I look for, but I will not say anything more.
It could spoil all the chances to find someone.
Nobody is perfect and don't be surprised if I in the end find a boyfriend who is from South America or let's say Alaska!


Dinner At The Players Lounge

Monday again and my night off.
Tonight I went for dinner to The Players Lounge which is my
favorite restaurant at the moment.
It's a very popular restaurant and the terrace was packed.

Like many times before I ordered the ribs, which are taken from the baby pigs.
They are so tender that they almost melt in the mouth!
Tonight I had them with salad, vegetables and coleslaw.
A ribs meal costs about 10 Euros which is a good price.

The meal was just delicious!
I was so hungry after all my starving lately
and had it all in a few minutes.
Hopefully nobody was watching me when I probably were behaving like
I haven't seen food for a long time! *smile*

It's really a shame if you come to Tenerife but miss out these ribs!
The restaurant is on the second floor opposite the big
water fountain on the San Telmo beachfront in Los Cristianos.
If you go there; Be aware that you end up in the right restaurant
when the neighbors are very close by!

I ordered a beer to the meal and it was sparkling all the time til I finished it!
The best beer I've had since last time I visited!


Estee Lauder Double Wear

I am a regular customer at the Mego Store in my neighborhood.
I buy all my makeup and perfumes from them.
The girls who work in the shop sometimes give me testers of the products they've got in range, and about a month ago I got a tester of a light weight Estee Lauder foundation cream called 'Double Wear'. I tried it last week and like it so much that I bought it today.

A foundation should be as close as possible to your own skin color.
You only use it to give your facial skin a flat surface. Not to give it a tan!
I always put powder on after I have applied the foundation because that gives even a more flat and dull surface and it's a good base for the other makeup products that you put on afterwords. It makes them stay in place for a longer time.
I bought number 05, Shell Beige, which also was the the number of the tester I got.
This foundation is non-acnegenic and fragrance and oil free!

It stays in place for about 15 hours (even in high humidity!), and gives the face a fresh look.
It doesn't even smuggle or come off on clothes! Isn't that wonderful?!!!
It's exactly what I need on the stage now when we have warm nights.
It has been about +25 in the nights lately and the humidity has also been very high.

I hate when people take photos of me and my face is shiny and sweaty!
If you see my fringe is wet and sweat is dripping down in my face, please, don't take photos!
I will really look like a hillbilly!
I hope my new foundation will avoid some of this problem, but it will for sure not solve it totally. There are no creams that can make you not getting a sweaty face when you sing + dance in +25-28 degrees!

Price: 28,50 Euros for 30 ml, which is not bad.
The foundation I have used lately is about 10 Euros more
expensive and that's also 30ml!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Tick Tac, Tick Tac...

I am so proud now! As a single I become more and more handy!!!

Yes! I know it's not okay to say like this about yourself! Specially not in Scandinavia where the jante-law tells everybody to stay timid and not brag or be too happy or bold.*smile*
But, I will not be deceitful now and tell you what I've done in a spirit of sadness...
No! Today my self-confidence was strengthened and I'm quite happy!

I have had 5 watches that have run out of battery.
My B-plan has been that I one day maybe could do some exchange work with the "Handsome Cowboy" (that's Clas´new artist name) and get it fixed.
Maybe I could make a gravlax for him or something..?
But today I just got the idea to try to change the batteries myself and I did it!

I destroyed one watch (the one that is my favorite), but I will soon go out and see if I can buy a new similar. Hopefully I can still find it somewhere.

The four watches in a row have now got new batteries.
I also had to buy a set of small screwdrivers.

I destroyed this watch that I have got from a couple in Sweden about 3 years ago.
The hands just fell off when I opened it and I couldn't get them to stay in place anymore.
Later I also lost the smallest hand on the floor and could not
find it although I looked everywhere.

If you see this watch in a shop somewhere on Tenerife, please, tell me!
I must get a new one! It's the most beautiful watch I've ever seen!


Menos 1.3 Kilogramos En 5 Dias!

Yeah, ye-,ye-,ye-, yeah!!!
I've lost 1.3 kilos in 5 days!!!

I try to live on water and fruits and have a light meal every night.
I've told the chef at Lewinskis to just prepare a salad for me + a piece of fish or meet.

I'm very hungry all the time, but it's worth it.
At the moment I have headache, but I will drink 1/2 a liter of
water as soon as I've finished this post.
Then go to bed...

When it gets too tough I try to think about the people who
have participated in the Expedition Robinson.
They could face many days in a row without getting anything to eat at all.
If I like I can, every third hour, have a piece of
cucumber, a small plum or something similar.
I should not complain at all!

