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Monday, July 14, 2008


Are the people on the photos familiar to you?
Then you probably have been watching the Benidorm series that has been broadcasted on the television in England.
It's a TV series about English people being on vacation in Benidorm, a town in the mainland of Spain. Oh , it's so fun! All the parts of the series are filled with quick and fun repartees and a lot of comic situations are taking place.
If you haven't seen it I like to recommend it to you. Don't miss it out!

The producers of the series have succeeded in describing the different personalities and the circumstances of being a tourist in Spain so well that you can't do anything else than laugh.
Of course not all English people are behaving like the people in the series when they are on vacation, but I think you sometimes can see people with a little similar personality even here on Tenerife.
A man from England told me it is sometimes ten times worse in real than in the series, but I think the most of the acts are exaggerated like they have to be to make you laugh like crazy.
I don't think the English culture is worse than any other culture. You can find people from all kind of cultures acting like the actors in Benidorm.

We have got the last eight episodes sent to us on DVD by friends in England and the eight first parts we borrowed from friends here on Tenerife.
I like it so much and hope they soon will produce more episodes.


Pamela Stocks said...

Hi Susanne, I hadn't seen the Benidorm (TV series), but I just looked on the British TV (ITV) site and they say that your "favourite holiday-makers will be returning in 2009 with a one hour special and eight new episodes". So, yes they will be making more.

I'm English too (lived in Tenerife 16 years) and I'm also sure that our behavior in reality, especially abroad, can be much worse than even exaggerated characters and situations!

Worse still, I actually stayed in the Hotel Pelicanos they use to film this ... way back in 1975! :)

Susanne said...

Hi Pamela,
thank you for your information.
I really look forward seeing the next episodes.
Oh you stayed at hotel Pelicano, wonderful! Oh I hope you will get possibility to watch the series you'll like it!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

yeah! Benidorm is the TOP Spanish destination! Its GREAT!!