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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The motorcycle accident

Have you heard about the man and the motorcycle accident in Florida?

The man was tinkering with his motorcycle outside the house and suddenly when he accelerated the machine it took off and flew straight through the open door into the living room where it overturned and the man was left under it.
His wife who was cleaning in the house heard a noise and how the man was screaming and went over to see him and she called for an ambulance.
When the ambulance had left with the man she quickly started cleaning up the petrol from the carpet and then she jumped into the car and went over to the hospital.
Finally there she got to know her husband had got a broken arm in the accident and a couple of cracked ribs and they would be allowed to return home as soon as the arm was put in plaster.

Back in the home the man went to the restroom and sat down on the toilet smoking a cigarette.
After a while he started screaming like a wolf and the wife went over to see what has happened to him. He was jumping and turning around and screaming like crazy and she got to know he had burned his bottom.
He had thrown the cigarette into the toilet among the papers she used when she was cleaning the petrol from the carpet. She hurried to call the ambulance again.

It happened to be the same ambulance and the same crew as before, that came to get him.
When they came into the house the man directly throw himself on the stretcher in anger and they started carrying him out to the ambulance. The wife was walking beside them and they asked her about what has happened. When she told them the story they started laughing like crazy and lost the concentration. The husband fell of the stretcher and broke his other arm.

Can a day be worse than this? Poor man!


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