You must sometimes suffer to become more beautiful!
It's like a price you pay, and I gladly pay it at the moment!
I'm just a little bit angry at myself when I didn't start earlier.
Imagine if I would have started starving before I gained the extra 5 kilos!
Now I'll have to starve for a very long time if I still like to
loose more kilos after the 5 kilos!
It's stupid to be cleaver afterwords!

If you like to start loosing weight, start today!!!


Saturday, August 28, 2010


Now I've got a new dream or vision!
The Italian man I met yesterday is a very good singer.
He has for 4 years been singing at one of the luxury hotels (owned by a sheik) in Dubai and
have had Arabian sheiks and princes in the audience.
Now I really would like to go there and do the same!
The latest pop songs I sing would fit!
Maybe I could be a Lady Gaga? *smile*
It's a very good salary (you become very wealthy in a couple of years) and
you get to live in a luxury flat and get free dining in the restaurant!

He said he thinks that I would do very well there...!
I wonder if he would like to connect me with the right people over there..?
I mean... if I go there I can't work for him here...and
he maybe needs me here...? and
then he maybe don't like me to go there..?

Anyhow, I can always dream about it...! That's healthy!!!
Humans without visions do perish!
To be honest with you...I don't think Dubai is for me!

A few Photos From Last Night


In the taxicab on the way to Las Americas.

On the way to the first meeting I passed this Fish
Pedicure point and decided to take a photo to show you what it looks like.

There is at least 100 fishes in every aquarium.

I popped in to Hooters for this meal.
Hooters is now in the Veronicas block!
Oh, I'm still hungry!

I had a coffee in the end of the night, at the Charlotte bar,
where I met an Italian businessman.
I know! It's a lot of cream, but it's only spray cream and
it disappeared after a while!
You can't go and sit in a restaurant without ordering something!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Business Night

I have taken an extra night off tonight, but don't believe I will get time to chill out!
No! Now I have to have a shower, put on a make up and jump into a taxi and go to Las Americas to meet a couple of business men over there.
Later, about 10pm, I have a business meeting with a guy here in Los Cristianos... and I must have a dinner too! Oh, I'm in a hurry again, but I like it!!!

Somebody maybe wonder how it goes with my 'starving diet'?
It's working but I'm very hungry! I have lost 400g so far!!!!

Have a nice evening all!



A friend of mine has been photographed by her 'boyfriend' while she was sleeping in the bed.
(not the photo above!)
He has published the photo on a site on the internet where he had like a 'trophy collection' with photos of all the girls he have slept with!
A friend of her told her about it and she has made a report to the Police.

There could be other Players here on Tenerife, or elsewhere, who are into the same kind of cheating! Be careful girls!!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 New Questions

1.If you could change your name, what would it be?
Maybe Samantha or Jasmine..? But I'm satisfied with my name.

2.What is your favorite website?
Facebook if you can call it a website.

3.What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Pistasch or mint ice cream with small chocolate pieces

4.What would your ideal man be like?
Maybe younger than me, good lookin',
strong and charming.

5.How many languages do you speak?
Swedish, Finish, English, and a little Spanish.
I also understand Norwegian + some Danish and Russian.

6.What shampoo do you use?

7.Do you prefer the city or the country?
The city.

8.Do you prefer talking or texting?
It depends on the language.
It's sometimes difficult to understand a foreign language on the phone.
Specially if the person you talk to have got an accent.

9.What do you value most in a person?

10.Where would you like to live?
On Tenerife at the moment.

11.Do you want to get married?
No! But I maybe change my mind if I find the right one and he proposes?

12.Do you want to have kids?
I have two kids; Mattias and Daniel.

13.What is your phobia?
Cockroaches and spiders.

14.Do you believe in Heaven?

15.Are you an early riser?
No! Because of my job I mostly sleep til noon or the afternoon.

16.Have you ever had your heart broken?

17.Have you ever broken one?

18.What is your middle name?

19..What is your favorite song?
At the moment Broken Heels with Alexandra Burke.
I also like 'Upside Down' with Paloma Faith.
Both are pop songs.

20.What is the origin of your last name?
Österbro. (the family name of my dad)
I decided to keep my last name 'Holm' even after the divorce from Clas when it, while I live abroad, would be complicated to arrange a new passport, drivers license, bank cards, insurance cards etc. from Finland + probably even more complicated to change all my cards and papers here in Spain.
Only a new marriage will change my last name.

21.Any tatoos?

