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Friday, April 30, 2010

In A Relationship

I haven't been so active on my facebook and because of that I haven't really learned properly how it works.
Yesterday I anyhow discovered that I still had the statement on there that I'm married.
(We, Clas and me, applied for divorce already in December 2008.)
I went in and changed it to that I'm 'in a relationship'.
When you do that the massage is sent to all your friends in the community, which I didn't know, and I started getting comments like 'Good Luck' etc.
Thank you, by the way , for the nice comments and congratulations.

Oh, this really scared me when I haven't been together with my boyfriend for a long time and I started thinking "imagine if we figure out that we don't like to be together".
I told him what had happened but he just smiled and seamed more confused about that I haven't put up that I'm a single in between. Now it looks like I went from the marriage straight into an other relation which is not true.

It would maybe have 'looked better' if I would have said that I'm a single first and then maybe changed it to 'in a relationship' later.
But I have anyhow already told everybody who visit my blog that I have a new relationship and to put up on Facebook that I'm a single would then maybe have made somebody confused...?

It's sometimes difficult to be on public with your private life. You just don't know how much to tell and after you have published something you maybe become a little bit scared thinking you have said too much.
Is it only me having this problem?

Anyhow, I am in a relationship, but it's only in the beginning!!!!
We'll see if we work when we get to know each other better.
Right now it feels very nice.


The Tenerife Movie

I am so lucky now because I get so much done.
This morning I woke up at 8.50 which is not bad.
Today I have been cleaning the whole apartment + washed some windows + been doing the ironing . The 'not ironed clothes pile' is now gone and I will soon have a shower and then go out and buy some groceries.

Last night when we went to bed we started watching the DVD, Clash of the Titans,
that was made here on Tenerife 2009, but we both lost the concentration and I can't
really tell you if it's good or not.
The most of the sequences looked very dark though and
I don't think it's a movie in my style.
I will probably watch it again later and tell you what I really think about it.

If you like to get the DVD you can buy it from the 'lucky-lucky men' on the
streets here, but it will be an illegal business.
I got the DVD from a man here in town and from where he has got it I don't know.
It seams like the whole south of the island, right now, is invaded by these DVD;s.
Everybody who lives here would for sure like to watch it and it's a good business for the 'lucky-lucky men'.
The DVD is not for sale in the stores yet.

Some parts of the DVD was filmed in the
National park of Teide here on Tenerife.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Long Lasting Hairdo

I will give you a 5-step program about how to
more volume into your hair and get a hairdo that
will last for days til your hair gets dirty again.

1. When you have washed the hair you put
volume mousse into it.
Use the strength number 2 or 3.
I use Gliss.

2. Then you blow it dry with the hair-drier trying
to get as much volume and lift as possible.

3. After that you use the hair straightener and
give it a curl lift at the roots on the top of the head
before drawing the straightener straight down.

4. After that you tease the hair down at the roots on
the top of the head to give it even more volume and
brush it slightly to hide the tease.

5. Then spray it with strong long lasting hairspray.

Every time I do like this my hairdo lasts nice from
one wash til the next one.

Good luck!

.Last night before I went out for dinner.
The hair on the photo above is not prepared in
the way I describe in this post.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Blog Layout

Like you see my blog now has got a new layout.
I thought it was too much Christmas over the other one and
decided to redo it.
First I tried to make it in a spring/summer style but then it turned
out to be too green.
Maybe some of you saw it before i got it changed...?
This is anyhow the final look of it for the summer.
It's simple and light without any heavy colored sidebars.

Thanx to all you visitors,
Without you there would be no reason for me to
continue blogging.


Off Again

Me and the 'Elvis doll' outside American Dream.

The owner of American Dream has decided to not
have any music at the moment.
This is because it's no tourists on the street
outside the restaurant.

We were busy Sunday night when we played there and
last night the Elvis singer also was quite busy, but the other
nights it has been no tourists in the area.

We don't know when we will be back on the stage but
I will tell you as soon as I know.


