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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The question of the day

I didn't know it's legal to grow up Cannabis, for your own use, here on Tenerife.
Some months ago Clas called me to come out and spy at our neighbors (young boys) when they were planting something on their balcony in the night. They looked to be very excited and we guessed they are going to grow up some kind of drug. You know, young boys are not normally into gardening.
It seamed like the seeds were planted in good soil when it didn't take a long time before they got seedlings. In the nights when we came home from work we could see how they were looking at them using a torch. It seamed like they watched them carefully to be sure to get a good harvest.
We decided to not tell it to anybody when we didn't like to become involved in their business and maybe have to go to the courthouse to witness about what we have seen.
Today Clas got to know that there is a shop here in Los Cristianos where you can buy Cannabis seeds and it's legal. Terrible!
The question is why is it legal in the most of the countries in middle Europe? Why don't EU fight all various types of drugs? Double morale!

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