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Sunday, February 03, 2008


The state of my ill-health has become worse again!
Thursday morning when I got up from the bed I was very weak. I started cleaning the walls in the bathroom but had to stop and lay down in the bed after a while.
In the night I was so weak that I couldn't manage to go to Lewinski and play and I had got high fever again and a terrible headace.
Friday morning I went to see the doctor and he established the fact I've got sinusitis and prescribed antibiotics and complete rest.
Today it's Sunday and I am still very weak. I'm definitly not going to play tonight eighter. I can only manage to walk some steps and then I have to sit down and rest.
Clas is going to play alone tonight again and it will be a lot of linedancing.
My next goal now is to play Tuesday night. It feels like a hopeless situation to lay in the bed when I know it's going be a busy night tonight and many friends of us are going to be there as well.

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