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Monday, December 13, 2021

 Hi friends,

I am not singing on Tenerife right now, but is in my home country Finland.

I moved here 04.04.2018 and brought Brito with me.

I became the owner of my parents house and he promised to help me make a total

renovasion of the house. You can see the house on photo above.

It is ready renovated inside and about 50% reafy outside. Our next project is to start 

cleaning and renovating the rooms downstairs.

We desided to stay here for 1 1/2 year after considering how much renovasion  that

really had to be done. Now, in Dec 2021, we still are here. 

Could not find a reason to go back to the island while the Covid pandemic is going on. 

No dancers and no tourists! It would just be boooring!


We both enjoy living in the new house now but the plan is to go back to Tenerife 

in the future if the pandemic just leave. We'll see.

Anyhow we miss you all and hope seeing you again in the future, someday somewhere.

Take care till we meet again, xx , Susanne