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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cheese And Stuff

Our table in a tasca in Tacoronte.

We love to go up to the north of the island in our spare time.
Last week we went up there, with my son Daniel, for a Guachinche route.
We did stop at several places to try out some cheese, wine and
mojo sauces + we had a real meal in one place that was located out in the
middle of a field of wine plants.
Oh it was such a lovely day!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

El Medano

The view from our grill camp.

Yesterday when it was my day off we went down to El Medano for some fishing and barbaque.
My son is now back here on the island and he spent the day with us.
We didn't get any fishes but Brito caught an other kind of monster that you can watch in the video clip below. It was not so easy to get it off the hook...

The barbaque.

Chicken and folio bags with vegetables.

Pork fillet.

Please, click on the small arrow to watch the video clip.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Los Abrigos

Last night we had the dinner in Los Abrigos.

There was a real big stingray (about 1 yard) swimming around in the harbor.
I will not even dip a toe into the water here anymore! Terrible monster!
Can you see it?
Imagine if you would meet a big stingray like this while you are out swimming!
I think I would die!

We had 'vino blanco del pais' like always when we eat fish.
And papas arrugadas with 3 different sauces;
Mojo, Alioli y salsa rosa.

There was a lot of stuff on the plate;
Calamares, Chopitos, Geldes, Chicharros, Almejas, Langostinos, Melliones, and Salmonetes.
Dessert; Coffee and Ice cream.

We had a nice relaxing evening but became so stuffed.
Back in the house we just had to go to bed and sleep.
It's a hard work to eat much.


Sunday, April 08, 2012

He made himselt a basket

The blooming tree behind him is a plum tree.

Yesterday when we were in the north of the island we met this man.
He was making a basket for the fertilizer stuff.
It's a nice handcraft work and for me it feels like a shame that he's gonna use the basket in his potatoe land. I would rather use it as a decoration in the home and maybe put a big tree inside it.

In this video clip you can watch him making the basket.
Please, click on the small arrow if you like to watch it.



Las Aguas.

We spent Easter Saturday in the north of the island and went down to Las Aquas for lunch.
We really like this village. It has got a few nice restaurants where you can have fresh fish from the sea.

Brito at the terrace where we had the meal.

The costline.

The ocean was quite rough.

First we had camarones.
Maybe you think we have got a lack of ideas when it comes to food?
We eat camarones in every place we can have them!
But only in the spring - summer time. They are just lovely!

Then we had Viejas with papas arrugadas and mojo.
Also very nice!

After the meal we had a stroll in the village before we went shopping to the big Commercial center in Puerto De La Cruz.

Brito again. We were looking for a hotel but couldn't find any.
Would like to sleep here over night next time..


Me among platano plants.



Aloe Vera.


Good Friday

Good Friday we spent on the beach in Tajao eating camarones.
They were actually the best ones we have had. Perfectly salted!


Nancy + Bill= 60

Last Monday we visited the anniversary party of Nancy and Bill.
They had been married for 60 years!


My Breakfast

Among other things I had blue cheese and grapes for breakfast...


Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Easter

I wish you all an happy Easter,
Love, Xo.


Sunday, April 01, 2012

El Puertito

Yesterday when it was my day off we had a stroll in El Puertito.

We decided to walk up the steps, on the left side of the bay, to
look what's on the other side of the mountain.
We have learned we'll get different experiences of the nature if we just
take a walk to the 'back sides' of the places people normally see.

The view when you get up.

The water is very clear and it looks so beautiful.

At the seafront of this little cape the lava is very orange.
It looks very different when it also has got a mix with small black lava balls.

Brito got an idea that I would climb up and ride this rocket so that
he could take a photo. Finally up there I became very dizzy of the altitude and I hardly couldn't move. Oh, how scared I became! I thought I would not get down and he had to help me.

For him it was just a piece of cake to get up and down.

This is how it looks on the other side of the mountain.
There are some nice beach spots where to go if you like to
spend a day in the sun without a lot of tourists around you.

After a short walk we came to an other big bay.

When Brito appeares in my blogg posts he always read them and approve them.
When it comes to this photo he like me to tell you that he is not urinating even when it looks like that. He is just holding a bottle of water with his hands.
He is not doggy and urinate in the nature like many men do.
I certify to you this is the truth!!!
If he would be doggy I would directly skip him!

When you look down to the seafront the beach looks like this.

On the other side of the bay the lava suddenly has changed to an other color.
The mountain wall looks like it has been made of concrete.
Also nice and different.

On the way home we stoped in La Caleta to have a lunch.
We started with Camarones when we both are crazy in having them.
I had a glas of cold white wine from the island and Brito had a
'tinto verano' ( a mix of redvine and seven up, that the Canarians many times
drink in the summer time).

And then we had sardinas with papas arrugadas.