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Monday, May 28, 2012

La Karina 17.05.2012

I'm sorry I lately have forgotten to bring the camera to the work at La Karina.
I remembered it last night so here you get a look of what it's like to be there.

The audience has grown from night to night and yesterday it was a good crowd.
I think about 100 guests or more visited us during the night...But, La Karina has room for over 200 guests so you'll for sure get a chair + table  when you like to pop in.
I like it very much to be back here (it's much more tourists here than in Los Cristianos) and I have at the moment promised to sing til the first of July.
Could be I return to Los Cristianos in the autumn? We'll see!
I sing every night at the moment and it works well.
What else can I say...? The food is good, the staff happy and we've got 5 good looking waiters and, yes, 
we've got a dance floor too...and we are crowded while many restaurants at the moment are empty  ...
so don't miss us out while you are on Tenerife.

An Unidentified Object ?

 We spent a day on the beach of La Caleta.

 Suddenly a strange object started moving in the water.

 I zoomed in on it and got this photo.

 It's a 'fisherman diver'.
He has got a floating basket where he puts all the fishes that he catches while he's diving.
I've never seen anybody doing like this before...Actually picks the fishes by hand!

 Like always I burned my skin.
Specially the breasts and the stomach...couldn't almost use a bra!

 We had Camarones 'take away'.

Later on we hade a lunch at the fishermens restaurant there.
This was the first plate. Then I forgot the camera. Sorry!
But I tell you ; It was a nice meal!


Sima - Finish 'mjöd'

I have made 16 liters of  Finnish 'Mjöd' so far during the month of May.
Brito likes it. I can't drink it myself when I am an allergic of Citric fruits.
I don't really know how to explain this drink for you. 
It's anyhow a typical Finnish drink that we make of lemons. 
It's fresh and sparkling and if you save it in the refrigerator for some weeks it gets 
stronger and stronger when it comes to the alcohol intensity.
It can become up to 24% strong!
We drink it especially during the month of May.
The first weeks it's more or less alcohol free.
The Wikings were also drinking 'mjöd' but the typical Swedish mjöd is
made on a base of honey. 
It's mostly in Finland that we make the drink including lemon.


Friday, May 11, 2012

LA KARINA, Las Americas

Last night was my last night in Los Cristianos.
I'm now moving over to Las Americas and Restaurant La Karina that is
located in the front of hotel Tenerife Sol Elite, opposite Treasure Island and
neighbor to Veronicas.

I sing every night  8.30-11.30 pm.