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Friday, July 04, 2008

Loosing Weight

I have gained a lot of flesh and feel that I need to do something about it.
First I thought about getting a personal trainer, like so many have today, and one of our friends from England gave notice of interest last week.
But he will not come back to Tenerife before November (he is in England now) and I don't like to wait so long. I feel very fat and lazy and need to start soon.
Clas thinks I will not have the strong character that he thinks is needed and laughs and says I will stop after 5 days. Not much coaching from him! Maybe he is right? I don't hope so!

Now I have taken help from a couple of trainers in Sweden, over the internet, and I have a program that will make me look more beautiful if I just can carry it out.
It's a program built up on dancing, which I like very much, but also on strength training of all the muscles and on condition training. And an important part of it is the diet I have to follow to get a nice result.
When I first read it through I thought I can almost only eat nuts and seeds, like a bird, but when I read it through one more time I also found other stuff that I can eat that feels more normal.
But not much potatoes , rice, macaronis and white bread. Instead of them I eat cabbage, broccoli, cauliflowers and nuts. Salad is okey but chocolate and candies only in small portions two days a week.
In the mornings eggs and pudding made of porridge oats and fruits. No fruits in the afternoon then I eat fresh vegetables instead. Oh yes! I can say goodbye to many of the nice dinners out on town! And I have to eat five meals a day. Now i eat only 3-4 times per day. The problem will be the meal we get at the restaurant every night! Some nights I maybe can't eat it!

I am not going to start yet. First I have to become in good health. I have still got a sour throat and some fever, and even hoarseness tonight.
But I feel the inspiration and would like to start as soon as possible.
I would be very happy if Clas would join me. I think he needs to get rid of some kilograms too.
Maybe he wouldn't like to dance but he could go out biking or walking instead. It's always easier when you are two, and I could leave the dancing sometimes and join him. We'll see!

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