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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A Perfect Lunch

 Tapas Special a la Nino. 
You must try this one!

We visited Lewinski yesterday afternoon for a tapas.
Brito asked the chef Nino to make whatever he likes to and this is what we got.
So nice! If you like to try real Canarian tapas go to Lewinskis and give Nino free hands.
He is from Fuerteventura, a real Canarian, who knows how to make them.
 And the mojo sauces are lovely at Lewinskis! 
You will not find these plates in the menu! He just took some of the stuff that was in the kitchen and I was surprised how nice tapas we got! We normally go to the north of the island for Guachinche trips and hope to get something in this style. Now we can have it in Los Cristianos! I´m lucky!!
I´ll soon be back!

Typical Canary ham with honey melon and avocado. Nice!

Monday, October 07, 2013

Changing Colours

Now I´m little bit tired of the look of our home. We must get a change to make it look more fresh.
I started with the balcony and as you can see it has now got a more modern look.
I made it in green before last Christmas (green carpets, green quilts, green flowerpots,green table clothe, beige chair cushions, green swab tools etc) but all green stuff is now out and next week it probably will turn up on one of the balconies in Edificio Rosalia. I will bring it there to see if it fits in. This year our balcony will go grey and the Christmas tree will get white and silver coloured ornaments.

I also throw out the antique looking headboard from the bedroom and bought new fresh sheets but it´s far away from ready. I took out the iron lamps that were on the bedside tables before and bought new white ones, but I would really like to change the whole bedroom so this is only the beginning.

I also have plans to take out almost everything from our kitchen / living room and only decorate it with silver looking stuff + a lot of crystals things + new but old looking pots. It´s depending on if I can find things in the right style.

Anyhow, nobody have to bother start ditching in the trash bin outside here because the decorations that I´m not going to use any more will now be moved out to the different apartments that we help people to let. Some of the things have already got their new locations and if they don´t fit in anywhere they go to the storage waiting for a place where they will fit later on.

I just love to do this. It´s like a hobby and I think I´m the luckiest woman in the world when I have got so many apartments to decorate that I never will get them ready. The only problem is that I can´t put too much stuff in them because the most of the people like to have an almost minimalistic style when they think decorations only get dusty. But in my point of view some of the apartments look like empty garages or has got really ugly decorations and these I will start giving a lift but with a limit of what I put in so that they won´t be difficult to clean.

The most terrible I know is when an apartment has got as an example yellow walls, and a figured table clothe  in green and some other colours, and the chair cushions in light blue and orange and on the top of that a red carpet on the floor and all these things are in the style that you buy on the Chinese shop. Oh I almost get dizzy!

I would really like to make our bedroom in white. 
White antique looking bed and side tables and change all the 
wardrobes to white ones. And take away the white curtains and instead put black and white pictures with white frames on the wall, maybe with a romantic chick lit message painted somewhere on the wall up under the ceiling. But you never know! Maybe I still change my mind?! Anyhow I have bought a new thick but soft quilt from Ikea which means we are not going to be cold this winter.
We are just waiting for the colder nights to arrive so that we can start using it. It will be so cozy!

Thursday Oct. 3, 2013