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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Orders and Swedish products

It's only about twenty days until Mattias and Pia are coming to see us and a piece of paper + a pen are laying on the kitchen table so that we can write down what we would like them to bring from Finland.
Many times we say it would be wonderful to have this and that, but now when we can make an order we don't remember what we like to have.
We both know there is an important thing that we need but nobody of us have still come up with it.
And of course we can't order so much that they need a truck when they go to the airport, but Finnish coarse rye bread will definitely be included and Salmiak candies and I would like to have some crosswords in Swedish too...

We can have some Swedish products from Ikea here on the island which is nice. They don't only sell furnitures at Ikea but many provisions too in their grocery department.
An other chain from Sweden here on the island is H&M, Hennes and Mauritz, but I haven't found much there when a lot of the clothes they sell here on Tenerife looks out of glamour and sometimes they are creased too. The H&M stores in Sweden and Finland are much better.
The mens wear are nice here but only small sizes like S,M,L. It seams like they have brought the products into line with consumer needs when many of the Canary and Spanish people are very small.
We also have the Scandishop here in Los Cristianos and the owner import products from Sweden and he always says we can tell him what to order and he will fix it. Very nice!
The Scandishop is closed in the summertime but when they open in the autumn we can have frozen cry fishes and we make a small party for ourselves every year.
The cry fish season started yesterday at 12 o'clock in Scandinavia. Oh I wish we had some!
But I don't like to boil them myself when you have to put them alive into boiling water which is really terrible.

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