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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New treatment

Now I'm back home. The doctor and the nurses were all really nice and helpful. They all could speak English and all the steps I had to go through went quickly and smoothly. No long queues.

I complained about the soar throat, the swollen air tubes, the terrible cough that keeps us awake in the nights, the head ace I get of the coughing and the difficulty to sing in the nights, and about the antibiotics that haven't helped much and about the mucus...I put everything on the table , like we say in Swedish, and the doctor seamed to be very understanding and decided it's best to do a real check up.

Three times I had to blow into a pill that was connected to a machine and the results, which came out on a piece of paper, were alright. No bad values which is nice when that means my illness could be worse but it's on the better side.
Then I had to go to the X-ray department and a man took two pictures of my lungs which I now have got here at home. I have never got any x-ray plates with me home before. In Finland they keep them in the hospital.

The doctor said my lungs are okay but there is an inflammation in the air tube. I got a powder inhalator and a new appointment after three weeks. They like to do a check up then to see if I'm getting better.

The medicine was quite expensive, 79Euros for one inhalator! But the doctor said it's the best one you can have and of course I like to have the best one.
I didn't have to pay anything for the appointment, and all what they did to me, when I have an health insurance that covers everything.

I hope all this coughing and pain in the throat soon will be just a remembrance but I know now I have to stay out of cigarette smoke and really strong perfumes to not make it worse.
I have to take two inhalations per day now, the coming three weeks, until my next appointment the 5:th of August.

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