Old Photos

I found two old photos that
I haven't showed you.

Me singing karaoke at the Chicagos in Los Cristianos.
The photo was taken by Elle 27.02.2010.

We had rain and strong winds for a few days in February and this is how Christinas' ambrella looked when she got to the Scandibar in the night.
The photo was taken by me 17.02.2010.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Early Mornings Now

I'm so tired! When I got home from work last night my boyfriend came to see me and we stayed up til about 4 o'clock in the morning.
He had to be at work already at 9.30 which means I woke up already 8.30.

I haven't been sleeping much lately and I think I'll have to have a siesta nap in the afternoon.
But it's good he now some days gets me up earlier. I get a lot more done and the laundry has been out on the line for three hours already.
Nobody would be more glad than me if I just could get into more normal sleep routines.
Go to bed around 2 and up around 8.30 or 9 would be perfect!

Today it's sunny again and I will now spend an hour out on the balcony, then have a shower and go out shopping some groceries and then have a nap.
Have a nice day and evening.


American Dream

Last night we started playing at restaurant American dream which is the restaurant next door to La Karina.
We had a real good night and about 100 people visited us.

I have made a short video clip to show you what it looks like at American Dream.
It's a very nice restaurant and the interior is in American style.
Please, click on the arrow if you like to watch it.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Players Lounge

I have got a new favorite restaurant here on Tenerife now.
It's called 'The Players Lounge' and they have got the absolutely most lovely meals here in the south.
If you like to pay a visit there I recommend you to try their ribs.
Some other restaurants are doing advertising here in the south of Tenerife, telling they have got the best ribs, but 'Players Lounge' have for sure got the best ones. I have never had so lovely ribs before.
The restaurant serve a lot of different English meals and yesterday my boyfriend had a lovely steak pie there which is one of his favorites. He also likes the ribs.

My plate with the ribs in the front and he had pie steak with
mashed potatoes and vegetables.
All the meals at The Players Lounge are homemade.

The Players Lounge is located at the beach walk of
San Telmo in Los Cristianos.
This is the view from the terrace.

After the meal we went upstairs to the
Claddagh Irish bar with some of the staff and customers from
The Players Lounge.
I am sorry that I only show you one leg of my boyfriend. *smile*



I will give you a short update before I start dressing for the night.
We, Clas and me, are going to sing at restaurant 'American dream' tonight.
That's the restaurant next door to La Karina.

It's very quiet on the island right now and it will probably not be so crowded when we play tonight but it's anyhow gonna be fun.
We have been off for two weeks now and I really start missing it.
We know some linedancers will show up and that means it will be a
linedance night.

Two nights ago I had dinner with my boyfriend at 'Greek Corner' which is in the neighborhood of American Dream and La Karina.
It was very quiet on the street. Almost no tourists and many restaurants closed earlier than normal.

Some tourists are still stranded here on the island and can't get home because of the ash clouds.
It must be very frustrating for them to not get home.
Since the volcano problem started the tourism has been like paralysed.
Many waiters and musicians have been put on hold and it feels like the whole south is standing still.

After the meal at Greek Corner we went to the 'Claddagh bar'.
This bar is right now my favorite place where to spend a night out and
here it's always crowded.


Friday, April 16, 2010


Last night I had fondue with a friend.
It was the first time he had fondue and he really enjoyed it.
It was so windy out on the balcony that we had to eat inside.
Fondue is one of my favorite dinners and I haven't had it since the end of last year.

After the meal we went out on town and we visited 'The Players Lounge bar' and 'The Claddagh Irish bar'. The musician at Claddagh is very good and I recommend everybody to pay a visit at this bar while you are on Tenerife. Specially if you like Irish music.
The bar is at the beach walk at Vista Sur where the big fountain is down at the shore.

Gerry sings *Galway Girl' at the 'Claddagh Irish bar'.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lazy Day

It's nice and sunny today again and I have plans to just relax and lay in the sun on the balcony listening to the new songs that I keep learning.
I have got a big pile of clothes that must be ironed but they can continue waiting for some more days if it's needed. Now it's 'manana'! No work and no 'must dos', it can't be better.

