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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New top

Last week I got this nice top from a friend in England.
I promised to take a photo and show how it looks when I have it on.
It's very beautiful and there is a lot of black pearls and stuff on it but you can't see it on this photo. I like it very much!
Thank you Sue!

I look terrible on this photo!
It was taken when we got home from the work the other night and I look very tired and the make up is not the best.
The hair is sweaty when I have had the hat on all night.
Please, overlook these facts.
We look terrible every night when we get home from work.
It's still very warm nights and the spotlights even make it worse.
To be honest with you I long for some colder nights.
I'm so tired of the warmth.

Clas is NOT dead!

We have had guests showing up lately telling us they have thought Clas is dead!
They had been told so last winter when they went out to see us in Los Cristianos, after we had moved to Las Americas.

This is only a misunderstanding! Clas is still alive!!!
I will explain it for you...
The couple went to the restaurant where we used to play.
There a man stood at the entrance telling that the man who has been playing here lately died last night.
Chocked and sad the couple went back to the hotel, believing it was Clas, because we had been playing there during the last years.
Half a year later when the couple returned to Tenerife they got to know that it was an other cowboy who used to play there after we left, who had died. Not Clas!

A few other couples have also told us that they have heard that we had left the island and moved back to Finland.
He,he! This is Tenerife!
We have been on Tenerife all the time playing in Las Americas!
We didn't even get time to visit Finland last year.

Some people have also heard that we are playing somewhere up in the mountains.
What should we do there? There are no tourists staying up in the mountains of Tenerife and, of course, we play where the tourists are.

If you hear any kind of wild rumours this winter don't believe what you hear!
We are going to play at La karina 1 in Las Americas 5 nights a week and you'll find us there every day except Fridays and Mondays!
La Karina 1 is at the main road, going through Las Americas, outside the Elite Tenerife Sol hotel, neighbor to Veronicas and Pleasure Island.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cute Dogs

Very cute!

Maybe somebody get angry at me now, but I don't like dogs!
I think some of them are very cute but I would never like to have one.

The cat is my favorite animal and I would like to have a cat if Clas just allowed me to have one.
He thinks the cats are as disgusting as the dogs are.
Our repudiation is because these animals have a habit to lick themselves and each other in the behind and then after that they lick your hand or, even worse, your face!

A woman we know kiss her dog straight on it's mouth and one day when we met her and the dog at a restaurant she shared a lollipop with it.
She kept the lollipop in her mouth, but every now and then she took it out and reached it out to the dog that gave it a couple of licks. Ugh!
I almost started vomiting but had to keep a poker face! I just could imagine all the dog behinds it had been licking on the way to the restaurant!

An other chocking thing that you often see here on Tenerife is when the tourists lay down in the dog piss.
An example; Sometimes the dogs like to wee-wee at the roots of the trees between Vista Sur and the Santiago 3 hotel here at the beach walk.
Many times the tourists lay out their towels on the lawn there, lay down and put their heads toward the trees where the dogs have been urinating! Ugh!
You just hope they will have a shower back at the hotel and not walk around with the dog urine in their hair!

The dogs here on Tenerife are also causing a lot of excrement on the pavement.
Look carefully when you are out walking because there is a high risk you will step straight into a dunghill. It's better now than before but it's still an ongoing problem.
Any how... No dog for me!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am busy.
Have to;
- do ironing
- listen to some of the new songs that I will start singing
- have a shower and wash my hair before I
start doing the makeup tonight
- plan outfits

I really look forward to this evening.
It's Thursday and that means line dancing , line dancing and line dancing!
Last night I got a chafed foot and had to take it easy in the end of the night.

The belts are in order again.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Do I look younger now?

He, he! I found my old passport in a box today and I couldn't do anything else than laugh at it.
I decided to show you how different I looked.

The photo was taken when I was about 30 years old and I think I looked like a teacher or something.
I look younger on my new passport where I'm about 40 years old!
Is it because of the hair cut?

Hmmm...Maybe it's only me thinking that I look younger now?

Me about 30 years old.
Look like 40!

Me 40 years old. Look like 30?
This is my valid passport.

My belts

I have to organize my belts again tomorrow.
It only takes about a week and then they are in a mess again.

I am really in a need of a good belt organizer but I haven't seen any here on Tenerife so far.
In Sweden they often have good practical items that solve all kind of problems and I will check out Ikea next time I visit.
I think they have got a big plastic belt hanger with a lot of holes in that could make it.
Then I can hang the belts in the different holes, depending on what color they are, and the problem will hopefully be solved.
I threw away a lot of belts last time I put them in order but it didn't help much like you see.

To be honest with you the smaller basket was for Clas' belts in the beginning but mine has somehow taken over both baskets now.
I tried to hang some of the belts along with the outfits in the wardrobe, but some of them have moved back to the baskets again.
It's really a mess and I start getting fed up only by looking at it.

Monday, September 07, 2009

My Mp3 player

My Mp3 player has got about 50 different songs right now.
The most of them are songs that I will start sing in the nights.
About 60 % is country music, but I also listen to some pop music.

My favorites right now are:

- Viva La Vida - Coldplay
- Turn me loose - Young Divas
- When love takes over - David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland
- Always - Aysel and Arash (Azerbaijan Eurovision song contest)
- I told you so - Carrie Underwood

It's only one country song on my 5-top list and that is "I told you so".
I think you can count it to be a country song when it has got a lot of steel guitar in it.

