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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Police and Two Pirates

Last Saturday, during the Carnival, the waiters at Lewinskis were dressed like this.


Friday, March 25, 2011

A Spyer

It must have been like a big surprise for some of the Canarians, who live in my neighborhood, when they first saw Brito turning up on my balcony about 6 months ago.
One night, when we around 1 o'clock sat outside chatting, we discovered one of the older ladies who knows his family, sitting hiding behind a big sign down at the street.
He, he! When she understood that she was revealed she first started nursing the flowers that was in the big pot next to her and then she hurried into the house where she lives.
This makes me smiling every time I think about it.

I have never seen her taking care of these flowers during the 6 years I have been living here and I can't stop wondering from where she got the idea to suddenly start caring about them at 1 o'clock in the night when she normally would be in the bed?

Brito says some of the old Canarian ladies uses the binoculars to spy on people and I now I many times feel a little bit like I'm in a movie when we are together out on the balcony.
But it's probably only me having a fancy...?


Lewinski 24.03.2011

The line dance nights are absolutely the most crowded nights at Lewinskis.
Yesterday the terrace was packed with people and I sang line dance songs
the whole night through.

A sad thing though is the fact that many of the 'winter birds' are ready for
returning to England. They start leaving in the end of March and at the Easter
it's not many left.
I think this winter season has passed too quickly.
My feeling is that it just started and now we are getting to the end of it.
I hope the summer will pass very quickly and you all soon will be back.

It's a little bit boring here in the summertime.
Yes, we have tourists here, but it's a more 'familiar atmosphere' during the winter
season when many of the guests know each other.

Thank you all for being such a nice audience,
You make my nights at Lewinskis!

I think my audience this winter season has been about 80% Britons,
10% Canarians and 10% other Europeans.

My repertoire is a mix of country music and the latest pop hits.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today I made a typical "Korvsoppa" a la Scandinavia for lunch.
It included; Potato, carrot, celeriac, parsnip, broth, leek, onion, sausage and parsley.
I think it's at least 7 years since I last made one, but it could be 10 years as well.
Oh what a variety to the restaurant food we normally eat!

I made a full pot and it will last for two meals.
Tomorrow it will taste even better!
Many soups are, in my point of view, better the day after.

Milk is a common drink when you eat this soup.
Brito thought it tasted good, but said it's not a soup. He said it's 'un potaje'.
I think 'un potaje' = 'a stew' in English, but I'm not sure.

For dessert we had typical Scandinavian coffee and Cherry pie.
He,he! He sometimes jokes and calls the Scandinavian culture a 'suecorio' but
just wait a little while, he will soon be a 'suecorio' himself!!!

There is no word for 'suecorio' but it means something similar to
an overflow (too much) of 'Swedishness'.
Sometimes when our cultures or ways of thinking are different, and
I explain how I look at it, he dejectedly says "!Que Suecorio!"
But we are both interested in learning more of the other parts culture and like to
receive a 'mix of the best' from both of them.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Day Off

The church in Granadilla.

I have changed my schedule now and will be off both Mondays and Fridays.
They are the most quiet nights of the week and I have decided to
just be home + spend some time with Brito.

Yesterday in the afternoon I went out to buy more silk stockings.
Like many times before they had run out of them and it looked like I wouldn't get any.
Instead I bought 3 new bras and a pair of shoes on the way back home.

Then Brito called me and said he thinks it's too windy to have the dinner on the balcony, as we had planned, and he invited me to go out for a meal instead.
He picked me up in the town and we went home to get the jackets to
head for the mountains.

First we stopped in San Isidro to check out a shop that sell silk stockings.
I bought 8 pair, all the ones that were in the style I use.

Then we went up to Granadilla...
Here we stopped for a while to have a walk.
He,he! Brito is more and more acting like a tourist!
He never used to go out for trips like this before.

There is a hotel in Granadilla!

We decided to sneak in and see what it's like.

Brito and the chef.

The restaurant.

In the yard.
We will probably go back here some day.
It's a very nice romantic hotel.

