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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweden is revolting!

Winner of the Swedish Robinson 2009 is Ellenor Pierre.
Jarmo ended on second place even when the most of the people who have watched the programs think he was the only person who is a real survivor.

Many people in Sweden are angry today.
They mean that wrong person won the game and some even talk about writing to the TV company and complain about the wrong result.
Some people mean that the program must be canceled in the future, and some say it's not right when the TV company in the final let the other Robinson participants decide who is the most well-earned winner.
That because they establish their opinions on disappointments and unforgiveness for things that happened during the competition.
They mean it would me more fair to arrange a voting among the TV watchers.
All according to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

However, Ellenor won the game and to get so far she has to be very shrewd which is also a part of the game.
Her strategy was to just be weak and loose all the competitions in the beginning, so that the others not would see her as a treat and vote her out from the game, and then in the last competitions she gave all she had and won the whole game. Very clever!
Congratulations to Ellenor!

If you like to read about this in Swedish please, click here.

Brittain's Got Talent

Oh what a final!
The Diversity group won!
Please, click here to watch the final.

They are very, very good and talented and absolutely worth the price, but as you know I wished Susan Boyle would be the winner.
I am always supporting people who are persecuted by others, but in this case that was not the only reason when I also think she's very good.

Now with the key in the hand I think it wasn't so bad at all that it ended like it did.
Susan has already got a lot of publicity and is famous all around the world and then it's much smarter idea to let this group win and they also get a lot of PR.
It's almost like "getting two flies in one slap", like we say in Swedish.

However, Britain has really got talent!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Life coaching

My blog has now got a new label called coaching.
(in the bar to the right)
All my posts that include a coaching message will, from this day, be collected under this label.
I have written coaching posts before but they will stay under the labels where they are, when it would take hours for me to find them.

Media made a shameless use of Susan Boyle?

The final of "The Britain's got talent" is tonight.
Is she going to make it?
I hope so and keep my thumbs up.

There is a big competitor in Shaheen Jafargholi, a 12 years old singer who is very good.
I also get goose bumps when I listen to him. Please click here to listen to him.

My opinion is, despite his talent, that he has got the whole life to become a big star and he will for sure become one and he is already one.
Susan, on the other hand, is old and she probably needs this victory to get to the point where she can do her "mission" and bless the people around her with her, of God created, voice.

There is for sure a time for all our "missions" to come through and I believe that this is the time for Susan Boyle.
She has already been a blessing for the whole world and the way in which she got the breakthrough looks to me like God has a part in it.
She is a good testimony for the saying "there is always a God given destiny even when it don't look like that".
Her breakthrough can give us all hope and we can understand that all our lives have got a sense or a destiny.

By the way, do you know what your destiny is?
If not, you must start checking out the desires in your heart.
The God given destiny is already in your heart, and it many times agree with your own "secret dreams".

He,he! Do I sound like a preacher now?
I think it's okay! Let's say this is like a "Whitsun sermon" to you.

Some days ago it wasn't sure if Susan would compete or not when she felt, according to the media, that the pressure on her was more than she could handle. My question is was this only a trick of the media to get selling headlines?
However, today she says she would never miss out this chance to win and she is charging the batteries on a secret address.

If you like to read about Susan in Swedish, please visit Aftonbladet by
clicking here.

The last program of The Swedish Robinson 2009 is also broadcast tonight and my favorite is Jarmo.

I wish you all a nice blessed weekend.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


If you speak Swedish I would like to recommend a TV program to you.
It's called "Draknästet" (The nest of the dragons, transl. to English) and you can watch it over the internet on svt.se.

It's a program where people who have good business ideas get the possibility to meet 5 famous investors (dragons) of Sweden and do a presentation of the idea to them.
If the dragons like the idea they invest money on the project + help the contractor to get closer to a success by using their business contacts and knowledge.

Oh, it's so interesting to see all the ideas the people have and to get to know how the dragons think when they decide if it will be a good business or not, and to see how they finally negotiate the contract and agree about the shares in the company etc.
I think it's one of the best TV programs ever!
If you are interested in business you will like it!

It will be nine different programs and now the fifth is released on the site.
I will watch the program as soon as I get this post done.

Planning outfits next

I have been singing like a nightingale the whole afternoon.
I sang for almost five hours and I wonder now if the neighbors had to wear ear plugs.
Nobody have ever been complaining about it which means they probably can't hear me.
The house where we live have got real thick walls which is nice.

The next project for me will be the planning of outfits.
I will only plan "summer outfits" when the days here on Tenerife now gets warmer and warmer.
To be honest I don't really remember all the shirts and skirts I have and what color they are a.s.o. and it's going to be quite interesting.
I will write a "must buy list" in the same time and when I get it ready I will go out shopping and look for the kind of pieces that is missing. Very fun!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our dinner

Clas made a lovely dinner for us tonight.
It's grilled fillet steak of pork, salad, rice,
sweet and sour cream sauce, red onion in foil, cranberry jam
Nice to have a good chef!

