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Sunday, August 26, 2012


It´s lovely to be back on the stage.
Some dancers are on the way in and some have already arrived.
In September we will be on full roll. 
I´m at the moment busy doing  rehearsal of some of the new songs/dances.


El Puertito By Night

In The North Of The Island

A steep down to the sea.
The altitude is much higher than it looks on the photo.
I felt a little bit dizzy when I looked down.


Brito with a steep of about 500 meters on both sides of the cliff.
Quite dangerous!


Me and Brito.
High mighty mountains.

This ghost tunnel is the most dangerous one here on the island.
It´s about 0,5 km long with no lights or protection on the walls and up in the ceiling. It´s also very narrow and low.
 I don´t recommend it if you suffer from claustrophobia. 

When you get out from the tunnel.

On the way down to the Masca valley.


Arlanda Chicken Wings

If you go to Arlanda (the airport of Stockholm) I recommend you to have chicken wings at restaurant O´Lerays in terminal 5. Oh they are just lovely! Wish I could go there more often!

Price for a plate and a small glass of red wine; 238 Sek ~ 26 €.



Some of the lovely tapas I have had lately.

 Ropa Vieja.

 Conejo al Salmorejo.

 Gofio amasado.

 Oueso ahumado con chorrizo perro.

 Gambas al Ajillo.

 Ensalada Aguacate.

 Papas especial horno.

Pollo especial al horno.

 Queso manchego con pan y mojo.

 Tortillitas de camarones.

Pincho de boqueron.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I sing at restaurant Lewinski in Los Cristianos.



Sunday, August 05, 2012

Money , Money, Money

Oh, I had to count them again and again...
Now I´ll go to bed. Good Night !


In Stockholm

You might wonder where I am at the moment?
I´m in Stockholm again. Actually in a hotel.
What I´m doing here?

 Drinking a bottle of golden champangne but unfortunately in
the wrong type of glass....

...and eating chocolate.
I´ll very soon return to Tenerife.
He,he! Brito says I´m a chocolatista and he´s right.
I´m addicted to chocolate but must return into the diet when I
get back to the island.

On The Cruise Ship

  We met m/s Serenade which is  another cruise ship of the same company.
The photo is taken from my cabin.

Like last summer I´ve been on the cruise ship again.
This ship goes betweeen Finland and Sweden and it only takes about 11 hours from Stockholm to Turku.
 The photos are from the archipelago of Stockholm.

Many times small boats drove up by the side of us.

 Would be nice to own this island and build a house there.

 In the night.

New Glasses

I´ve forgotten to show you my new glasses.
I went to the optician to check out my eyesight, thinking of buying one pair of glasses, but before I got out from there I had ordered two pairs.

 The black ones.

The redbrown ones.
Sorry, the colour didn´t turn out well when I´m like sitting in the dark.