22.Would you like to have bigger boobs?

23.Ever been in the back of a police car?
Yes! When I was about 20 years old I was caught by the police when I was driving a car that was not inspected and declared fit for the road.(ATV)

24.What is your favorite curse word?
I don't curse.

25.Have any nick names? If so, what?
On the ferry boat, where I used to work before, some call me 'Suska'
(it has to be said with an Finish accent).
Among some of my English friends I'm called 'Suz'.
My aunts + some of my cousins called me 'Sanna' when I was young. I think they still do..?

26.Name the clothing stores you shop at the most?
Stradivarius and Sara.

27.What is your favorite alcohol drink?
Champagne; Freixenet Semi Seco.

28.Do you like short or long hair on a guy?

29.Have you ever been to a strip club? If you did, what was it like?
Yes, to one down in a cellar here on Tenerife. It was a lot of hash smoke in the air, beautiful but indecent girls and old disgusting dribbling men.
After the show ended the men could buy sex from the girls and they did!
The sex acts took place behind curtains in the bar, in small alcoves, and when the pimp brought a bottle of Cava into the alcoves the guests in the bar could see what was going on in the beds. I will not return! Too dirty environment for me!

30.How old are you?
Old enough!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Only Juice so far!

It's now 3.40 pm and I have only had a glass of juice so far today.
This works very well!!!
But I am very,very, very hungry!!!

I have never in my life had anorexia or bulimia problems!
I say it just in case somebody starts wondering...

This is only an 2-3 week experiment and I will eat a light meal every night.
As soon as I reach my goal, (which is not zero 0!), I will try continue avoiding chocolate, fat cheeses and stuff...

I also know I have to loose about 20 kg to be in the size of the photo models, but that's not my goal right now!
I don't even think that it's beautiful to be a size 0!

I MUST Loose Weight!!!!

My new scales.

I haven't had a scales since February when Clas moved out and took the one that we had.

Today I anyhow got the idea to go out and by one to get to know my weight.

Oh, I tell you! It was not a nice surprise to get to know I have gained 5 kg since February!
I anyhow believe it's possible to get back to where I was and I will give it a serious go.

I like to get rid of the extra kilos as soon as possible and I will try to, more or less, starve the coming 2-3 weeks.
Please, keep your thumbs up! I must make it!!!!

I've started the 'loosing weight program' tonight by going out having a real nice last meal.
He,he! I know, I should not tell you this, because now some of you maybe start thinking she will never make it...? But don't worry! I will!

I will start starving from tomorrow morning when I wake up and I will the coming 2-3 weeks (as long as it takes to loose these 5 kg) walk around with a hungry screaming stomach!
I will drink a lot of water and juice to kill the hunger and eat salad with meat or fish at Lewinskis in the nights.
No chips, chocolate, cheese plates in the nights etc.!

He,he! As far as I know there is no name for this diet! Maybe we can call it 'The Starve Diet'?
I know it's not healthy but what don't you do when you get panic and have to loose weight quickly!

The day the 5 kilos are gone I will reward myself by going out shopping some new clothes from the autumn collection, because I'm not allowed to buy any clothes now before I reach the goal! That's like a bait I've made to help myself make it!

The last meal.
I had a Roasted Lamb Shoulder at 'The Little Italy' that is located on Carl the 23rd street.
Oh, it was really delicious!
As soon as I get down to my normal weight I will go out and have lamb again!
I love it!


Friday, August 20, 2010

I Stringed The Guitar

Today I, for the first time in my life, changed the strings on a guitar.
Oh, it was not that easy as I thought before I started doing it!

I thought you have to make some kind of knots before you start stretching the strings, but you don't have to do that if you just learn the right technique.
I tried and tried and after about half an hour I was ready to give up and called "The Handsome Cowboy" (that's Clas' new artist name!) and asked if he can come and help me.
He told me to watch how to do it on the internet and when I did so I made it myself.
It's very instructive to be a single! I have to learn how to do new things all the time.
Oh, I'm so proud now!


The Cowgirl

I took some photos Wednesday night,
before I went to Lewinskis.

Please, click on the little arrow if you like to watch them
and turn the speakers on.
This photo collection has got music.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pippi Longstocking Monkeys

I don't know what's the matter with me, but I just start thinking about the small Pippi Longstocking monkeys that are at the Monkey park here in Los Cristianos.
I will very soon go there some day and spend a couple of hours with them.
The best with the Monkey Park is that I can go inside the cages and the monkeys
can climb on me and I can feed them.
Oh, I must go there very soon!!!
I just love these monkeys!!! Even when they sometimes wee-wee on me!

