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Monday, February 24, 2014

Ranked 10.239.191 in US ?

This is really crazy!
I searched on my own name on google and found a site telling that I am ranked 10.239.191 in the USA with my blogg. Where did they get that from? And the photo of me is about 7 years old and the look of my blogg too.I don´t even blogg much these days when I mostly say what I like to say on Facebook.
Seams like they count my visitors?
And they say that my blogg is worth  about 1.500 dollars?
I would never sell it for that price! And it will never be put up for sale!

After I said something about Israel (about 5-7 years ago) stars have started twinkling all over the world in my visitors map as soon as I publish a post. Many places in the states seam to know it directly but also in other countries. I wonder if the US government have put me "on the list" only because I told what I did in Israel some years ago? But I´m not participating in any kind of programs in Israel at the moment even when I still love Israel.

You can see what the site says here:


 I got a mail from a website one day asking me how much it would be if I would make advertising for their site on my blogg, but I did not even answer when I think it was a joke from somebody who just would like to know if I get money out from my blogg. Some people are so jealous and do this kind of things all the time. I get a lot of friend requests on the Facebook that I don´t allow and crazy messages in my mail box so at the moment I don´t trust anybody and I´m not interesting in making business out of my blogg when that would mean that I would have to make at least a couple of posts per day and I don´t have time for that.

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Saturday, February 8,2014

Looks like we had a party at Lewinskis last Saturday. :-)
My mammy, my  aunt and boyfriend, my mammy´s neighbours, some other guests from the area in Finland where I come from + many other guests visited Lewinskis.
Please, click on the small arrow if you like to watch the video clip below.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Wine Plants

Finally we now have got wine plants on the balcony.
Thanx to Juan, one of the wine producers up in Escalona. 

We had plans to do this experiment last year, but when we understood we will go to Finland in the summer we put it on hold. However we don´t know yet if we will go to Finland this summer too, or what we are going to do..., but we have got the plants and if they stay alive they must be taken care of wherever we go. That´s for sure!

Juan gave us 3 plants, but one of them is going to move to the balcony of a Swedish couple tomorrow.
Two plants are enough for our balcony so I contacted Scandibar and asked if there is somebody who like to get the third one that we don´t need.

I will take photos of our "wine yard" every now and then so that you can follow the procedure.

Imagine we will sit here on our balcony in the autumn and pick our grapes from our own plants!
Very nice! I really look forward to it!
Brito will, at time, take hints of how to take care of them from Juan, so hopefully they will not die.

Maybe we in the end will end up being wine yard farmers?
No, this is probably only a ´one summer project´ to learn a little bit about the wine production.
But if we one day get a "finca" we will for sure start making our own wine.

My New Window

Look what a beautiful window we found up in a shop in the mountains last week. And it has a mirror inside. Real antique looking! 
Maybe some of you think I would paint it white, which is on fashion now, but I have decided to keep it as it is when there could be a chance that I would change my mind in the future. 

Oh how I like it! It´s for sure the most beautiful window I have ever seen! 

Thanx to Brito who knew about this shop and brought me there to have a look at their stuff! I also bought a small wooden table for the balcony there. It was made of the same wood as my garden furnitures that I have on the balcony.

I just hope it will stay on the wall and not fall down.
It´s very heavy. 

The table.


January 30, 2014