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Friday, October 23, 2009

Snide Comments

Glitter Graphics & Comments

My blog has got some malicious comments the last months but I decided to not publish them.
You know, it's my blog and I don't have to give space to comments from people who accomplish harassment.

Today I decided to show you a couple of them anyhow, when I have absolutely no problem with it. My self-esteem is not founded on comments from people who behave like lost teenagers.
When you get older you start appreciating the inside of a person more than the outside and I know that many men think ladies with curves are more sexy.

When you work on a stage you are like an official person and then people sometimes expect you to be perfect. They forget that we all only are human beings with both pluses and minuses.
The truth is nobody is perfect! But we are all created by God and in his point of view we all are beautiful and very special, deeply loved.
This is a truth indeed for me and because of that I have no problem if people express bad opinions about me trying to get me down.

The comments I have got have been written under different pseudonyms;
Anonymous, Bobby, Barry, countryman etc.

I have been told by people that they think it's "The xxxxxxxxx Cowboy" who has written it.
Who is that? They all know him, but he is a stranger for me.
Why would he like to tell me that I am too fat?

In my point of view it must be a person who is envious when we are like "sailing before the wind"... Envious people often act this way! Don't they? Or could it be a psychopath who has got a desire to harass me?


A couple of the comments that I have got:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The swine influenza":
yes very cute,, is it a relative of yours..
Posted by Anonymous to Susanne Holm at August 28, 2009 11:01 PM
(I had published a photo of a pig in this post)

countryman has left a new comment on your post "Lewinski":
can you tell where the XXXXXX has moved to,,
she has such a great voice and variety of songs from country to 60''
70's music,,she did have a far better singing voice and body too,
regards western lover
Posted by countryman to Susanne Holm at August 9, 2009 11:49 AM

countryman has left a new comment on your post "A New Place":
i hope you are waiting for a salad,, you look a bit overfed to me
Posted by countryman to Susanne Holm at August 9, 2009 11:40 AM
(I had published a photo of me waiting for the dinner in this post)


(Add: Now I got a comment from a man who told me to take away the cowboy nick name in the text above. Now I know who "The xxxxxxxxx cowboy" is! What a surprise!
I am a kind person and of course I'll take it away, but I also expect the terror to stop from now).


Anonymous said...

hi,, you are still insinnuating that i am sending malicious messages,,unless you tell everyone on your blog that i am not involved,,and make it clear and precise with an apology, you will hear from my lawyer next week,,
regards,,geoff,, not the xxxxxx cowboy,, if you want war i will provide you with war,,

Unknown said...

There will always be sad people around. Just ignore them. Is there not a way you can block them from commenting

Have a great day anyway.

A fan of yours said...

I don't see a need to an apology to someone anonymously commenting under different pseudonyms.

And for what! For publishing the comments that were intended to be published officially on the blog ...

The lawyer hopefully will provide you Susanne with his right identity then ...

Susanne said...

The fact is that we, already when we started the blog, did order a mail copy of every blog comment to my e-mail box.
In the mailbox is a function that has registered details about the IP-number from every mail I have received.
That's why we know the same person is behind many different pseudonyms.

I have only one wish and that is that the terror will stop.
My policy is always to bless everybody around me and because of that I am not angry at the person who has sent the mails.
The only thing I ask from the person is to leave me alone.


Anonymous said...

So did the terror stop ? And who was the "The xxxxxxxxx cowboy" ? Somebody I know ? Just curios. Tell some more. From somebody living i Tenerife too.

Susanne said...

No more comments about "The XXXXXXXXXX cowboy".

I have never met this man but I know a little bit about him.
He,he! maybe somebody who knows him can take a paparazzi photo and show me how he looks...(that was a joke!)