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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spanish Admirers

I think the producers of the Benidorm TV series hit the bulls'-eye when they made up the personality of the Spanish gigolo (waiter) who seamed to be busy charming beautiful ladies.
This is really how it is in Spain! The men are so romantic here and love to have crushes going on.
I read somewhere that Spain is at the top of the list of the divorce statistics of the Europe which is not surprising at all. Poor wifes! Maybe are standing in the homes at the stoves while their men are playing around!

If you are a single lady and like to have an experience of the Spanish romance here on Tenerife you can try to go to restaurant Banana Garden in Las Americas! They say Spanish men are there chasing romances in the nights, but be careful when some of them maybe already are married. I haven't been there myself, and don't know what it's all about, but you will maybe get yourself a good laugh and a real experience of the Spanish culture!

I have got a Spanish admirer here on Tenerife too! Or I have got many! *laugh*
Almost every time I walk through the town there are men screaming encouraging words to me through the car windows and some make whistles. Even some of the waiters at the bars are whistling! I just feel surprised and think how can it be possible they like to scream appreciating words to a lady of 45 years? The town is filled with young beautiful chicas if they just would look around a little bit. It seams like they like a little bit curvy ladies being in the middle age?

About one month ago when I was out shopping a really charming, Spanish talking man stopped me on the street and asked if I would mind to have a coffee with him. Of course I refused the invitation. I didn't even know the man! He looked to be about 58 years old, good looking, nice clothes, nice to the rear combed hair, maybe a bank officer or something similar. I told Clas about it when I got home but then I didn't think much about it anymore.
About a week ago a Spanish talking man suddenly showed up at Lewinski one night. I thought he looked familiar and thought he was maybe visiting us one year ago. He was smiling and blinking to me all the time while we sang and I thought this is somebody I ought to know.
In the break he bought us drinks and I went over to him to say thanks for the beer and to cheer with him.
Then he started telling me how beautiful he thinks I am and he was really groaning and gasping and sighing when he was talking, putting all his feelings into every word he spoke. His eyes was saying like; -I won't to have you now! Mama Mia so awkward! I am not a call girl even when Clas one night called me a `call girl´ when he actually meant a `Cowgirl´!
He asked for my telephone number and said I can have his if I like to call him. I said -No thank you! -Oh, it's because of your boyfriend? he said. And I said; - Yes! I am married and not interested.
Later in the night I suddenly remembered the man I met on the street and now I wonder if it's the same person. I think they look the same!

Clas says I need to go out and buy tear gas and carry it with me as a weapon. He thinks it can be something sick behind the behaving of the man and think I have to be prepared if something happens. But I think you maybe need to have some kind of license or education to be allowed to carry this kind of gas and I am not interested.
You know in Finland, where we are from, there is never a single man flirting with ladies like this. Nor through the car window or on the street in the daytime either. Doing that it would really cause him problem when everybody would start gossiping about it on his back. He would be in real disgrace! We Finns are not so used to this kind of petitions and become very suspicious when something like this happens. We are always solemn and don't show much feelings and maybe need a couple of drinks before we start defrosting.
I think it wouldn't be more fun for the ladies in Scandinavia if the men would be little more free to give nice compliments every now and then. It's really like living in a desert there!

Seriously! I don't think it's anything dangerous with this man. This is only how the Spanish men are! Hot as Spanish pepper!
I am not scared at all. Our friend Jack from England (who has got the black belt in karate) teach me, about one and a half year ago, some tricks of how to do if a man starts trying to rape me. I still remember the methods and think the one who will be brave enough to try will get a fight he never forget.
I think I am pretty prepared! Thanks to Jack!

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