I had one more song that I liked very much, but I took it away after I read the lyrics.
It was Jai-Ho.
Oh, how I liked that song and I thought I will start singing it when it also is a famous line dance.
The drum sound almost made me spellbound!
Later when I went on the internet to get the lyrics I figured out it was like a worship song to a Hindu god or something.

Some of the lyrics goes like this;

(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I breathe,
(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I still believe,
(Jai Ho) You are my destiny (my destiny),
Jai Oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh! ...

Catch me, catch me, catch me, c'mon, catch me,
I want you now,
I know you can save me, you can save me,
I need you now.

I am yours forever, yes, forever,
I will follow,
Anywhere in anyway,
Never gonna let go.
Jai Ho ...etc.

Now I wonder if Jai Ho is a Hindu god?
Who is Jai Ho? Anybody knows?

I will not start singing the song anyhow to be sure that I don't dedicate my soul to a god I don't know.
In the spiritual world you dedicate your soul to a god or spirit by confessing it with your mouth and intending it by your heart.
I many times put my heart into what I sing and to sing words like this could bring me in a wrong direction so that I miss out the heaven where I would like to spend the eternity.
For me there is only one God!
I have deleted the song from my Mp3 player now.

Maybe somebody think that I am superstitious, but the thing is that I believe in The Father , The Son and The Holy Spirit and because of that it feels wrong in my heart to have songs that worship other gods.
He,he! Call me stupid or religious if you want! It doesn't matter!
I don't condemn you if you like the song and listen to it...
But, I agree that the song in itself is very nice and powerful.
If the name, as an example, would have been INRI (The King of the Jews) it would have felt better.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Dutch Souvenirs

We got these two cute souvenirs last night from a Deutch couple who visit Tenerife every year in September.
Both items have got a magnet on the back side and we have put them on the refrigerator.
They look so cute and I like them very much.
The small wooden shoes reminds me of the wooden shoes we have in Finland and if I just remember next time we go to Finland I will buy a pair to use here on Tenerife.
Wouldn't it be cool to walk around in the town with real wooden shoes?
Oh, I wish I had them already!
There is a brand called Marimekko that have real beautiful ones and I will look for white ones with flowers on.

Nice breakfast

I had mango for breakfast today.
The mango fruits are really lovely this time a year on Tenerife.
When you buy them you should look for the small round ones.
The more yellow or orange colored they are, the more delicious taste.
If the fruit is a little bit hard, save it in room temperature
for 1-2 days.
The mango fruits you can buy up in Scandinavia never get this lovely taste and I feel very privileged to have the possibility to have as many as I like.

Tenerife mosquitos

The mosquito here on Tenerife is really a monster.
It bites terribly!
A while ago when I was sitting here at the computer, with my feet on
the top of the desk, one landed on one of my toes and bite me.

*Hawk* The feet on the desk...?
Yes, I know it sounds like being very much "bumpkin" to keep them on that level... acting like Pippi Longstocking or something...but that's how I do it while I'm on the internet in the nights.
I'm just honest with you.
It's only because it feels relaxing for the legs.
They need it after the line dancing that I do every night.
Clas don't mind anyhow. He's so used to it that I think he don't even notice.

Now, about half an hour after the bite, it's still itching and I feel so
frustrated that I almost will start climbing the walls.
The bite hit straight on toe number three on the left foot.

Hopefully I'll see the monster again soon.
If I do it for sure has seen it's last day!!
I think it's time to go to bed. Good night!

I took a picture to show you.
This is just how it looks. Not bad at all!
But, sorry, I haven't had any pedicure lately.


The amount of visitors passed 23.000 without me taking any notice!
It's already 23.249 visitors!

Thanx a lot to you all who visit my blog.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

I have got a National lottery ticket!

A retired officer from the Spanish navy, here on Tenerife, likes our music.
He lives in Sta Cruz and goes by the bus almost every night down to Los Cristianos to come and listen to our music. (at least 5 nights a week!)
The bus trip one way takes about an hour.
It takes him a lot of time when he leaves by bus from Sta Cruz around five in the afternoon and return by the 3 o'clock bus in the middle of the night.
When he comes to Sta Cruz, after 4 o'clock in the morning, he goes to one of the cafes to have a cup of coffee with the fishermen ...and then he goes to bed to sleep a few hours to come back to Los Cristianos again in the afternoon.

The other night he had bought a lottery ticket to me which I'm going to check after the 12th of September.
There are many people selling these National lottery tickets from small boots on the street here on Tenerife and you can win a lot of millions if you have good luck.
It's the first time I have got one and of course I now hope for good luck.

Our night off

We are now off Fridays and last night we went to Las Americas to have the dinner at Greek Corner which is one of our favorite restaurants when it comes to food.
We have 4 nights of in a month and we go there at least one of them, sometimes two times.
After the meal we went over to La Karina to see
the staff and the owner.
Oh, we miss them so much! And I think they miss us too.
It was very nice to work at La Karina.
The staff there is like a family to us.

Me waiting for the starter at Greek Corner.

Me and one of the waiters.
By the way, when we started playing on Tenerife five years ago
Greek Corner was the place where we started.
We had only 20 songs and had to sing some of them
3 times in a night!
Now we have about 250 songs in our repertoire.

The starter of the "Mesa Greek Corner" dinner.
I recommend you to try this meal at least one
night while you are on Tenerife!
You get many small portions of different Greek specialties.

Clas and the angel of Veronicas.
On the way to La Karina we met this
cute little angel outside Veronicas.
She must be the most beautiful PR ever on Tenerife!
She had a lot of glitter on her skin, which made her shine like an real angel, but the camera didn't catch it.