Me and a monkey last time I visited.

Monday, August 16, 2010

30 Questions and Answers

Q. Have you ever been around someone who was high on drugs?
Yes, I have. A boyfriend, but I have never tried any drugs myself.

Q. Do you like where you live?
Yes, I like my apartment + Tenerife.

Q. Last thing you purchased?
An USB stick yesterday.

Q. Describe your best kiss ever?
I know with who it was, but can't put words to how it was!
Anyhow, it went on and on and I wish it would never had stopped! *smile*

Q. Explain why you last threw up?
I had a Gin and Tonic + something else... it was a few months ago.
Maybe I'm allergic of Gin?

Q. Where did your last hug take place?
At Lewinskis.

Q. Who was the last person to hold your hand?
In a romantic way? Mr X!

Q. Are you a jealous person?

Q. Are you tired right now?
A little bit, but must still harvest some crops in the Farmville game before I go to bed.

Q. What are your outlooks on gay/bisexual relationships?
I have friends who are gay or lesbians. No problem. But I am myself 100% hetero.

Q. Do you chew on your straws?

Q. What are three things you would like to do you have not yet done?
1. Visit Africa 2. Find the right one 3. Give away millions of Euros.

Q. Have you kissed anyone in the last week?
No! If it means real kisses..?

Q. Do you miss anyone?

Q. What does your last text message say and who was it from?
"Sorry cant make it tonight, see u tomorrow luv, Nancy xx

Q. What are you listening to?
Mostly pop music.

Q. What do you think of love?
It's too complicated at the moment!

Q. Does anyone know your computer ID password?
Yes, Clas, Mr X and Adam.

Q. Do you like someone?
Yes, I like many; my sons, my parents and many other people... but I don't like anybody in a romantic way at the moment.

Q. Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt?

Q. Are you happier single or in a relationship?
Both are okay, but as a single I really miss someone to curl up next to in the nights.

Q. Have you ever flirted with a friend's crush?
No. But I have a couple of friends who have tried to steel my boyfriend!

Q. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes. But I have also been into relationship with someone who I first thought would not be anything for me.

Q. Have you ever crawled through a window?
Yes. At a house out on an island in Finland.
We went there by boat a weekend but forgot the house keys and had to crawl through a window every time to get in and out.

Q. What do you spend most of your money on?
I think it's food at the moment...But sometimes it's clothes and cosmetics.

Q. Is there a secret you've never told your parents?
Really many!

Q. Have you ever been on a blind date?

Q. Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?
I deleated the last one I had, that was the screen photo on my mobile, but it just keeps coming back and I don't know how to get rid of it. It's still there!

Q. Who was the last person to come to your house?
Clas who brought a couple of speaker stands to my home.

Q. Any summer plans for next year?
Not really. I don't know how to continue my life at the moment and I don't make any plans.

Friday, August 13, 2010

50.000 Visitors!

A while ago I celebrated the fact with a bottle of Freixenet Champagne on the balcony.
It's +28 in the shadow today and it was really refreshing!
Thanx for reading my blog! Cheers!



Oh dear, so many men fancy me now when they know I am a single!
I don't really know what to do about it.
To be honest I'm not interested and some of them are under 30 years old!!!
He,he ! I could be 'the mama' to some of them!!

Honestly I have at the moment decided to play the Farmville game in the nights,
to do business in the daytime and to sing at Lewinski in the evenings and that means
there's no time for romance!!!
And I have started using longer skirts to not look like twenty something! :-)

Apartments For Rent - Hyreslägenheter

If you are planning to visit or stay on Tenerife this winter and look for somebody who can arrange your accommodation, please, contact me.
I arrange apartments in Los Cristianos and Las Americas and they are for both short and long terms.

Many Scandinavians have already been contacting me and like it seams I'll need more apartments to rent out.
If you have an apartment in Los Cristianos or Las Americas, that you would like to rent out,
please, contact me on my mail: susanne@clasholm.com

Ifall nån behöver få hjälp med att ordna boendet på Teneiffa i vinter kan ni kontakta mej.
Jag förmedlar uthyrning av lägenheter i Los Cristianos och Las Americas och man kan hyra för kort eller lång tid.

Många Skandinaver har redan kontaktat mej och jag kommer, som det verkar, behöva några lägenheter till att förmedla.
Om du har en lägenhet som du kan tänka dej att hyra ut i Los Cristianos eller Las Americas, vänligen kontakta mej på e-mail: susanne@clasholm.com

Please, visit my apartment blog:


Lewinski 12.08.2010

This is a video clip from the first break at Lewinskis last night.
Please, click on the little arrow to watch it.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Beers At The Players Lounge

It sparkles all the time while you drink it!

