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Friday, July 18, 2008

No divorce!

I think I better need to give some information...
I wonder now if our guests in the nights start believing we have become enemies or that we are ready for a divorce? I mean Clas and I.
Before we used to sit together at some table in the breaks, many times talking with friends, but now Clas is sitting at one table and I am sitting at an other one. We really try to be as far from each other as possible keeping the dance floor between us.
I will explain why we are acting like this! It's only because I can't stand cigar smoke right now.
I start coughing like crazy till I almost die and thats not good for my voice.
Clas is puffing on his cigars and is not interesting in saving it until I become better. He don't inhale when he smokes and only does it to keep up the cowboy image, and you know, the image has to go before the health in this case!
I hope my bronchitis will become better soon and we can go back to the normal.

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