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Monday, July 28, 2008

New songs

Last night was very warm and no breezes on the terrace.
We were only two line dancers and we decided to play old country the whole night through when we had some real country fans in the audience. It's nice to have real country nights every now and then. The people sing along and do requests and we sell many CD's.

We are both going straight into the shower now as soon as we get home from work and it's so wonderful to calm down with cool water. One thing is however disgusting and that is when the fingers become wrinkled because of the high humidity. One minute in the shower and they look like raisins. I hate it!

I have been searching for new songs on the internet since we came back home. Now there's gonna be a lot of rehearsals again!
I have got about 30-40 new songs so far this year and Clas has got five. I think he has made 6 or 7 songs more, that he hasn't learned yet, and it would be nice if he could learn them before the season starts in September.
He has promised to learn them for a very long time...but he never do it and now I try to remind him of it all the time. Poor man! I hope I don't nag him too much.
We have got three duet songs ready about 6 months ago but he hasn't learned his part yet! That's because he don't like to take new songs when he thinks it's difficult to learn and remember lyrics.
He remembers every chord without any problem and if he could choose he would only play and not sing at all, but that would be very strenuous for my throat when I already now get problems with it every now and then.

If I could decide I would like him to learn more line dance songs when it's a lot of work for me to learn both the lyrics and the dance steps, and finally how to get them going in the same time + many times I have to play the tambourine too. It would be much easier to only have to concentrate on the dances and the backing vocals. We'll see how we work it out...Oh, It's late again! Good Night!

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