A New Restroom

I feel so satisfied with the life now!
You know, it don't have to be much to get me lucky.
I have finished the worse of my planned project during the vacation, namely the cleaning of the restroom.
Now it really looks like a new polished 57'Chevrolet! Praise God!

It took me the whole afternoon yesterday, to do the job, when I had to take everything out and then clean the whole room from the ceiling to the floor and then clean every single peace that I put back in.
It's so clean now and smells like brand new, because of the smell of the new blue plastic curtains and everything, and it's a pleasure to only go in and just look around.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Vacation Only One More Week

Oh boy! It's now only one more week and then we start working at La Karina again.
How can I get all my plans fulfilled in one week?
I can feel the stress coming creeping if I just start thinking about it.

However, nobody of us have time to make the dinner tonight and we''ll have to go out on town and grab something...And that means I soon will have to start doing a make-up...

Tonight I will do rehearsal of the new country songs all night long!
Yehaaa! I really look forward to it!
Have a nice evening!

I found this photo from La Karina in the mailbox today.
It's from Stig-Åke and Ingela in Sweden.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Grand Prix in Monaco

We have been watching Grand Prix today.
Kimi Räikkönen ended number three after Barrichello and Button, who won the game.

It's the first time this year Kimi is on the podium and the Grand Prix is not what it used to be anymore since Brawn-Mercedes entered the game.
It was much more interesting before when Kimi, the most of the races, was among the three best.

If Kimi finish participating in Grand Prix I will also finish watching it.
He is my Grand Prix hero and will always be.
He is a very good driver if he just get to drive a car that is strong and fast enough.
Ferrari had good cars before but now the Brawn-Mercedes cars are better.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

18.000 Visitors!

My blog will reach 18.000 visitors tomorrow!

Plenty To Do...

I have been out shopping today and bought among other things some make up and a lot of silk stockings.
I hope I will be provided with silk stockings until Christmas at least.

To be on the safe side I have learned to start looking for more silk stockings as soon as the amount reach down to about 20 pairs.
That's because it can take months before the shop get a new stock.
I don't know why it's like this here on Tenerife.
Is it because of the manana mentality? The fact that we are out on an island in the Atlantic Ocean? Or is it just because they don't know about logistic here?
It's probably a mix of it all together!

I have still a lot of projects that must be done during the vacation.
Don't believe that I just spend the days being lazy in the sun!

- I have to do an all over extensive scouring of the restroom.
- I have to re-plan all the outfits before we start playing again.
- I have to do rehearsal of about 30 songs from the new country shanger.
- I have to plan the songs for our next CD.
- And many other things that I haven't even had time to think about yet....

Oh I really wish the day had at least 50 hours!

Tonight we had salmon in cream sauce for dinner.

We bought vanilla cream sauce at Ikea some days ago and
today I made a crispy apple pie to have with it.
Very delicious!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Paint Shop Pro

I'm so happy!
Clas has taughth me how to use a lovely program on the computer, called Paint Shop Pro.
We have been talking about it for a long time, that I absolutely must learn it, but when you work six nights a week it's hard to find the time to just sit down in peace and start concentrating on learning a new program.
This training kept us busy yesterday and today I have made my first photo manipulation, which is the photo below.

I will now start editing some of my photos before I publish them on the blog.
It's a very good program when you are able to cut out a piece from one photo and paste it into an other photo so that it really looks real.
You can also fix a better make-up on your face when you feel unsatisfied with the look you have got on the picture and much more...

It looks like we have been playing at GrandOle Opry in Nashville,
but it's only a manipulation of two different pictures.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A trip in the mountains

Here are some photos from yesterday.

Early in the morning on the "autopista" that
leads to the capital of the island.
It is a 50 minute drive up to Sta Cruz.

When we got to the town it was already daylight.
The street sweepers had started their work.
They use big leaves from the palm trees for sweeping.

We had breakfast at a bar not far from the hospital.

Hospiten Rambla in Sta Cruz.

After the hospital visit we had a walk in a famous park called
Parque Garcia Sanabria.

Clas is bird spotting.

Me in the park.

It was very nice weather and we decided to take a trip up to
Anaga and the Mercedes mountains,
located north/north east of Sta Cruz.

There are plenty of these beautiful flowers on the
cliff walls.

After a while we stopped and climbed up on a hill.

The view looking down on the other side of the hill.
To be honest I was little bit scared of the heights.
Ones I grabbed Clas' shirt when I thought we would fall down
along a steep with the car and everything, and he had to drive very
slowly on the serpentine roads.

There are many pick-nick areas with fireplaces in the mountains.

Sta Cruz seen from above.

There are a few big rocks outside the northern coast of Tenerife.

The Fred Olsen ferry on the way in to Sta Cruz from Gran Canaria.

