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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Before and After

It's amazing how much makeup and photo retouch can do.

Back On Stage

We started playing again last night. It was so fun.
I like to play and could have started already last week.
The terrace was full in the beginning of the night and it was really a surprise when we knew there are not many tourists here now.

Thanx a lot to all of you who visited us. You made our night!
Some of the Norwegians will leave the island around 4.30 this morning but they still came to see us. Unbelievable!
Now I just look forward to play again tomorrow.
It's much more fun to be on the stage than to be off, but it takes a lot of energy and you have to rest and recharge the batteries every now and then.

I have got some of the latest pop songs now in my Mp3 player and I like them so much that I hardly can't sleep in the nights when I have to listen to them again and again.
I will for sure start singing some of them next summer if I stay in the business.

Last night I went to bed around 3 o'clock in the morning but I didn't fall to sleep before after 7 o'clock, only because of these songs.
My diurnal rhythm is really out of order now and I will try to pull myself together and get to bed earlier this night.

To you all;
Have a nice Sunday.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 7 (Sunday)

Today I have been in the home the whole day.
I decided to check through all my jeweleries and sort them into different baskets that I bought at Ikea yesterday. They are now in a nice order and it will be so easy for me to find what I'm looking for.

Clas was replanting these three cute cactus flowers that he bought at Ikea.


Vacation day 4, 5 and 6 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

I haven't been home much lately but tonight I decided to not go anywhere but stay home on the computer.
I'll later watch a few series on tv3.se/play and tv4.se/play.


Our friend Paul, from England, visited us in the afternoon and we sat chatting out on the balcony.
In the night we went to restaurant Tarahales in Los Cristianos to see Paul again + Maives and Jack and an other English couple.
We had so fun and were even doing some line dancing.

Clas, Katharina (Kattis) and I went to Ikea, Alcampo for shopping.
I didn't buy much but when we went home the car was so packed that we barely could get into it.


I was out shopping in Los Cristianos and in the afternoon I went over to Scandibar.
Carina and Lasse were leading the community singing there.

Paul also showed up at the 'singsong along venue'.
To Patricia in England; Greetings from Paul!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Vacation day 2 and 3 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

It's really nice weather on Tenerife now.
A clear sky and about +25 degrees in the daytime.
I have been sunbathing on the balcony a couple of hours the last two days and tomorrow I have plans to go down to the beach and lay on a hammock the whole afternoon.

I have been doing a lot of Christmas cleaning in the apartment but there's still some work to do.
We have been out eating in the nights and been at the Scandibar with the Scandinavians.
Tonight we had homemade pea soap there and it was so lovely.

Friday I will go shopping to Ikea and Alcampo with Catarina and Clas.

Vista Sur Tuesday night.
I haven't seen the sea so calm before. No waves.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Vacation Day 1 (Monday)

The first day of the vacation is now going to an end.
The whole day I have been cleaning the apartment and the balcony for Christmas.
I decided to start refurnishing the living room in the same time as I clean everything, even when I haven't started painting the walls yet, and a part of the room is still in a mess.
I'll continue tomorrow...
It will for sure take a couple of more days before the cleaning is ready, but then I will start relaxing.

After I have written this blog I will watch a program over the internet at tv4.se/play.
It's called "Bonde söker fru" ("Farmer looking for a woman").
I started watching this soap opera because one of the farmers in the program, Janne, is from Järvsö in Sweden.
That's the same place from where our friends Pernilla and Per are. ( The couple who were married here on Tenerife a few months ago).
When they told us that their "neighbor" will be in the program I decided to watch it as soon as it would be broadcasted.

Many tourists have been asking us the last nights about what we will do during our vacation.
Normally we go to Finland this time a year, but we have decided to not do that and we'll probably just take it easy and relax here on Tenerife.
We both like to just stay home and have a normal life.
We would just feel stressed to have to start packing the suitcases and start traveling somewhere.
I have only been looking forward to get time off, that I can spend in my home doing whatever I like to do with no appointments.

Right now I am busy preparing the home for Christmas but I will for sure go at least one day to Sta Cruz for shopping and if it's nice and sunny I also would like to spend a couple of days on the beach with somebody. We'll see!


Monday, December 07, 2009

La Karina 06.12.2009

We are now going for vacation and will be back at La Karina the 19th of December.

Our last night was a very busy night, like it has been the whole autumn, and the dance floor turned out to be too small again.
Many line dancers and couple dancers liked to grab the last chance to dance and the floor was sometimes so over packed and messy that we felt a little bit worried about how it all would end.
But fortunately everything worked fine and no fights came up.

It's not often people start fighting but it has happened when somebody, time after time, has been pushing somebody else in a bad way.
The most of the times the involved parts have started screaming bad words to each other.

There are rules about how dancers should behave on a crowded floor and the most important rules are that you try to give space to each other and avoid pushes.
The restaurants here on Tenerife don't have any uniformed men and we musicians have ourselves to act like the police when the floor gets messy.

When we see it gets too crowded we first always try to split the dance floor in two spaces.
One area for the line dancers and one for the other dancer. Sometimes people however are too drunk and they forget to stay on their space and it has happened that couples have been jiving in full speed straight into the line dancers so that they almost have fell over or been hurt.

Clas and I don't like that to happen and we have an agreement that we will stop the music immediately, even in the middle of a song, if we see this starts happening.
That's better, because it would not be fun if somebody would be hurted.

Please click on the arrow to watch the video clip.



Las Galletas.

I have been quite busy the last days and because of that I haven't had time to blog.
Not much of interest has happened, but I will give you a short update.

I know it sounds stupid but I don't remember what I was doing on Wednesday...
Maybe I only was out shopping...?

Thursday I visited a small town called Costa Del Silencio, with some friends.
We visited the Arico flea market that is located there but I only bought a nice copper plate.

Friday ( our day off) I was invited to Catarina.
We sat and chatted on her balcony and had some homemade chocolate "scrap" cake with champagne. Very delicious!
After that we went over to the Scandibar and later Catarina, Clas and me went by taxi up to a small mountain village called Adeje to have dinner at restaurant La Rambla.

Saturday I was doing some Christmas cleaning in the apartment + laundry.

Sunday I continued the Christmas cleaning in the apartment...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Beautiful Nails

I had an appointment with the hairdresser today and he colored my hair and cut it.
A new thing at the saloon is that you also can have your nails done in the same time now.
I decided to have a French manicure and my nails turned out to be so beautiful that I thought I just have to show you a picture.

He,he! Clas will have to do the dishes now. My time at the kitchen sink will be shut down for a while, but I think that's fair. He is too spoiled!
It's my turn now to just relax and get everything served like on a silver plate.
I will for sure go on a spree and not bother about all 'must dos'.

No, the truth is that I can do whatever with these nails!
I did not put on acrylic nails this time.
It's only my own nails that are painted like acrylic nails. That's why they are so short.
I am a practical girl and to have too long nails would just make me frustrated when there is always so much that has to be done.

The life will for sure go on like normal...!
Oh, such a sad story this turned out to be!!!
Don't you think so?

By the way, I bought the two silver rings yesterday when I went out on a quick shopping tour with my friend Catharina.
She inspired me to start painting all the walls in the apartment and I would like to start doing it directly. Clas don't however like me to do it so I have to wait til after Christmas.
Then I will for sure start renewing everything!!!
I will also put up big golden ceiling strips and rearrange all the furniture.


Snowball Fight

He,he! I think these JibJab videos are quite fun!

Please, click on the arrow to watch the snowball fight.
The gang on the top of the roof are two of the waiters who work at La Karina and the owner of the restaurant.

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