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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Move down to Tenerife

Many people who come to Tenerife like to sit and dream and talk about doing something special with their life. The most common subject is that they would like to move down and start living here. I guess at least 50% of the tourists are sometimes dreaming about it.
They ask if you know about any job for them and wonder where they can rent an apartment and how much that would cost them per month. They ask about the taxes, the salaries the medical services and about the living and working conditions.

When you live on Tenerife you are constantly confronted with these questions.
Sometimes I get so tired of answering when I know there are only a few, maybe one person of hundred, who is really serious. Or is it one person of a thousand?
You have to describe everything and if you know an available work they are not interesting when it all comes around. No! They only like to cherish their dreams and pretend for a while that they are going to full-fill them.

What can you do when this happens? You have to pretend that they are serious to not destroy their beautiful dreams in which they many times have got much more money than they have in real. I am honest! *smile*
But sometimes I wonder if the truth is that they only would like to figure out how much we earn here and how much we pay for the apartment etc. Maybe they like to hear that we hardly have no money in the pocket to calm down their jealousy. Yes! Some of the tourists are jealous of our life!

Sometimes people like to discuss business. Then they say they like to move down and open a restaurant and like to have us as partners when we are the ones who are going to take care of the entertainment. I don't know how many times we have told people we don't like to be involved in any business here on the island. We are only like a module that we put into others businesses, like hotels and restaurants.
We have learned, these last four years we have lived on the island, that the business we are going to cooperate with have to have a Canarian owner. We are not interesting in working with restaurant owners from other countries if we don't have to. To work for Canaries is absolutely the best and that gives us a better protection. Foreign restaurant owners many times get problems. Specially if they do success, because then somebody will force them to close down.

I have only one thing to say to you who dream about moving somewhere abroad.
Sell what you have got if it's needed and move! Don't make yourself a slave for earthly things like cars, houses, boats etc. The day you die you are not going to get it with you to the heaven. Live the life while you can!

Don't save every coin like the squirrels save the nuts! A currency reserve is nice but spend the extra money! If you don't find anything to spend them on..Give them away to people in need! Tight people is the worse I know!
We always buy everything we like and we eat what we like and we like to give away as much as possible. To go out eating with tight people makes us frustrated when they always pick the cheapest restaurant where the food is terrible. They neither give any tip to the waiters which is really awkward.
Here on Tenerife a normal tip from a rich man would be 5-10% when the drinks are very cheap and the waiters get very low salaries.
Some people miss so much when they never get to feel the happiness of giving. It's more blessed to give than to receive!
If we know that somebody is poor we gladly pay for them, but when we meet rich stingy fellows we are not interested in blessing their tightness. If they like to worship every cent they save it's their business but my opinion is that it's only God who is worth to be worshiped. Money only deserve to be used!

You live only one time on this earth so why don't you make your dreams come through?
We have never regret that we moved to Tenerife and many times we tell each other about how lucky we are when we have had the courage to do what we wanted.
We think it would have been really frustrating to stay up in Finland, continuing dreaming, and we would have missed out all the blessings here on Tenerife.
Many people say they will let their dreams come true when they get retired. Who knows how long he is going to live?
Oh, is this sounding like a long sermon? Okay! The sermon is ended!

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