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Monday, July 07, 2008

Line Dance DVD

We will start playing tonight.
Clas has already been to Lewinski and put up the sound system.
My health is not 100% yet but I'm in much better condition now.

He,He! The devil is maybe laughing now when he has kept me week for about a week. But he is a looser!
When I was laying in the bed I got time to think about things I maybe wouldn't have been thinking of normally. And maybe something good will come out of this terrible time of illness.

I started thinking of all the people who come to our place night after night and who hasn't learned how to do line dancing. There are so many who would like to join if they just knew the steps. Sometimes they ask me to teach them a dance before we do it.
The idea I got was to produce a DVD with some of the most popular dances we do in the nights. Then all who are interested can buy the DVD and learn the steps at home.
I told Clas about the idea and he said directly he would like to be behind the camera and help me to do the production.
I have already started planning how we practically can get it made.
I don't like it just to be the step teaching. There has to be some basic technique training as well. And it has to be done in a pedagogic way of thinking with a right amount of repeats so that the "students" easily can learn the dance.
The music will be done by Clas and me like we sing the songs in the nights but of course produced in the studio.
This will be so fun but we haven't decided any date of release yet when we don't know how long it will take to get the first DVD ready which will include 3-4 dances. My wish is that it would be ready for christmas.

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