It was a long trip we made yesterday.
After the serpentine roads we changed and I started
driving for a while.
Here on the way down to Punto de Hidalgo.
You can see some unusual funny road signs on Tenerife and
while Clas was driving he every now and then asked;
-What does this sign mean?
When I drove I read all the signs loudly so that
he would know that I had seen them.
You know some men are scared to be passengers when
a woman drive.
If I didn't say anything he directly asked me what the last
sign did say to be sure that I have seen it. Oh, men!!!
I must tell you that I was the drivers instructor for all
our three boys, home in Finland before we moved down
to Tenerife, and they all passed the tests and got their licenses.

Clas waiting for the meal.
We stopped at a Tasca bar in Tacoronte.
When you visit small restaurants like this it's good to sit at the bar.
I mean if you know a little bit Spanish and can have a conservation
with the owner and the locals at the bar...
This Tasca owner gave us first small free tastes from the menu.
You probably not get that service if you sit down at a table.

We finally ordered "Sopa Lentejas de Canarias".
I also got a small glass of the local red wine.
When we had eaten about half of the portions the bar owner
sprinkled chopped onions over the soup and the taste of it got an
extra nice character. Very delicious!

After the meal we started our way back home to Los Cristianos.

After the sunset we had a small grill party for the two of us.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our trip to Sta Cruz

Oh what a day!
I got a surprise at the hospital in Sta Cruz when the doctor put a tube through the nose down into the stomach and told me it has to stay there until tomorrow.
This means we have to return to Sta Cruz tomorrow.

The manometry test, which he did first today, was not terrible at all.
I had to swallow a small very thin tube and then lay down on a bed and while I was laying there the doctor gave me small drinks of water that I had to swallow.
A computer was, during the examination, writing like a diagram of how my esophagus works.
The feeling was quite the same like now, when I have a similar tube going down to the stomach.

I can live like "normal" until tomorrow, but the tube is connected to a small "apparatus" that is hanging in a belt around my waist and I'm not allowed to have a shower.
I will anyhow try to wash my hair tonight because if I don't it will look terrible tomorrow and we are probably going out on town in Sta Cruz after the appointment at the hospital, like we did today.

The recorder that I carry at the waist is registering when the acids in my stomach flows into the lower esophagus and it also records the degree of acidity.
I have to push different buttons when I eat , lay down, sit up and if I get a heartburn etc.

The sun comes up between Tenerife and Gran Canaria.
It's seldom we get out of the bed before the sun rises and
get pictures like this one.

Me with the tube in the nose.

When we got out from the hospital we went to
Mc Donalds for breakfast.
Yes! I can eat and swallow normally!

Then we went out on town.
This is my favorite shopping street in Sta Cruz.
We also visited Ikea and Alcampo today.
I bought a lot of stuff but no clothes when I hardly
couldn't try them on.
Clas bought a funny music instrument...
Maybe he's going to blog about it on his blog...?

Back in Los Cristianos.
Nice weather every day now!

Me with the "apparatus".
Guess if people were staring at me today
when I was out shopping having the tube in the nose!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A trip in the sun

Tomorrow we are driving up to Hospital Rambla in Sta Cruz.
It's time for the menometry test, and I will have it done already at 8.30 in the morning.

By the way, this week has been like a miracle!
I have had absolutely no problem at all, even when I haven't been taking any medicine.
Now I really wonder why I have had to take it at all?!
This must be a miracle!

Today we have been driving around a little bit here on the south of Tenerife.
We went down to El Medano, which is the little peak out in the sea, close to the airport.

I always check myself out in the ladies mirror that's on
the backside of the sun shield.

It was windy at El Medano, but nice sunny weather.

Clas posing like the men do on the pictures in
the mail-order catalogs.

We walked down to this little "barn" restaurant at
the beach front.

Had coffee and a delicious fish tapas.

Sunbathing on the cliffs.

Later we took a trip up to Granadilla and San Miguel.

It was a lot of people walking along the road between
San Miguel and Valle San Lorenzo.
It looked like some kind of a pilgrim walk was going on?
Some of the people were dressed in nice costumes and hats...

There was a lot of horses and we had to pass them
carefully when they seamed to be scared of the car.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Congratulations To Norway!

The Norwegian entry was absolutely the best, but I thought UK or Azerbaijan would be second.
Iceland that ended as number two was not bad at all either.
But my favorite from the beginning, after I had seen all the entries, was Norway.

Now we quickly need to get a line dance for the Norwegian song so that we can start dancing it in the nights.
I think the song is having a little bit of an Irish influence. Don't you think so?

The Eurovision Song Contest

Many people are probably just waiting for the contest to start now.
Here we have got wires hanging up in the ceiling from the studio all the way into the living room.
Clas has got an idea that he will listen to the Finnish Swedish commentator over the internet at the same time as he watch the program.

I heard today that Germany have consulted a world famous striptease lady to join their contribution to get more promotion in the media.
The question is now; I she really going to strip of everything?
However, The Eurovision song contest is not anymore what it used to be.

I haven't decided to watch or not yet when the music is not really my taste.
I like non of the songs I have heard so far and think it's really a shame.
But, the question is, how can I avoid to watch it when there will be music all around me?

Clas is prepared and just wait now...
The room is made dark and everything.