Then we continued the travel up to a special restaurant in the mountains just
to find out it is closed on Mondays.
We decided to go down to Valle San Lorenzo instead and have a meal at restaurant Paraiso.
I think it's about 4 years since I last had a meal in this restaurant
which is quite popular.
The chicken I had was lovely and so was the house wine which was from the island.


Lewinski 20.03.2011

This short video clip is from last Sunday.
Please, click on the little arrow to watch it.


El Dia Del Padre

Brito with his son Jesus.

Last Saturday it was the 'Fathers Day' here in Spain.
We spent the whole afternoon with Jesus and
went up to restaurant Vargas for a meal.

Brito and me.

First we had cheese.

Then this big mushroom.
I will tell you later what it's called...
It was the first time i had it and I think it tasted similar to a pancake.

A tuna fish salad.

And 'Salmorejo', that's rabbit.

After the meal we had a coffee out on the terrace.


The weather was perfect and we decided to
take a trip down to 'El Puertito'.

On the way down we saw this little cute goat close to the road.

And this camel was out walking without the owner.

The beach of El Puertito.

Me in the bar.
Brito and Jesus in the sunglasses.

We chilled out with an ice cream.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Restaurante El Dornajo

The restaurant.

Last night I took some photos during our trip up to La Escalona.
It was very cold up there and I wished I would have brought the gloves.
We could see the snow on the mountains a little bit further up but we didn't go there.
We also met a few cars with snowmen at the front shield but I missed out to get a photo when they always were revealed in the last second and my camera was turned off.

On the way up.
Some roads are in a very good condition while others are like scrub boards.

Brito was driving while Jesus and me were busy taking photos like
two tourists who are on the island for the first time.

We had a few stops just to take some more photos.

These beautiful flowers are blooming now.

We stopped again to take some nice photos of them and Jesus took the
opportunity to throw himself straight into the flower bed.

'Los tres locos' arrived in La Escalona.

The restaurant is actually in Ifonce, a suburb to La Escalona.

First pan con mojo, queso blanco and a bottle of 'El Lomo'.
All the food was nice.

My favorite 'Morcilla'. This one had almond pieces inside.

'Bistek de ternera y Bistek de cerdo'.

Finally 'Quesillo', a typical Canarian dessert.

On the way down to Los Cristianos.

Jesus in a monument park.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Off Tonight

The sun is shining at moment but it's still very cold and windy here in Los Cristianos.
Because of this I will NOT sing tonight. It will be too cold for the guests to sit on the terrace.
Instead I will go up in the mountains for a dinner with Brito and Jesus.

It's a lot of snow at Teide now. It looks like it's all the way down to Vilafloor (1.100m) , close to where we are going to eat.
We will go to a special restaurant up in a village called La Escalona.

See you tomorrow night! Tomorrow it's gonna be a line dance night.
Have a nice evening all!


My Breakfast

This is the breakfast I had today.
It's normal in Finland, where I come from, that you have sandwiches in the morning.
Here many people think the sandwiches are more like a lunch.


Farm Catastrophe

All the crops withered!

Oh, I caused a catastrophe on my internet farm last night.
I had joined a Co-Op farming with my friend Stefan from Finland.
We should sow, grow and harvest 2900 Wheat and Strawberries plants
as quick as possible.

If you are very quick to finish the work you'll get a Golden medal.
If not you get silver or bronze or nothing at all.

Different crops have got a particular time they have to grow before they get the berries, like it is in the real life.
Yesterday I sow about 400 strawberry plants and they had to grow only 4 hours to get ready for the harvest. Somehow I forgot to harvest and all my plants withered.

Oh, what a shock I got when I discovered it today!
I started looking for solutions to get the plants alive again and there is a spray you can buy but it would have cost me 15 Farm cash which is quit a lot.

I also checked out how much it would cost if I went up in my private plane with the spray that makes the crops grow instatly. That was only 5 Farm cash which is not bad, so I plowed the fields again sow new plants, took a tour with the plan and my new plants were instantly ready and I could harvest them. I have got the peace back in my mind.


Bad Weather

Because of heavy rains we had to cancel last night at Lewinskis.
It was only +16 degrees on my balcony and very strong winds too.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Breakfast

This is the breakfast I'm eating at the moment.
I eat it in the same time I'm working on the computer to save some time.