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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our day off

It's Saturday and we are not playing tonight.
I will blog a few words and then I will start rehearsal of some new song for our repertoar.
Clas is playing bass at Scandicshop today and he is out there now rewamping the soundsystem.
The scandinavians have a sing-along afternoon at the shop every Saturday. They sing swedish songs and folk ballads.
Tonight we will have a romantic dinner at restaurant Toro here in Los Cristianos.
After the dinner we are going to Lewinski for a while listening to the couple that stand in for us when we are off. We haven't heard them yet because we have been busy doing other stuff in the weekends.

When we played yesterday we were very crowded. Specially with Norwegians who love to dance and we had some linedancers on the floor too. It was dance and party the whole night and in the end of the evening some local carnaval visitors showed up dressed in funny clothes.
Yes, the carnaval is on this week in Los Cristianos and a lot of people are out celebrating.
We have even got a fair ground at the parking lot beside Valde Center. There are some merry-go-rounds, some market stalls and a big ship, and there are different bands playing on the stage every night and people dance and cheer.
But it seems like it doesn't compete with us because we have had a full terrace every night.
It was a lovely evening yesterday and I really look forward to Sunday night now.

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