The ice cream look.

The foam stays on the inside of the glass!

An English friend taught me in the beginning of the summer how a good beer should be served. It's really a big difference between a beer and a good beer!

1.The beer has to sparkle all the time while you consume it. Then it's good!

2. It's best if it's served in a Carling glass, but a Strongbow glass is also okay.
If it's served in a pint glass the sparkling stops very soon!

3. The glass has to be absolutely dry! If it's not the sparkling stops!

4.The white cap on the top of the beer should look like an ice cream and be higher than the
edge of the glass.

5. When you drink the beer the foam from the beer should be left on the inside of the glass all the way down to the bottom. If it does you've got a good beer!


Please, click on the little arrow if you like to watch the video clip.


Money On The Clothesline

I have at the moment some money hanging on the clothesline out on the balcony.
After finishing the work tonight I went for a night snack to the Bananas bar in Valde center.
When I got there and opened my bag I realized the cap of the water bottle, that I had inside the bag, had went off.
Everything was soaked to the skin. Even my purse!
Hopefully there will be no strong winds on the balcony tonight.


Monday Night about 8.30pm

It's a lot more of tourists in Los Cristianos now.
This is on the beach walk, Monday night, when I went for dinner to The Players Lounge.
Tourists everywhere!
Please, click on the photo to get it larger and you can see all the people.

Like always I had the ribs at the restaurant.
In my opinion these ribs are the best on the island.
They are made from baby pigs! That's why the bones are so small!
But Fish and Chips is also recommended if you go there.
I've had that only ones so far but will for sure have it again.

The Players lounge is when you walk from Los Cristianos, pass through the tunnel,
get to the big fountain that is down at the score of San Telmo Beach and look up to
the right onto the second floor. There it is!
They serve homemade English food.

Notice you end up in the right restaurant when
the neighbor restaurants are very close by!


Parking Offence

It's not the first time somebody is parking the car like the black car on these photos.
It happens every now and then and it's always at the same spot where the trash bins are.

Imagine if somebody comes in a high speed down the hill when the red car is going to pass the wrong parked car!
It didn't happen this time but I got a few shocks, when cars were passing, while I was sitting sunbathing on the balcony. Fortunately every car driver made it this time.
Normally the 'Gruas' come and pick up wrong parked cars but they never showed up.


Sunday, August 08, 2010

Foot Pedicure

There's a 'new business' down at the beach walk now. You can for 7 Euros get a 15 minutes fish pedicure.

You just clean your feet and then stick them down into a water tank containing a lot of small carp fishes from Turkey, called Garra Rufa.
They are like small doctor fishes that lick or such away the dead human skin from your feet.
People who have tried the service say the fishes tickle when they are removing the skin.
I haven't tried it myself.

The treatment was recently banned in 14 states in America, and some opponents argue that it should not be allowed anywhere.
Health officials over there fear the fish could spread infections to customers through open wounds or that a customer’s tiny nicks could become infected.
Some of the saloons in America charge $60 for a 30 minute treatment.

Here on Tenerife it anyhow has become a popular treatment among the tourists and you can find fish tanks in Las Americas, Los Cristianos and in Puerto Colon.


Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Stalker

Last night when I walked home from work a Spanish guy started following me.
He was at Lewinskis in the night looking at me.
I told him to go away but he didn't take any notice and just continued walking beside me talking to me in Spanish telling me how beautiful he thinks I am etc. Oh, I became so scared!

Finally an other Spanish man on the street came and saved me.
He walked on the street and I looked at him with eyes saying *Please,help me!* and he stopped and looked at us. Then I told the stalker to leave me alone and walk away and he had to do so when the other man stood there and heard what I said. Praise God!

I was very scared when I got home and I walked around in the apartment and checked that all the windows were closed even when I live on the second floor.

I can still imagine how he's face looked and I feel scared when I think about it.
He looked like he was very confused like not being in this world and his eyes were very glassy.

If he shows up again I will have to look for somebody who can come and get me every night and walk home with me. It would probably not be so expensive when I only live a couple of blocks away from where I work.

The Cowgirl some nights ago

My Farm

My Farm 28.07.2010.

When Mr X went over to England I started playing the Farmville game with some of my friends on Facebook.
It's a good way to get the time going and it keeps me busy not feeling so alone when he's not here.
I have now reached level 34 and the photo above is how my farm looks now.