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Sunday, August 07, 2011

On The Way To Tenerife

It´s raining in Stockholm.

I´ll get back to Tenerife this week.
The suitcases are packed and I´m at the moment in Stockholm.
I will spend the day tomorrow with my son Daniel, who lives here, and then
on Tuesday I´ll get on the plane.
It will be fun to get back home.
It has been a lot going on this summer, and it has been lovely to see friends and relatives, but
I really look forward to get back home.
I will not start singing directly but spend some days and nights with Brito first.
Now I´ll go to bed. I´ll get up early in the morning to make a last shopping here in one
of my favorite shopping towns...and later on I´ll have a lunch with my son at some nice restaurant.
We haven´t decided where to go but some sushi would be nice...we´ll see...
Oh, I love my life! Good night to all of you! Love.


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