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Monday, February 11, 2008

The question of the day

I've been wondering many times how the dog owners here on Tenerife behave themself when their dogs are doing the `big thing´on the street. There is a lot of dog leftovers everywhere on the pavement here in Los Cristianos and you need to be careful not to step into it.
How is it possible for the owners to just walk away leaving the excrement from the dog on the street? Isn't anybody seeing it?
Today when I went to Magic Marrakesh ( a home furnishing shop) I saw a dog sitting in the middle of the pavemant doing the thing. I stopped and looked for the owner but couldn't see him/her anywhere. When I continue walking down the street I saw a man standing talking in the phone, acting like he didn't know anything, holding a lead in his hand. I'm sure he was the owner of the dog.
Now I really wonder if the dogs here on Tenerife have got training to walk away from the owner to do the thing so that the owner don't have to pick it up or feel put on shame?!
Maybe this is the answer to why all the poos are left on the sidewalks?!

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