The photo above is taken by my friends Frances and Mick from England.
I'm not sure if it's from Tenerife or La Gomera but I use it as a desktop background on my computer when I think it's so beautiful.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

No more La Karina!

Things change quickly on Tenerife!
Yesterday the owner of La Karina, the restaurant where we play, sent an e-mail to Clas telling us he want us to stop singing.
He will instead try to have only one musician employed to save money during the summer months.
This means we will not play at La Karina any more for this summer. We are off already tonight!!!

I'm not so surprised and felt about a week ago that this is maybe what's going to happen.
But to be honest with you I am quite confused about the future of Clas and me singing together.
Would it be better for Clas and me to split our duo, or is it better to continue together?
If we can find a nice place we'll for sure continue together but it's easier to find job for only one musician in the summer time.
I promise to tell you how it's gonna be as soon as I know.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

Two New Linedances and Odd Outfits

I am doing rehearsal of two new linedance songs right now.
They are called; 'It happens' and 'Broken heels'.
It happens is a country song and the dance for it is called 'Rhyme or Reason',
Broken heels is a pop song with Alexandra Burke and the dance is now the number one on the top list of the linedancers magazine in England.

I think 'Broken heels' will be a big hit among the youths this coming summer and we will probably play it every night. The same with 'Bad Boys' which is an other linedance song with the same artist that I already sing in the nights.

By the way... I like to warn you about how we will look on stage from the beginning of next week.
I have been taken care of Clas' stage clothes until now and he has come to my apartment every night before work to be dressed in the same color as me.
Now he has, however, decided to start taking care of his stage clothes himself, and I just tell you to not be shocked if we show up on stage in clothes that don't match!
Imagine if he comes dressed in a pink shirt and me in a red one!
To be honest with you I am a little bit nervous about it and I'm brainstorming about how we can solve the problem to avoid a catastrophe.

I am sure some of our guests will start commenting how terrible we look if we don't match. People don't like changes and about two months ago when I for the first time went to La Karina without wearing my cowboy hat we had to explain why to the audience every now and then during the night.
People just kept walking up to the stage all the time looking shocked pointing out I haven't got any hat on.
Some thought I looked older without the hat and some said I looked younger which made me a little bit confused.
If everybody just would have told me I look younger with the hat on I for sure would continue wearing it. *smile*

The reason why I now sometimes leave the hat at home is because it's very warm to wear the hat when you do a lot of linedancing and specially during the nights when it's calima (the heat from the Sahara desert) with temperatures over +25.

Maybe I will stop using the hat soon. It sometimes feel stupid to stand on the stage singing pop songs wearing a cowboy hat and like it seams the time for the 'outfit show' is going to an end.
It will not look nice anyhow if I show up in a black hat and Clas in a brown one.
Yes, it feels like we slowly are breaking down some of what we have built up but that's life! The time changes.
Our plan is however to continue playing together for at least one more year if not something accidentally happens.

With the hat and without the hat.
Which one is better?


Monday, April 05, 2010

Back on the internet

Ye-haa!! My internet is working again.
I hope you all had a lovely Easter.
I spent the holiday working every night except on Friday when I went out for dinner with a friend.
We were eating at Toro Tapas and Grill in Los Cristianos and later we visited a couple of English pubs.

The days become warmer on Tenerife now and it's a real shame that I don't get out of bed early enough to get some tan out on the balcony.
I am still living my life in the style of the night owls which means I seldom fall to sleep before the early morning and wake up in the noon. But....I will do something about it soon!
If I just could get up around 10 o'clock I would be satisfied.

I had plans to go out for a meal tonight when it's the night off, but I am still sitting here at the computer. It's just so exciting to have internet again and there's a lot to catch up after being off for more than a week.
It's already after nine which means I have to hurry to get a dinner somewhere before the restaurant kitchens close.
Have a nice night.