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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lewinski 26.01.2012

These video clips are from last Thursday.
In the first one the line dancers dance 'Disappearing Bubbles' and 'Chrystal Chandeliers' and
in the second video clip you get to listen to the song *Viva EspaƱa' sang by my friend Juanjo from La Gomera. He is at the moment dressed in the folklore outfit of Canarias because he had earlier in the night been singing Canarian music in a hotel.
In this second clip you also can watch the "Spanish Caballero" dancing the 'Rio' line dance with the other linedancers.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

A trip in the mountains

Today we have had a trip in the mountains. We just felt we had to get away and have a day doing no business. We have both been working hard and we know that if we don't leave the town we will just go on and on. There's so much to do!
We left about 12 in the noon and came back home about 7 in the night...

To be honest with you our 'cut off' didn't work very well. Our heads have been full of business the whole afternoon, but we feel like we have had a relaxing day!
Many times when we take time off it seams like we somehow meet people in the right time in the right place etc and then we soon are into business again.
This is what happened today, but Oh, how we like it!
I'm sorry I can't tell you right now what we have been into. I will only show you some camera shots that I took during our trip.

This day has anyhow been just amazing and we are both so excited about how everything just seams like it has been planned by a higher force. We didn't have any business plans today!
Before we left I asked Brito where were going and he didn't know.
I said we must think a little bit about what we like to do today and where we like to go to not just drive around in the car like to fools without a destination, but Brito told me to not worry.
He said ;- Let us just drive around and see where the Lord brings us today, and when I didn't have any ideas in my mind I agreed and we just started the trip without a destination.
The only thing we knew was that we have to go to a shop in the end of the day and buy some food.
Anyhow, we just 'happened' to stop at a place where we never have been before and there we met a man that we didn't know before and then we soon were into business again...This man had been thinking of going down to Los Cristianos and look for somebody like us...!

Now we know this was exactly what we had to do today.
Sometimes it's better to not have plans for everything, like it seams.
If we would have planned the day in details we for sure would have missed it out.
Oh, I'm so excited about this day!!! It has been a real adventure!


Lewinski 19.01.2012

Thursday nights are the most crowded in the week.
Last Thursday it was over 130 people who visited Lewinskis.
Please click on the small arrow if you like to watch these video clips.

Line dances: Pot Of Gold and Cumbia.

The 'Barn dance' is many times a floor filler even when it's a partner dance.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lewinski 12.01.2012

Last Thursday was a crowded night.
About 150 people visited the Lewinski terrace.
Please click on the small arrows if like to watch these video clips that
I took during the night.

The first hour...
Line dances: Rio and Caballero

The second hour...
Line dances: Telepathy and Crystal Chandeliers


Monday, January 16, 2012

Lewinski 05.01.2012

Please, click on the small arrow if you like to watch this video clip.


Sunday, January 01, 2012


We have started the new year eating a lot of Polvorones.


Una Tartaleta Rellena a la Brito


He made a snowman of two grapes and the eyes are made of caviar and the hat is half a cherry.


Datiles Con Bacon

Dates inside bacon, is a typical snack among the Canarians

Brito has surprised me again;
This are my favorites now. I just love them!
You can have them warm or cold.
You can have them for breakfast, as a snack in the afternoon or as a tapas in the night.
I recommend you to try them.


20 dates from Palm tree
a package of bacon (20 slices)

Take out the seeds that are inside the fruits.
Roll a slice of bacon around every date fruit.
Lock the roll with a toothpick. Put them in a gratin dish and bake for
10 minutes in 225 C (425 F).

(I don't know if you can buy the right dates in every shop, but we have bought ours at the Carolina shop here in Los Cristianos. They sell them there at the bread desk.


The dates you buy in the shop look like this.