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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am ready to go to Lewinski for work but Clas isn't ready yet and I decided to blog a few words while I'm waiting.
Today I started the training and my first session was for the leg muscles and the bottom. You can say from the waist and down. I feel little bit stiff in the muscles now but maybe it becomes better soon. I did a stretch program after to be sure I will get out of the bed tomorrow. Next training session I will do the biceps, breasts, abdomen and the back but it takes a long time and I maybe will have to split it up and do the training in three parts..?

An other thing I managed to do today is that I burned my skin again!
Yes! I know what you think! This puts me really on shame but I decided to tell it anyhow.
I was just sitting in the sun on the balcony for a "while" doing rehearsal of some new songs.
I didn't put on any sun protection at all when I thought I am not going to sit there for a long time.
Now I have burned my face and the front side of the body again. But it's not as terrible as last time but I am pretty red. Who would believe you can't even sit on the balcony for a while to become burned! *sigh* This is frightful!
We have to go now! Have a nice evening!

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